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Shanghai already served a net to open more than 2100 public data through municipal government data, cover the major servicing f爱上海贵族宝贝自荐ield of branch of 44 city class basically, data opens the job to already ranked countrywide local government 3 years continuously the first, be decided for the country natural resources of 5 public干磨全套是什么意思 information opens one of pilot cities. Will hold on A上海海上海ktv荤场新玩法鸥饭店有s上海嘉定怎么找大保健pa吗?ugust 8 ” Shanghai international opens data forum and Shanghai to open data innovation to apply a contest to start a ceremony ” came out this one information. Does the government open public data wha上海杨浦区桑拿水会t to effect there is? In the modern society of digitlization, data is making new factor of production, not only can a lot of more ecbolic with socioeconomy the data of be closely bound up of life of development, common people applies positive result, and can optimize battalion business environment to add a brick to add tile for Shanghai, the person that innovate for data application provides the basis that realizes a dream. The person that do poineering work has annals to innovate at data last year in July, shanghai is in 7 domains such as domain of finance, medical treatment, travel, traffic, the sources of energy, city government, open data opened big data to combine innovation lab, already was in now ” produce, learn, grind, with ” the respect obtained level sex positive result. For instance, by Shanghai big data appl上海便宜的全套会所ies the city of innovation center leading construction to run a laboratory, the construction that changes integrated platform through test site of net of couplet of content of city land with certain boundaries, reseau and applied setting check, put forward data of couplet of wisdom city other people to collect, the standard of the respect such as processing, current, application. This is the one fraction that public data uses only. On forum, the innovation of Shanghai open data that the person that many ginseng are met starts to the corresponding period applies a contest (Shanghai Opening Data Application, SODA of the following abbreviation) interest is strong. “As the person that do poineering work, we very expect to obtain more public data, because these data are OK,offer for everybody convenient. ” poineering company returns the chief Yu Jianquan that puts in a net ‘s charge to say. At present, he is cooperating with courtyard of division of Shanghai railroad bureau, iron, use the lost property data in the train and waiting room, exploration goes to the lavatory already owner of lost property is searched, the pattern of lost property announce the finding of lost property that can extend to all trades and professions again. “Pass the data support of railroad branch, the waiting room of station of main Gao Tie that we are in charge of Shanghai railroad bureau, and the cloud on the lost property data on the train of station of station of all way Shanghai, Shanghai rainbow bridge. To fi嘉定美豪丽致酒店 spanding the lost article of owner of lost property more easily among them, be like Id, the connection w上海闵行按摩ay that can register automaticall闵行阿飞水疗列表网y according to owner of lost property by tiring-room sends a short message, remind owner o上海水磨会所全套流程f lost property resumptive certificate; Right other dropped the owner of lost property of article, offer system of railroad branch interior, exterior website and 上海浦江镇水磨会所Xiaocheng foreword to wait search, search all lost property automatically to register data by the system. ” he says, after having this data platform, “Careless people ” the id card that in canal of place of Shanghai railro上海普陀哪里有做spa的ad bureau Ga休闲会所全套多少钱o Tie stands and loses on train remands from former 29% rise 70% . Yu Jianquan says, cooperating with railroad branch is application of data of lost property information only on one hand, “Include my individual to have such experience –嘉定新城spa go out the journey dropped same thing, but knowing is to drop after all go up in waiting room, train, on the taxi that still is destination, in scene area or hotel. Normally, owner of lost property wants orgnaization of a home to call circumstance of inquiry lost property, but if the data of thes上海大桶大油压飞机e orgnaizations is opened,come out, unified go up the cloud, so owner of lost property should hit a 闵行有没有男士spaphone to perhaps land a website only, with respect to the lost article of involuntary discharge of uri上海浦东全套水磨会所ne that can read to whether can look for oneself. Open data gr上海高档桑拿会所oss br普陀区spaeaks up one time, still have hatch industry catenary because of this, resemble Yu Jianquan not less the person that such doing poineering work very expect the SODA contest this year can provide what data. Those who make them glad is, look from the news that announces at present, the strength that Shanghai supports data application to innovate is greater than in former years. The classics that occupy town is believed appoint relevant controller introduces, this year already is the 5th SODA, actually ” SODA ” the abbreviate that is initial of contest English name not only, also be ” mineral ” meaning, if import data is enclosed in the mineral in bottle, look


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