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Xi Jinping’s secretary-general points out: “The moment of truth rushs to go up, jeopardy juncture break must come out, just be true Communist. ” fighting epidemic disease a gleam of, party member medical worker is altruistic dauntless, assault is advanced, put the safety of people in the first place, show an indomitable heroic spirit, let party flag be prevented in epidemic situation dominate fight front line high and flying. Medical personnel is the firm rock in midstream of a gleam of that fight epidemic disease, they fight with Bai Yi gown, protect bless life with life. The hour of danger heavy patient that occurrence breath fails 上海虹口世纪桑拿is likely sudden death, intubate operation can say is to be in with Azrael race against time. In intubate process, the patient may cough because of exciting choke cause virus instant jet, risk of infection of this one operation is great. Be in Wuhan assist and on the west courtyard, face this Gao Wei to operate, group of assault of a 16 people used 20 minutes to be established only, be in charge of job of complete courtyard spile. In this commando, party member lead one’s men in an act, everybody became 17 o上海南美水疗6楼怎么去perations one day most. The risk is again big, but see patient take a turn to be out of danger every time, everybody can feel gratified. Recently, the 90 Wang Li front line after referred requisition of join or be admitted to the party. Be in hospital of igneous god hill, one is raise ” 60 hind Party member vanguard ” , by 6 experts composition, the authority of respect of pneumonia of their since horse and foot, contagion, also be the old Party member that having 30 years of party standing. The rich experience that they play by rig上海龙凤419桑拿论坛ht of rich of SARS of him beat back, beat back dust, take the lead in entering contaminative area, participate in each danger to weigh the rescue of disease patient, with serious illness argue. Up to on Feburary 26, national accumulative total expedites more than 340 medical team more than 42000 medical personnel, cover breath, serious illness, infect, the professional medical service such as courtyard feeling protect上海 徐汇 桑拿 Vs personnel and hospital management group. The first accessary hospital fights Anhui medical university epidemic disease medical team in all 137 people, among them 76 people of Party member. They rectified organizational system to take-over Wuhan assist ill area of a with tumor center serious illness, team member people need to stay in serious illness ward everyday 67 hours. A team member is in small letter group in hair plan says: “The aerobic veil that sees a patient thinks he sucks very much. ” the job that faces high strenth, communist, preliminary Party member and activist of join or be admitted to the party are strong was in foremost face. Danger is heavy-duty after grandma of pneumonic patient Yuan i福州金山桑拿哪里好玩s admitted to hospital, new coronal breaks out acute head block again, the rich play chess of field and one Azrael spreads out in the instant. After the relay cure that passes authority 72 hours, the old person shows mark improves apparently each. Team member people endure in practice examine, in front of beat back epidemic situation, alr松江最好的精油spa会所eady had jo上海后花园龙凤论坛in or be admitted to the party of front line of 3 team member at pre闵行梅陇荤场sent. Medical personnel of a gleam of hammer and tongs the backside of cure上海松江洗浴桑拿 the sickness to save the patie阿拉爱上海同城会员验证区nt, still a team builds the firewall that had security for them. The courtyard feeling expert that grooming for Guangxi med上海闵行水磨桑拿会所论坛ical team calls Wu Anhua, resemble such grooming Wu Anhua had begun many 80, the medical team cure that grooms via him protects personnel上海南美水疗有的玩吗 to exceed 10 thousand person. From January 21 up to now, this, the courtyard feeling expert that there still are 3 stands in the heart had not rested one上海洗浴全套哪家好 day, he ever was finished with 5 days of time close to 30 medical team of 4000 people groom. (Editor-in-charge: Cao Kun) recommend read construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to stride solid footstep   to build division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, it is Xi Jinping’s secretary-general personally plan, personally the deploy, country strategy that urges personally, it is new era prompts the new move that form黄浦区水磨休闲会所s comprehensive and open new structure, also be to drive ” one nation ” the new practice that the enterprise develops. This year on Feburary 18, ” compendium of program of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” announce formally, indicate the strategy enters this one major nation to carry out level in the round. [detailed] open western new structure | Process of development of long triangle unifinication presses ” quicken key ” | Protect new kinetic energy of one Jiang Shuipeng Pai to forging in order to design together ” innovation ” key   ” i杭州干磨水磨精华上门nnovation is the first motive force that leads development ” . Today, the expanse with our innovation domain and unprecedented mode and diversity, and the agency that the design regards innovation as and driving force, producing mainer and mainer effect among them. Review


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