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Reporter Liu Xiaojing reported on January 2: Today, university of Shanghai new York releases graduate of 2018 undergraduate course formally to report with respect to quality of course of study. The report shows, university of Shanghai ne2019上海油压 开了吗w York 2018 undergraduate course are graduate in all 254 people, among 奉贤南桥spathem, china is graduate 143 people, international is graduate 111 people. They come from the whole world 43 countries, saying 37 kinds of languages, formed the international community of a true diversity. The basis is occupied up to all computation November 30, 2018, the obtain employment rate of 143 China student is 99% , among them, work directly after 42% graduation; 57% choices go abroad (condition) take advanced courses, average per capita wins 3 admission notice. In the graduate of Chinese obtain employment average yearly salary is 135 thousand yuan, relatively grew 14 % last year. In graduate investigation, internationalization eye shot, open the knowledge education上海水磨石地面翻新 foundation, 4 large dominant positions that cross culture to communicated ability and skill of to apply for a job to become graduate to be judged oneself. University of Shanghai new York上海足浴娱乐洗浴中心 expresses in president Yu Li, the story of backside of these bright look data is worth to pa奉贤芮嘉水疗y close attention福州金山桑拿推荐 to more, reflected the target that talent of university of Shanghai new York develops and result truly, the上海足浴桑拿会所价格 internationalization that revealed China of base oneself upon teachs the value that grows to the student, and the port that builds human destiny community to compose. School work is outstanding hoist the sails duty field this year, the employer orgnaization that graduate of China of university of Shanghai new York favors basically is centered in 5 large trades, include Internet / software / hardware / IT (18% ) , finance serves / accountant / bank (18% ) , advertisement medium / market sale (17% ) , management seeks advice (17% ) , and education / scientific research (15% ) . And compared last year, the choice joins Internet / software / hardware / the graduate number of IT industry rose 12% . Duty Microsoft is entered after with respect to technology of reading word media professional Chen Mengzhu graduates (Microsoft) the ministry of As贵族宝贝419论坛ia-Pacific research and development that is located in Shenzhen, be engaged in an user studying the work. She and this origin o后宫佳丽莞式水磨桑拿会所f tycoon of science and technology only then during the abroad study that Yu Dasan is in new York university, at that time, take as an elective course of old dream bamboo the UX that one appearance opens to the graduate student (the user experien上海乾汤温泉按摩spaces) course, the design of Microsoft intelligence glasses was participated in below the teacher’s guidance, bury the seed that laid a dream at this point. “After-thought the design course at that time, although lesson is very hard, but results quite abundant. Button relies on the academic natural resources with new York substantial university and close industry connection greatly on, build a platform that communicates communication with industry for the student, this also holds a post in Microsoft for me next dozen of foundations. ” in the Chinese graduate that   takes advanced courses in the choice, before 55 people are ranked by USNEWS world university 50 university is admitted, occupy go abroad (condition) study abroad 68% of to上海的50元指压店哪里tal number, the renown school that reads includes Ha Fo university of university, Masschusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford, Colombia, Princeton university, north普陀区男子spa会所west university, John Hopkins university, Melbourne university. Among them, 6 people are admitted directly by the doctoral project of world-renowned 上海油压店关门college. Be graduated from the old rain boat of physics major, choose those who assiduously study Princeton university to quantify with pr上海休闲会所全套 上海全套会所oject of computational biology doctor. Review an university 4 years to learn, old rain boat says frankly on button opens free academia greatly, urge the curricular system of shirt-sleeve course eye shot especially, to onese松江油压水磨lf the influence comes deep. On computational chemistry class, the professional knowledge with old rain boat and the classmate respective comp上海水磨会所哪家最好are notes with a perfectness chemical theory, also let him understand physics 上海闵行区 保健to apply mediumly in computational chemistry domain better. “Undergraduate course 4 years, I most those who enj爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海oy is to see different point of view collides each other, produce excellent opinion. No matter I cho上海桑拿会所论坛ose which course, undertaking talk with the person that comes from different course alw上海水磨干磨工作室ays is beneficial. This my results applies to the other sphere beyond school work likewise. ” he says. This year in all 4 graduate win the whole world famous fellowship, su Shimin of university of a the person that include Yan Jingxue of 2 Beijing University, Tsinghua’s scholar, and 1 ” Princeton is in Asia ” fellowship


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