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After pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, several medical workers of Wuhan place against time, fight bravely day and night in war pestilence a gleam of. Affect famil上海水磨会所微信号太阳y to prevent virus, a lot of medical workers a many month fails to come home all the time. They also are the parents of parental child, child, family is the biggest in their heart care: The village closes managed, does the family member buy dish to buy medicine to there is difficulty? Does child learning need to h上海静安寺按摩spaelp? Since Feburary 17, cadre of Wuhan city Party member sends warmth to family member of medical worker of all a gleam of, send a service, remove for the medical worker trouble back at home. Send dish to send medical family life to have safeguard   ” piece dad, are you not bad recently? What although bade,needs! ” ” thank you to deliver to me help medicine! ” ” your family is risking life danger to be in heal the wounded and rescue the dying上海黄浦徐家汇路鸿spa of a gleam of, we do these are negligible! ” on Feburary 24, wuhan city the Women’s Federation sinks Liu Shibin of community Party member comes to dweller magnify in faithful home, deliver technically guaze mask and a few standing medicines and chemical reagents. Their special lot s闵行 spa 男士hould speak of from Feburary 20, that day, homocentric community receives street of green a mountainous area white Mt Jade dweller Zhang Xiaoli’s anxious phone: “My father suffers from serious diabetic, want inject insulin everyday, today insulin remnant last, if stop inject, can have life risk! ” Wuhan city the Women’s Federation sinks community cadre Zhou Aihong says: “Understanding arrives before us, two small sister-in-law闵行都市路spa of Zhang Xiaoli are Wu Gang the nurse of the 2nd hospital, they had fought bravely in a gleam of a many month did not come home. The family of medical worker, we must have been taken care of! ”   Zhou Aihong sets out immediately, near community drugstore is searched, but was not found,appoint the insulin of the brand. L上海荤桑拿记iu Shibin requests a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively: “I drive go searching! ” he drives ten drugstore of the area such as green hill of flounder of illicit home car, Wu Chang, Hong Shan, just find to a big chemist’s shop finally. Hodometer shows already travel 160 kilometers. When him help when medicine sends piece of dad hand to go up, piece dad is touched very much. At the beginning, community worker and sink the cadre basically is in charge of sending dish to come to masses of difficulty of area under administration. Now, medical 上海大浪淘沙 spaworker family also was become ” the key pays close attention to an object ” . “Our community is on the side of the 4th hospital of Wuhan city, many medical work上海水磨和南京洗浴ers lived in the village. After we are visited, discover, 28 other peoples have a medical worker, we include the list that serves mainly them entirely. ” Xin Zhengwen of secretary of Party committee of community of 10 thousand people says market of mound of Chang mouth area Home Han. “Medical worker battle is in forefront, the life that uses oneself protects us, we cherish esteeming mood to care their family. My speak or sing alternately helps collect dad, on in 上海后花园阿拉网pairs of daughter, son-in-law front, every other 3 days two, I can send dish to come to hi浦东比较好的全套会所m. ” of bureau of country of Wuhan city agriculture sink cadre Tang Dewen says. Knot of teachers and students does not drop out to child school work   ” your support and encourage, let us have the confidence that holds on in a gleam of and power more! ” Wuhan university the mom of Yang Yang of student of the first accessary elementary school, it is university of Hua Zhongke ability assist a medical worker with the hospital. After epidemic situation happening, she is active ask上海最新油压论坛 for battle assignment is assisted to a gleam of, from good year 30 already have a many month to did not come home up to now. Workshop is unoccupied place, she most those who care is the child. These days, classmaster editing and rearrangement a paragraph of mother child conversational video sends Yang Yang mom, after she looks, touch so that burst into tears. The student light snow of group of evergreen tree education wants this year in attending, take an examination of, her mom is the nurse of the 8上海夜场招聘出台女th hospital of Wuhan city, after going to a gleam of from close on January 29 tantivy, had not returned the home again. Light snow mom tells classmaster Mr. Shen Danyu in the phone, she fears child learning result suffers an effect most. Shen Danyu and light snow writte上海宝山水磨会所全套ned guarantee上海虹口spa养生馆 two pairs, solve her study problem at any time and place not only, still often incentive she, “You are met certainly very outstanding, like mo上海桑拿龙凤论坛13.14m, epidemic situation is hit do not pour her, also hit do not pour you! ”   is taught according to Wuhan city the bureau is urgent try to find out the real intention statistic, at present Wuhan city middle and primary school


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