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“Cure is advanced to maintain information couplet network in the whole nation, hospitalization expenses of go to a doctor of implementation different ground uses direct close an account. ” this year on two meetings, the act of this benefit civilian in governmental working report is bright all the more eye, what advantage can its occurrence bring to the patient? Can it is difficult that farther aggravate big city sees a doctor? By what will be ordinary common people affected again? Will quickly follow small make up understanding one case to fall! “3 paces go ” Yin Wei civilian shows resource of manpower of   of implementation be born and minister of social security ministry, solve different ground go to a doctor problem of direct settle accounts, frac上海外卖私人工作室贴吧tion the pace takes. Th水磨石施工工序e first pace: Implementation is provincial the direct settle account虹口一米阳光spa电话s of different ground go to a doctor. Statistical data makes clear, provincial of different ground go to a doctor occupy than the biggest. Up to by 2016, our country already had 30 province to come true provincial different ground go to a doctor manages calorie of close an account. The 2上海青浦区水疗会所nd pace: Implementation different ground is emeritus first half of the year this year find a place for personnel crosses hospitalization expenses of go to a doctor of the ground that save different to use direct close an account. Yin Wei Min says: “Receive the parents after retirin上海后花园论坛419油压g filial job seat, can see a doctor directly in different ground settle accounts of go to a doctor. ”   the 3rd pace: This year before the end of the year, realize all according with to turn the hospitalization expenses of go to a doctor of personnel different ground of examine condition uses direct close an account. Department of the company that occupy a person introduces, system of settle accounts of go to a doctor of national different ground the line already went up to try by 2016 move. In trying moving process, already 15 province receive this system to begin pilot. “4 kinds of people ” leave do legwork inform re上海会所论坛 上海会所微信号lated   basis, different ground go to a doctor basically is aimed at 4 kinds of crowds, it is respectively: 1. Different ground finds a place for retiree, after retiring namely, in different the ground settles and census register ingoing settles the personnel of the ground; 2. Different ground lives for a long time personnel, show in different the ground 上海油压技师招聘水磨师傅lives the life and accord with the staff that joins the regulation that keep the land; 3. Permanent different ground staff member, show unit of choose and employ persons accredits different ground 青浦澳京桑拿to work and accord with the staff that joins the regulation that keep the land; 4. Different ground turns examine personnel, point to accord with ginseng protect the ground to turn the personnel that examine provides. Before this, the medical treatment charge that different ground sees a doctor by pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of individual go ahead of the rest, when after cure ends, by oneself or its agent takes bill to protect a center to undertake submitting an expense account to cure. Implementation cure maintains seek medical advice of ground of the different that cross a province after direct settle accounts, ginseng protect a citizen not to need medical treatment of individual pay for sb and expect to be repaid later to expend (at one’s own expenses except) , also do 上海spa男士not need to take bill to submit an expense account, need to take social security card to be in the hospital that decide a dot only go to a doctor. When seeing a doctor, this scale that submit an expense account is direct from the settle accounts in card, it is OK that the individual wants to put the fund 虹口区还开着的桑拿that pays oneself上海澳京国际桑拿会所 put the fund that pays oneself to card directly only. “3 profit are good ” Pu Huimin gives birth to   to this one benefit civilian act, this two meetings, committee member of a few delegates and expert also expressed respective view at this point. Cure protects different ground settle accounts to be able to decrease negative     to the patient ” this is a relation two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two people are personal the project of the people’s livelihood of the interest. ” the proposal that Bi Hongsheng of director of institute of ophthalmo阿拉爱上海 洋洋logy of university of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of delegate of countrywide National People’s Congress, Shandong raised medical service of ground of different of implementation whole nation to keep close上海油压体验论坛 an account 2014. He says: “Go to the bad of worker worker of a few peasants, dare not look. Disease treats in the city, want countryside coming home to submit an expense account, sometimes travelling expen上海水磨干磨会所 上海闵行干磨店一览表ses is taller than medical ex爱上海爱北京爱上海北京同城论坛发帖penses. Go to a doctor of hobo上海后花园论坛 qianhua differe上海静安寺附近桑拿nt ground waits for worker worker of grea水磨石施工tly convenient peasant after cure keeps different ground close an account. ” Zhu Xueqin of chairman of union of limited company of clothing of day of delegate of National People’s Congress of   whole nation, Shanghai China says, cross province go to a doctor, the patient should protect the ground to leave in pay medical service first turn examine proof, charge of go to a doctor beforehand pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, return pay medical service to protect the groun上海低端干磨服务d to submit an expense account finally, little not time time the ground runnings. After cure keeps different ground close an account, should leave in place only turn examine proof, to nonlocal go to a doctor need not charge of individual pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, and leave out go back the setbacks that submit an expense account. Cure of Chinese people university changes peak of Wanghu of assistant director of institute of research center director, social security to say, different ground go to a doctor is direct settle accounts, ground of resident to long-term different ground, different works or difficulty will be major advantage for the person of be in hospital of ground of serious illness different. Prevent hole of shot-off of loss to assure ” help money ” the treat that safe   saves area city to become independent relatively each maintains a system, not only different ground settle accounts is no-go, and have flaw. Doo上海闵行区水磨会所哪家好r of a few large hospitals


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