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Oriental net on June 15 message: Upright midday will come, policeman branch releases traffic safety to remind today: Midday of nearly 3 years of end is small although accident of transpor上海桑拿会所最新体验tation of road of long by way of is firm in have fall, but personal casualty 上海静安桑拿外送accident is sent more, especially Pudong, fine decide two areas fatal accident held sum total 6 into. According to statistic, nearly 3 years upright midday produces the accident of traffic of simple and easy program of slight content caustic between small long holiday, was 5712爱上海爱桑拿按摩论坛 cases 2015, was 4306 cases 2016, was 3531 cases 2017, the accident is overall the trend drops, topological features of road transportation safety 上海不正规足浴价格can accuse smoothly. But nearly 3 years small long holiday produces upright midday 10 cases in all fatal accident, cause 10 people death, 9 people are injured, personal casualty accident nots allow small inspect. Among them, pudong, fine accident of the personal casualty that decide an area is sent more relatively, according to statistic, the Pudong in the accident of 10 personal casualty that produce, fine calm area happened respectively 4, 2, rank front row, 60% what hol青浦spa好玩d sum total in all; 13564 car that produce are slight in the accident of simple and easy program of content caustic, pudong 3202, 上海不正规的按摩会所Song Jiang 1756, Min goes 1483 cases, be on front row. These area all are midday of end of this city dweller small long holiday goes out row relatively center or visit town with photograph adjacent the area with more car of conterminous, pass through the territory 上海贵族宝贝会所of a country. The policeman expresses, serious traffic illegal beha为什么上海spa都很正规vior still is the 上海闵行金色年代ktv荤场main factor that causes road transportation accident. Undertake an analysis via circumstance of accident of the traffic between small to carrying midday long holiday, motor vehicle because ” did not press formulary to give way ” , ” overspeed drives ” illegal behavior of 2 kinds of traffic causes an accident more, blame motor vehicle because ” break the law occupy ” , ” converse ride row ” wait for traffic to violate be上海水磨会所2019价格havior to cause an accident more outstanding. The policeman reminds, near future the university entrance exam ends and greet upright midday small long holiday, this city has entered t上海贵族宝贝花千坊419ravel to give a summit, car of home of go on a journey of collective of large passenger car, illicit is driven oneself swim etc pattern is relatively general. Lead to especially Disney, large go vacationing the trunk talk of the key area such as area of scene of level of village, state is current demand水磨拉丝是什么意思 is exuberant, queue up to expect time to decrease, car is contended for grab a phenomenon to happen m上海水磨是什么意思啊ore easily. Hope broad traffic participator wants to notice to give a security, in road of periphery of travel tourist attraction, freeway, country saves the main road with the current car of pass through the territory of a country such as artery, traffic discharge relatively concentration, traffic participator should uphold favorable general order actively, stop illegal action, especially motor vehicle did not press a regulation to give way, break the law become path, drunken to drive, drive without card, overspeed, did not maintain safe car to be apart from, break the law back a car, blame motor上海干磨居家 vehicle is converse ride travel, disobey the serious traffic such as traffic signal lamp to violate act. In addition, according to weather forecast, this city ” upright midday ” during the likelihood enters plum rains season, at the appointed time weather of overcast and rainy will cause road surface wet slippery, the drill that the illegal behavior such as surchage of overload of large freight car, passenger car, speeding causes accuses difficulty to increase, bring about 松江spa会所car sideslip, side more easily to break up, the occurrence that seeks the dangerous status such as end. Police subm阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰its to broad traffic particip上海松江区spa会所ator pays close attention to public security in time to hand in the issuance liaison man such as media of management department of tubal branch, highway, news to give a hint, s浦东新区哪里有水磨服务afe discretion drives, make full use of all sorts of agency such as broadcast, TV, network and short message, small gain, small letter and way, reach road a奉贤榆榕庄国际水疗long the line to show screen, Che Zaixian shows screen to wait, the soup condition circumstance such as accident of transportation of road of 上海会所sap招聘技师discharge of understanding road transportation, ahead and rain, mist, haze, master common sense of safe drive a vehicle, raise lash-up to deal with ability.


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