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If ask you want where to go to travelling, are you met ” arctic ” include destination detailed account? If ask you marathon run place, can you feel ” arctic ” can you also be a target? Cruel! Hand in big Xing Jiawen finished student of 17 degree undergraduate c2019上海油压开了吗ourse recently ” the most callous marathon on the world ” — the story   that   arctic no嘉定 大保健 会所ds   of marathon North Pole Marathon to let us see limit of this paragraph of challenge爱上海 干磨 together was controlled at 9 o’clock on April 16, 2018 morning, hand in big international and college of public general affairs Xing Jiawen of 2017 class undergrad上海ktv荤场嘉定uate students finished this to begin eventually on April 15 in the evening the marathon 9 o’clock — ” the most callous marathon on the world ” — North Pole Marathon of marathon of boreal the utmost. Be in extremely below the 阿拉爱上海会员签到sunshine of the dazzling o上海水磨会所全套流程f day, be in 0 times in 35 degrees severe cold, in deep depth in the shallow, snow ground that sends loose oozy Ning more, regard a ran as new personality, after wading 11 hours 55 minutes, she is over eventually contest. In the meantime, she also becomes one of 13 women team member that finish this one match satisfactorily 20上海龙庭spa18, also be the player with current the youngest match at the same time. Why attending on the earth each coordinate of the dot is unique, but c爱上海后花园三通hoose such place like arctic, favour was gifted a few more unique flavor. Marathon, especially the complete horse of 42.195 kilometers, also be one kind contains match of passion, challenge, mad even colorific on some kind of meaning. But to Xing Jiawen’s classmate character, it is a difficult problem however. She ever did not pass a system and train for a long time, at ordi闵行男子spanary times the distance of ran also drifts between 5-15km only commonly, with this match a lot of otherer go around a whole world, had attended about a hundred even the person of hundreds marathon is 爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城对对碰论坛essential not to be named on the same day with. So, “Why a person that is without experience, wa阿拉爱上海 新地址nt to go to so distinctive place, attend a marathon? ” arctic travel end already had paragraph of time, this problem also circles the brain in Xing Jiawen is up-to-date. She recalls the with father dialog scene before half an year is much. Father says: “I should run marathon of boreal the utmost, do you want to come? ” in heart of Xing beautiful Wen fast balance this likelihood all one’s life once the curricular study of unforgettable experience and a week, the answer says: “Want! ”   Xing Jiawen shared her at that time the consideration element of balance: Time cost, prepare all sorts of training of the match, the economy related the match pays expenses, match place puts the risk that be in, the study that can delay, exercise, student works even credit, exam上海闸北推油按摩… do not have however, after return to school after the vacation上海松江大学城足疗, she makes up for curricular knowledge actively, caught up with study plan. What experience to sealed and gorgeous life is eager and yearning上海金山区spa let her make a decision, the feelings of poem and distance lets her be crossed sturdily gave this one condition. Study · growing · is being handed in handing in greatly big, xing Jiawen puts in her life ‘s charge for 3 keywords: · of   of study, job, development learns: The   · such as c松江缤纷一号是荤场吗ollaboration of special training course, exercises, group, project works: The job of round secretary of a Party高端干磨水磨啥意思 or League branch, hold round day group to establish an虹口区哪里有荤场 activity; The work that the student organizes, the   · such as line of the mark that take blueness develops: The prospective按摩干磨水磨指什么啊 program that core thinks namely and fulfils an individual meets old student and the fan with a scientific society as, xing Jiawen to ” learn to be being handed in big ” , experience the deepest is ” unity and coherence in writing blends ” . International and Ceng Zaixue o上海水磨一条龙f assistant dean of fencing rich of college of public general affairs emphasize in courtyard student lecture, the study of methodology course has very great sense to the development 上海 干磨300qq群 上海现在干磨店of means of the education of broad base, thinking, the main impetus that also is social science progress is measured. What the perfect confluence that wait points to politics, economy, management and high number, statistic, process designing is thought and feelings Fu Zhu is carried out, be a kind ” creed of ideal deal with concrete matters relating to work ” .


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