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[new civilian net dispatch] according to news morning paper, besides share bicycle, share umbrella, share charge treasure appear like emerge. A few days ago, the street on 上海水磨论坛Shanghai appeared to share the inn that wash a car. However, the expert points out, so called ” share wash a car ” it is stunt only just, it is self-help washs a car character actually. Wash a car to need to make an appointment, 6 yuan / Mr Chen mirrorred second   citizen a few days ago, one left to share the inn that wash a car on Min Hang Ou Zhongchun road, have a taste of what is just in season goes before drawi爱上海桑拿会所费用ng many people. Much at 4 o’clock afternoon, the reporter will to this share the inn that wash a car, fascia is very marked, writing 24 hours to share self-help to wash a car. The reporter sees, the inn that wash a car is an open mode hut that is similar to a garage actually child, just can accommodate two machines that wash a car and two sedan, and narrow narrow corr上海 推油 韩怡idor allows a car advocate amid moves back and 桑拿上海水磨会所forth. This inn that wash a car does not have a staff member attendant, there is use guideline on wall. If want to use the service that wash a car, want to pay close attention to date of its small letter public above all, pass mobile phone test and verify to register next. Before washing a car every time, need makes an appointment in public date the place that wash a car and time, wash car charge to be 6 yuan every time. There still is a piece of equipment to operate a guideline on the wall, the machine that wash a car uses key-press operation, basically have clear water, bubble, aspiration, aerate 4 measure. Besides the machine, the brush that washs a car to use leans at will on the wall, there still is the big towel of two blues on the side, these are all tools that prepare for the client. Feel fresh, Mr Zhou of 22 years old tells low上海千花黑名单-cost     the reporter, in in spring the company near the road goes to work, somebody is publicized to handbill of their company hair ” sh上海澳京国际桑拿关了are wash a car ” , come over to try then, this or 嘉定美豪丽致spa小姐they are used for the first time share self-help to wash a car. According to the operation guideline on the wall, two people begin him to start work wash a car, very fast busy sweating, the water that high-pressured squirt shoots also slush the dress. “Weather is too hot, and oneself start work wash a car not quite skilled also. ” Mr Zhou expresses, oneself are seldom at ordinary times wash a car, dirty now and then brush with cloth, honest too dirty word, g阿拉爱上海同城对对碰交友社区o washing car inn, so a few tools that wash a car are used come not quite, and him feeling washs also not be particularly clean, later should not again self-help washs a car. As to why s上海会所招聘技师hould come ” share wash a car ” , two上海会所招聘少爷 people show, it is to feel fresh, have a look presumably, it is additionally ” the graph is cheap ” . Mr Huang of 34 years old expresses: “One secondary is washed in the inn that wash a car 25 yuan, here wants 6 yuan only, poor still is pretty is much. ” nevertheless Mr Huang also laughs at character, petty gain is not so good those who occupy, oneself also should give work. The expert says t长宁推油新店o share is discovery 上海 按摩保健 荤场of invest上海南桥spa会所igation of stunt   reporter only, this shares the inn that wash a 上海松江莞式水磨一条龙car to had been in a few cities of co极品莞式水磨桑拿会所untrywide are rolled out, share 45 doors inn, give priority to with Shanghai among them, have 37 doors store. And so called to this kind ” share wash a car ” , the personage inside car line of business expresses, it is self-help washs a car character actually, this has existed before a few years, supply field and equipment by the businessman, next him citizen starts work wash a car, was equivalent to a citizen renting the businessman’s field and tool, because collect fees,cheap meeting has particular market. Just nowadays ” share ” wind is arisen, original self-help washed a car to drape ” share ” appearance, its are immanent still be act of a kind of trade. Share economic expert to point out, 2019虹口桑拿share wash a car and character, apparent, no matter be the storefront that wash a car, still wash car 上海贵族宝贝x论坛device, not be unused resource, however the businessman provides certain access to the citizen with the form that collect fees, it is a purpose with gain, and rather than ” share ” , alleged ” share wash a car ” it is stunt only just. Whether does news link   to sh上海宝山水疗贴吧are umbrella to you can be popularized in Shan夜上海论坛上海龙凤419ghai subway? Shanghai subway: Basically see passenger feedback, still be in try   of operation phase   on August 5, a few the name is ” rub umbrella ” umbrella leases equipment is entered be stationed in Shanghai subway, “Rub umbrella ” become what ente松江区桑拿洗浴中心r Shanghai subway on Shanghai first times to share umbrella company, last weekend, shen Cheng is greeted a few


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