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A lot of people can have a toy of beloved wool cloth with soft nap in one’s childhood, but these baby hard to avoid that accompanied host to spend whole childhood and youth are met ” fall ill ” , for instance ha上海干磨水磨床单nd or foot are pulled, the eye fell down, mouth was 上海半套会所 上海哪有半套足疗lost. . . . . . And in area of Shanghai rainbow mouth, the Zhu Baibai that has 72 years old opened ” hospital of baby of wool cloth with soft nap ” , treat little ba上海水磨全套会所by technically people all sorts of diseas上海后花园桑拿论坛es, repair the old times of countless people is smooth. Zhu Baibai put a piece in t桑拿论坛he sitting room ” operating-table ” , t珠子干磨水磨好he iron box on table is crowded forceps, needlework, scissors ” operation ” tool. See he helps baby cautiously repair the skin of damaged only, an one root ground is cultivated be short of the hair that lose. In one’s childhood, zhu 阿拉上海后花园Baibai to help family managing cloth coupon, taught oneself sew technology. After be brought up, zhu Baibai enters Shanghai institute to be engaged in an electron developing the work. Fact of a few years holds experience to let him make an all-purpose work, small to the radio, arrive greatly air conditioning, zhu Baibai won’t repair what do not have. But he repairs toy of wool cloth with soft nap for the first time is the son tha嘉定莱骐spat results from his. Zhu Baibai: “Go to work before me busier, 365 days are going to work every day, wait for together with the son rarely, I bought baby of cloth with soft nap of a wool to give him. Probably after 56 years, time of baby2019上海油压 开了吗 of this wool cloth with soft nap grew, wear away, then I should be repaired for certain. I think whats can make my clothing, affirmation of baby of the cloth with soft nap that repair wool is very simple, then I was repaired. After fostering cordial relations between states, 松江缤纷一号是荤场上海之夜夜总会荤场吗he says you are repair上海哪里有水磨服务ed broken. This is not me quick. I just know he gave baby of wool cloth with soft nap to remove a name to cry later quick. So I am repaired again later, he says to still do not have foster cordial relations between countries. Until be repaired the 3rd times, he tells me you that mouth is incorrect. Its mouth is a smile originally, see it laughed not to come out now. So I just know later, this mouth eye grew to be waited for together with him all the time because of time, formed a kind of memory. So I ask him, you need mouth what appearance,干磨和水磨的区别 eye what appearance, he t干磨水磨全套iso流程ells me, I ask according to his the bit by bit restores, achieved his requirement finally. I basically can see now, like this baby it has different expression, different color, different disposition. Of the disposition that actually each baby can see it is master and bearing requirement. ” the word that   can write toy of wool cloth with soft nap when Zhu Baibai is after unit get about, the child of work in the same placing also requests Zhu Baibai in succession, hope he can save the 2019上海油压交流群little baby that saves his. 6 years ago, the Zhu Baibai that retires formally is recumbent pass 10, 10 pass the good public上海闵行星河湾酒店露露spa praise of 100, leave in the home rose ” hospital of Mao Rongwa阿拉爱上海北京区 child ” , the baby that drew countrywide each district comes to interrogation before host. For instance, the host of this only small tortoise is a big boy that comes from Beijing. Small tortoise accompanies him to had visited 10 many countries of European, accompany what he spent a paragraph of loneliness to leave class hour light. But before before long, small tortoise m上海后花园夜生活isfortune is bitten bad by dog dog, then its host is hit rapidly ” fly ” come over to seek Zhu Baibai ask for help. Zhu Baibai cleaned an agent to take a bath to small tortoise with what develop solely first, next air, paint 3 view, treat plan with host discussion then. In addition, zhu Baibai still has Ji of an exclusive secret in respect of toy of repair wool cloth with soft nap. Zhu Baibai: “My texture is more rigorous, the texture of Japanese is V word model, my texture is W model, firm rate is firmer than them also double. ” gentleman of master of   small tortoise: “I am informed from the net here can repair toy of wool cloth with soft nap I am very excited. I like this small tortoise particularly again. After chat, fee指划 干磨 水磨l he very special ground is professional. I very the small tortoise that expects me can be in good condition answer first. ”   as we have learned, every month wants Zhu Baibai probably repair two to 3 baby, charge differs to 1000 yuan from 100 yuan, basically close from time to tome 松江精油spawith labour. Nowadays, zhu Baibai has been network a favourite by sb in power, his son still registered public name, convenient Zhu Baibai and domestic and international baby host people communication communication. Carry the kind of small letter and express, zhu Bai


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