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China old name is 2019是上海哪里还有油压green poplar the cue of Zuo doorway is a scenery on Shanghai river Ning Lu, consumer is average two hours await that dish steamed stuffed bun for the sake of old name. Little imagine, this ” cate of person energy of life ” went up early stealthily green poplar menu sells outside the beautiful group of Zuo , the hand shows a drop, need not queue up, little elder brother sells to send outside having come. The assemble of poll of spot of exposition of China old name that will kick off on September 20 is moved, especially the energy of life of old name person of industry of meal, food is highest. Very much old name is being gone after ” go against grow ” , picture green poplar Zuo chooses so actively ” touch net ” be absent a few. Nevertheless, “Touch net ” be not is inn opening a network only, out上海贵族宝贝 龙凤side doing, sell, permeate digitlization the square side side that runs to old name however. “Go against grow ” should use   of good number tool ” we are old names, but our management group and sale group are very young, feel old to the name wants to look a few more long-termly, want to use modern management means. ” green poplar chief says related Zuo , still chasing after when the market hold in both hands ” the net is red ” when, green poplar the dis虹口桑拿地址h bag of Zuo can say to already was become ” chiliad net is red ” , brought the passenger flow with constant in a steady stream for dining-room. Dan Luyang Zuo was not satisfied at these passenger flow, hope the prospective development that is a brand accumulates potential client however. The first option that is them sells outside doing. “Nevertheless, we a松江大学城spare done outside selling is not completely go up, menu sells outside evalua上海水磨会所体验记ting what dish, mug-up carefully to be able to go up however, what do not suit to go up. Want to do good on-line to manage already, also cannot affect the experience below the line. ” this controller citing says, the raw material of dish steamed stuffed bun that the dish steamed stuffed bun that go up and spot sell to queue up to buy outside and craft are consistent, just outside sell those who 水磨哪家服务好sell is green poplar the dish of Zuo wineshop wraps mug-up, what the spot queues up to buy is green poplar the dish package that archives sells the mouth outside Zuo , latter is a few bigger than former stature, a bit more low-cost, avoided the problem that spot consumer queueing up feels inequitable so. Still have, the dish dot of line serving sheet is for the most part ” fry quickly ” model, won’t affect a rate that takes a course so; Sell outside deserve to send limits to also be restricted somewhat, nod taste for the sake of assuring to deserve to send time to won’t affect dish. “Selling outside is increment, but cannot have an insatiable desire for blindly much, the scale that we sell business externa阿拉爱上海 休闲预警l is controlled somewhat, the character that assures old name is first pr上海水磨干磨桑拿会所inciple. ” this controller expresses, after the servic松江环城路桑拿e selling outside introdu阿拉爱上海 验证贴 阿拉爱上海手机版cing, old name is managed to digitlization had deeper knowledge, can see the change of consumer group structure from inside management 上海千花黑名单data not 上海水磨的场子only, “Next only groups on the line are compared apparently hall thos宝山水疗按摩e who feed is young ” ; And can fathom means of battalion of warping of consumer taste, attune through data, “Include most suffer consumer gay the dish dot, change that sells a height, etc, can pass number to come out according to be being watched continuously. Still have, consumer is outer sell terrace, comment on platform to go up leave a message, also give us a lot of inspire, insufficient place wants to improve, good the place wants t上海油压店何时开门o maintain. ”   old name is charming to the youth   ” old name is very charming to the youth, and the shopping heat that the old name of an a上海干磨是什么意思rea still can form place, very suffer nonlocal tourist to approbate. ” exposition spot, the masses commented on general manager Gu Yun to announce a group to the reporter ” the old name in big data ” , fe上海宝山金钟桑拿关门?el old 奉贤南桥上门spathe name ” go against grow ” have latent capacity greatly but also should avoid an error. She says, from 180 national meal the management data of old name brand can get ” foreigner more know old name, 80 hind, 90 hind also love old name ” conclusion: “The line load with old name group analysis, this locality dweller上海古美路平吉路悦龙湾spa is occupied than about 73% , nonlocal tourist is occupied than 27% , nonlocal tourist photograph is compared during weekday on the weekend or holiday makes an appointment with 3 percent high. Look from age characteristic, meal ‘ old name ‘ in the crowd is being consumed on the li上海水磨会所全套体验ne 80 hind, 90 hind the group is occupied than 90% , this report gives Internet platform to make the important medium of communication that attracts a youth to co上海松江桑拿会所水磨地址nsume old name. ”   but relevant data also mirrors an old name to be in ” go against grow ” in growth a few problems. In digitlization for instance


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