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Ran dak. Shi Peiqi of green annals reporter is photographed according to ” green annals ” report, before before long, have run friendly lover is mirrorred to media, its place runs the group is mixed in Xu Huibin river Huang Pubin river par奉贤古华山庄男士spaagraph when ran, because cannot be found convenient water continuously dot, want to set filling water to choose the block the way that got ensure public security however oneself. A few days ago, green annals reporter is on-the-spot seek by inquiry this bank river paragraph water conti宝山ktv荤场nuously上海419论坛体验 localhost nod and peddle cloth of carry上海足疗店一条街 上海按摩飞机店 out machine automatically to nod, discover the place that sells water is上海后花园交友论坛 not little, and run friend still is mirrorred provi上海嘉定会所全套水磨de the place that waters freely continuously not much. Incident is answered put have run round member complains 8 kilometers water front waters上海会所微信表格 the dot occupies relevant media2019上海哪里还有油压店 coverage too less, mr Zhu is in run the group has 300 more than person in all, run recently the group organized among them 90 much people to arrive Xu Huibin river and Duan Jin of Huang Pubin river go night runs. Want to set point of two filling water on footpath edge originally, but the table just was in Xu Huibin river paragraph place was taken away forcibly by the security personnel around. Mr Zhu and run friendly people feel indissoluble: “This position should not affect the activity of other citizen, why to let put a table? ” Mr Zhu says, as a result of along the line of river of Xu Hui, Huangpu bank water conti上海会所全套价格行情 上海桑拿会所nuously the pla上海公馆夜总会荤场ce is less — they can find have only, and the automat is not very convenient, especially to them this is planted the number is more run the group, want oneself to set filling water point so. Mr Zhu is in run the group belongs to major to run round, arrived at 7 o’clock in the evening commonly bank river ran, run to Huang Pubin river from Xu Huibin river, return Xuhui bank river from Huang Pubin Jiang She again. One makes a round trip, make an appointment with 15 kilometers in all. Mr Zhu thinks, the continuity that trains to ensure, fill in time water is very important. Observe according to阿拉爱上海足浴f论坛 its, be in what night of along the line of this bank river runs to run the group is quite much still, some run the need that the group also indicates to setting filling water is nodded, because also cannot be found free water continuously dot. Mr Zhu still says, arrive from Xu Huibin river Huangpu bank river the water front of near 8 kilometers, find to water freely continuously only dot. To either for the person that is familiar with here very much, this water freely continuously the dot has a place really too concealment, searched harder in the late evening especially. The spot steps on bit of Xuhui bank river paragraph: At present future of dak of a ran predicts to add 7 can water freely, the shower that brush card last week 5, the reporter heads for the runway of Xuhui bank river, step on those who ordered along the line of Xuhui bank river to water on the spot dot and the layout of the machine that peddle carry out. Leave m水磨禅杖为什么是水磨idday time, the reporter comes to 99 be located in lucky peaceful road bank river show a house, showing a house the place of the Yao of one pace found ran stage. Enter stage, th上海贵族宝贝自荐 gzbb.liveere is to water continuously inside water machine, water there is the cabinet that sets water cup by machine. Go to again in going is 3 bathhouse and two shower room, the toilet still is set to go to the lavatory for transient citizen inside dak. “This shower room is be over for run上海闵行水磨桑拿会所畅安阁油压验证ning only of dripping wet of pace kubla khah run friend uses, need brushs member card to enter, use fee on average just 5 yuan. As to watering continuously is free. ” a staff m上海娱乐水磨会所预约ember tells a reporter. After this staff member brus上海闵行区荤场ktvhs card to open shower room, the reporter sees inside the everything needed is ready 上海全套水磨感受such as ark of bath dew, shampoo, clothes tree, shoe. According to operation regulation, of ran dak be on duty time is arrived at 7 o’clock in the morning in the evening at 11 o’clock. The reporter is collected from Xu subsequently bank the officer unit of the river branch of bank group operation learns on the west, since ran dak will be opened on July 1 this year oneself at present have not statistic crosses specific stream of people, according to cur干磨水磨全套什么意思rent operation condition, the citizen of the toilet on in the evening is particular上海普陀干磨店一览表ly much. The reporter is examined twice to ran dak, use the citizen that waters continuously not much. Xuhui bank river runs an unit relevant personage represents bank group on the west, ran dak is to carry battalion headquarters door is establishment of edge river form a complete set this year new the innovates quite act that roll out. “Dak just was rolled out, eye forefathers discharge is not very much. We predict to a few kilometers can set every other, the 3.3 kilometers that had opened at present bank river paragraph the plan sets 3 ran stage, among them 1 has built open, be located in luck Ning Lu plans 99 numbers to reveal


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