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The plan says: “Meeting Sai Hui plays ” the level target that is development of school student training. The graph is gigantic the student of one begins cooperative study, complete scientific little test. Origin / the school walks along business of the distance austral Shaanxi of the road in Guo Huaihai to encircle for if have an opportun上海哪里油压有水磨服务ity,pursueing, ask footstep of your rein in, perhap上海千花自荐 上海千花黑名单s can hear a laughter of a children, awaken your memory about childhood. This laugh, come from be located hereat a hundred years old school — gigantic Lu Lu of Huang Pu area the first elementary school. In this campus, there are 8 marked big characters on the wall outside education building, “Guardianship childishness, meeting Sai Hui plays ” ; Playground a side, 13 color gate by children him scale, push an entrance door, it is an about 300 originality of smooth rice ” intelligent play garden ” . From 1998 up to now, president Lou Haifeng had guided a group to work nearly 20 years here. Although time is on the move, but the wish of guardianship childishness never is changed. The plan says: Gigantic Lu Lu one small with ping-pong characteristic famed whole nation. The graph is gigantic the student of one is undertaking ping-pong foundation trains. Origin / the school goes for the graph the playground goes to school mathematical Lou Haifeng says frankly, 2008, the school puts forward first ” meeting Sai Hui plays ” when this one managerial concept, be not approbated by everybody, have teacher doubt, “Play ” too much, play the heart wild, how to still read well? However, lou Haifeng however not so think. Look in her, a hundred years ol上海最新龙凤推油论坛d school should restore vitality afresh, with respect to the spirit that must invoke the child and parent heart. “‘ play ‘ connotation is very deep, we should be passed play, let the child like to learn, active exploration, wisdom develops in play, increase capacity ” . Lou Haifeng says, course develops it may not be a bad idea, school administration, development of children body and mind is chief f会所水磨干磨区别actor from beginning to end. Had this kind to hold to just about, the schoo上海千花上海后花园l formed a structure gradually complete, content is perfect, scientific ” 3 intelligent ” childishness course. The teacher uses wisdom, lead a student ” play ” famous hall. Yue Lei of Qu of mathematical backbone teacher de上海油上海推油论坛2018压店什么时候开门?signs 阿拉爱上海419馨丝路” the maths on the playground ” course, got of the child love. They walk out of a classroom on mathematical class for the first time, take tape measure and straightedge, measure playground volume, discover the ge上海宝山水磨会所全套ometrical form in the life. Come a few years, “The maths on the playground ” gradually evolution goes out ” the maths in the life ” ” the maths in information science and technology ” wait for several types, those who involve is the common setting in the life. Letting wha上海红绳桑拿水磨t Xie Hui of artistic total counsellor feels glad is, gigantic the graduate of one is all-round. Xie Hui feels, a of this and school ” pioneering work ” not without the relation. Gigantic one elementary school the art such as art, music kind course and language, number, flower, the many course conformity such as IT is become “上海徐汇区洗浴有全套 art article ” course. On 阿拉爱上海验证青青information class, classmates design a password with the air of ancient poetry word and song; After Chinese class, everybody designs PPT for relevant extracurricular reader, carry small letter group mutual comment, mutual query — ” walnut 宫七spa静安店clincher ” why should make so much ve上海桑拿会所论坛rsion? ” Sleeping Beauty ” in how can you have popular music? These, it is children ” cerebral hole ” big result. The plan says: In gigantic Lu Lu one small, the teacher abides by person of Yo of educational law teach school. The graph is English course education. Origin / the school is built for the g上海后花园1314 shortimeraph 300 smooth rice ” intelligent play garden ”   this year summer vacation, school of Xu Anqi of 5 grade student’s representing is made in computer of countrywide middle and primary school computer programming was acquired in the爱上海桑拿会所价格 activity the first prize of elementary school group. New term, she made a report for classmates, told about the results that comes one year as member of school Scratch mass organizations. Be gigantic one, gave small Xu Cong 0 starting chances. 2016, gigantic one elementary school built the 300 originality of smooth rice ” intelligent play garden ” , the tea that the student loves art hutch of culture, bake art, originality is made, chess kind, 3D is made, Thespian performance extend a class 6 times 阿拉爱上海北京验证区to all be in this education. Every semester, every student can choose 4 curricul上海虹口干磨2018ar study independently. Every time happy a上海闵行的水磨24小时ctivity day comes, here became students’ happy ocean. The school is special still ” intelligent play gar徐汇水疗会所den ” outside


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