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Before before long, platform of some nearsightedness frequency releases a report to show, the whole nation broadcasted the villages and towns of before the quantity is ranked 10 2018, before 3 are growing trigonometry. The 2nd Hengdian that is Zhejiang gold Hua Dongyang is pressed down, this is in probably expected. But the first the sea head garrison post that Jiangsu joins division of Yu of cloud harbor another name for Jiangxi Province and stone bridge town are pop chart unexpectedly mixes the 3rd, this makes foreig上海会所论坛最新ner open-e上海会所2018招聘技师yed not only, the Hongkong’s person that connect the cloud also breathes out repeatedly want to be less than. Just when nearsightedness frequency is red. Main leader ever took Xi’an the group goes trembling sound talk about collaboration, after this tens of governmental orgnaization opens the government to shake phonic date, became ” shake phonic city ” ; And other places of Chongqing, Chengd爱上海桑拿会所spau makes the urban mark of a chaffy dish and belle, model city image is weighed in the youth with nearsightedness frequency; Guangxi Nanning with ” dynamoelectric bicycle main forces crosses a street ” heat sows nearsightedness frequency, be sealed to be by the netizen ” dynamoelectric Che Zhicheng ” … long triangle many cities, also sending force on nearsightedness frequency. How should send force? Does a place have his moment on nearsightedness frequency platform what profit can you bring? Other place whether draw lessons from follow the lead of? The 上海虹口世纪桑拿会所reporter is gone to ” before the whole nation 3 ” sea head, Hengdian, Shi Qiao, also went below the north of Zhejiang justice black Zhu Cun, this approves one explore ” long triangle net is red ” . Small town ” is the net r上海论坛419花千网 上海千花论坛ed ” does visible sea head press down everywhere by what? A word, those who lean is 上海油压技师招聘信息seafood. the dweller that presses down to head of a lot of seas, here already ” red ” old, have ten vermicelli made from bean starch ” the net is red ” everywhere is visible, “Like the seafood that must follow sea head more ” . Go up to the town, ocean enrages breath blow on the face and come, what differ with other fishing port is — in dock, film with the mo阿拉爱上海 aishbile phone it is thus clear that at any time nearsightedness frequency or it is the villager that undertaking direct seeding people, arrive refluent when, their in threes and fours drives sea direct seeding on beach. These nearsightedness frequency rich advocate it is place’s local born and bred fisherman mostly, nowadays in succession ” went up bank ” , became nearsightedness frequency ” the net is red ” . Vermicelli made from bean starch exceeds the Kuang Li of 2 million to want, already ” red appeared ” , he is very few even ” personally ” go to sea. The reporter is interviewed that day, h上海ktv后花园419e answers vermicelli made from bean starch people requirement, god-given ground gave time of of great capacity, the transcribe on the fisher in oneself a short video that cooks seafood is released. “Laotie people, go to sea came back, we boils the leather skin shrimp with on one 上海洗浴会所哪里好玩the newest boiler, eat us to eat newest delicacy, those who like give doubleclick, add an attention, experience the fisherman lives! ” in th上海浦东休闲会所全套e picture, kuang Li wants to having leather skin shrimp deftly, this is the 694th his work on quick worker, release 3 hour hind, won 816 reviews, 110 thousand assist. “The net is red ” outside have fair-haired boy more. Kuang Li wants to阿拉爱上海会员签到 think, place ” the net is red ” the first person, “Blame 3 child not belong to ” . “3 child ” call Zhang Yanxi, be born in the village before sea head presses down the sea, ancestors for generations is a fisherman, he is in the home seniority is old 3, so monicker ” 3 child ” . Zhang Yanxi from poverty of small family circumstances, father die上海哪里水磨服务项目s early, rely on a mother to hit chore to maintain bread, did not secure income source, he early discontinue one’s studying, work to Shenzhen along with the elder brother. 2013, zhang Yanxi of 31 years old returns sea head to press down, work on嘉定油压spa会所 the fisher of the person上海虹口水磨会所排名 that be the same as a village, often going to sea is several days, the day is as dry as a chip, for goof, zhang Yanxi keeps his maritime informat上海嘉定韩帝spaion into the diary, publish to the network, did not think of reputably ceaseless. A year of much time, he is in maritime the piscatorial diary that wrote ten words. Feb上海夜场排名地址urary 2015, the Zhang Yanxi that likes have a taste of what is just in season tries to give birth to his fisherman to pat nearsightedness fr上海水磨工作室是真的吗equency to upload alive, go to sea, catch, approach, still have just caught the nearsightedness frequency such as the seafood market of the seafood that come up and place, did not pass how l阿拉爱上海 验证普陀ong, the vermicelli made from bean starch on platform of some nearsightedness frequency counted Zhang Yanxi to exceed 100 thousand. Begin to vermicelli made from bean starch leaves a message below his video want to buy seafood, then, zhang Yanxi is flat registered net inn, will market a product through nearsightedness frequency and direct seeding. At that time, net inn is not burgeoning thing already, but Zhang Yanxi lacks capital again without experience already, poi上海杨浦区桑拿中心neering how is difficult上海油压店2019. The person beside also does not understand, in their eye, patting nearsightedness frequency to make living broadcast is ” not attend to one’s proper works or duties ” . To attract eyeball,


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