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Golden bell square 3 buildings, less than midday at 11 o’clock half already 松江泗泾spavoice noisy and confused, this opens the white-collar dining room on sea route of the Huaihe River, hold water one year immed静安洲际 spaiately. “Spring has oily stew bamboo shoot, summer to have cold face cold dumpling s上海浦东新区桑拿网oup, the autumn has small seafood, there is small chaffy dish in the winter, it is OK also to conn90分钟水磨全套什么意思ect shrimp of skin of net red crayfish, skin besides, heat of day of in a few more days rises to still have given gram boiling water. ” in the around white-collar that go to work Xiaowang ate fast dining room of a year of white-collar, the patter上海金山桑拿网n of ceaseless to here face-lifting is very satisfactory. 上海水磨桑拿莞式服务Yellow riverside area is area of assemble of high-end business business affairs, put in white-collar repast difficult problem all the time. Lunch wants already good in quality and cheap in price be at ease completely even, be many white-collars is main appeal to beg. The road in sea of the Huaihe River of yellow riverside area 5 lis of bridges are street, street wait for white-collar assemble area, in recent years through giving aid 闵行南美水疗全套体验to natural resources of company of dining room of enterprise activate white-collar, integrated meal makes white-collar lunch the map, standardization that inspects a letter to had been gotten matchs food company to introduce the fashion such as the white-collar, try every means lets the white-collar inside area under administration eat on gratified meal. Leave eventually on sea route of the Huaihe River gave sea route of the Huaihe River of white-collar dining普陀美景桑拿 room to contain space of floor of many 20 business affairs, center 70 thousand much wh上海干磨398ite-co上海油压店关门llar. How to let a wh上海哪家水磨便宜ite-collar eat good lunch? Street one of the biggest qu福州金山桑拿推荐estions that inspect this problem service company, tarry company. Outside crying, selling is the way ordering meal that a few this years the white-collar likes. Be in early 2015, the road in sea of the Huaihe River is street chose many famous standardization to match food company, the organization organizes floor world company to make an on-the-spot investigation on behalf of the spot, 100 clever meal and box sell final make choice of to be first cooperative object outside the horse, organized 56 meetings trying eat for 70 enterprises inside area under administration, the company sells to listen to white-collar opinion to undertake deserving to send outside letting. Current, the much home company such as little red book reachs the long-term fixed contract that offer food with 100 clever meal, day all orders eat to be in 1500 above, cover a range already Cong Huaihai is street cover area of whole Huang Pu. Nevertheless, in the process that tries eat, a lo上海按摩spa推荐t of enterprises and white-collar to street report, “Send eat very convenient, but not very is fresh, whether the lunch that nearby eats healthy material benefit inside Lou Yu? ” field of be enslaved to be enslaved to predicament, street open white-collar restaurant without the condition. But tak宝山亿博大厦桑拿ing this issue, street visited the Lou Yu inside area under administration and company, final with on real group reachs consensus, by on solid introduce professional home force to be in its subordinate Jin Zhongan offerred white-collar dining room inside field. Property of golden bell square will be original the meal enterprise displacement of 3 buildings水磨拉丝过程 goes out, new the dining room area that establish amounts to 1600 square metre, mutual seat 450, can solve repast of 2200 much person-time. Last year April, this white-collar din闵行心愿spaing room comes out, cause appearance of repast of white-collar of circumjacent floor space queueing up. “I myself eat in the dining room not only now, still buy via regular meeting a few go back sample to family, they say taste is水磨拉丝服务流程图 good ” , what the white-collar already became here small pieces is faithful ” vermicelli made from bean starch ” , she says, beside many lone white-collars are early in 3 eat are in evening this have dinner. “We have vegetable to cultivate base in Feng Xian, daily and picked, deserve to send, fresh have safeguard, pork, oil feeding capable person also is the brand is purchased. ” chief tells a reporter related the dining room, dining room price is very substantial, breakfast 5-10 yuan, midday eat 18-35 yuan, dinner 18-35 yuan. Current, dining room of golden bell white-collar already handled card more than 4000 pieces, day all repast 1800 person-time. Those who regard a white-collar as the dining room is pilot, the road in sea of the Huaihe River is street strengthen in daily service with on market of the region in sea of real group, the Huaihe River superintends the branch such as place to cooperate, supervise and urge battalion of already of look forward to just strengthens safety of food sanitation, fire control to manage, ensure no risk at all. 5 lis of bridges that street and integrated resource recommends company of high grade meal to the white-collar is white-collar assemble area likewise are street, it is difficult to solve white-collar repast it is another kind of train of thought. What as division of gardening of edifice of Changjiang Delta shipbuilding, Changjiang Delta 桑拿啥叫干磨水磨wisdom, greenbelt the business such as abroad beach encircles is increasingly mature, more and more white-collars are entered be stationed in 5 lis of bridges inside street area under administration, repast difficult phenomenon also is highlighted come out. 2014, community of 5 lis of bridges (street) Party 阿拉爱上海验证member service center and chamber 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛of commerce, interconnection


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