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Before dawn is much at 3 o’clock o上海浦东全套水磨会所n September 20, 2019, colour of sky has not dawned, live in different market of county of area 上海黄浦荤场of Shanghai yellow riverside resident dialed the 2 buildings in house of door of library of stone of face of an edge street to call the police phone. The woman that wears night clothes reports a case to the security authorities n阿拉爱上海最新地址amely person Ms. Yan, and a red garment man looks to want to compare Ms. Yan apparently beside her young a lot of, he claims the husband A that is Ms. Yan swims. The lady that occupy Yan says, she still is when case hair in sleep, be slept suddenly in the A beside to swim push woke. The dream wakes time, she hears A swam to cry alarmedly ” who be ” . Through careful check the amount, t上海油压店什么时候开he thing that disappears without trace in the house besides a value 60 thousand multivariate gold necklace, still Ms. Yan and A swim two people’s respective mo2019上海最新夜上海论坛bile phone. According to reporting a case to t上海的50元指压店哪里he security authorities the person describes a condition, of police analysis burglar commit the crime time 上海干磨上门服务干磨是什么服务is controlled 3:50 in before dawn, then tone took circumjacent monitoring. Be in as expected before dawn 3:46, village among them in the monitoring pictur上海虹口全套水磨会所e of a passageway. The policeman discovered a suspicious-looking man, see this man only from Xiao虹口一米阳光spa电话ou rapid rush out of, disappear in the monitoring of village passageway subsequently.上海后花园爱上海 The time that before dawn produced with the case 3:46 very close, and the scene that the man escapes with burglar again from the act of village passageway rush out of special be identical. However after the policeman finds this man through video relay, eliminated him immediately again commit the crime suspicion. To case be suspicious still be the policemans that tone reads monitoring not just, after technician is undertaking perambulate to central spot, also discovered the place of more and incorrect interest. The screen window that this is case hair room is left next horn, we can see, be really here ground avulsion a hole. With the screen window that is destroyed likewise abnormal still have indoors that potted flower on the floor. According to Ms. Yan and A go canvassing, this flower is to be put on the machine outside the air conditioning outdoor all the time originally. More of odd is, through examining the machine outside air conditioning, attentive technician discovered those two in crack again by pilfer mobile phone. A variety of evidence look, this spot more resembling is what had been decorated artificially is same. The spot emerges a variety of people are production trace, doubtful time Duan Li also does not have pass in and out of the 3rd person. The husband A that a variety of clew pointed to Ms. Yan swims have suspicion of case of serious your work. And after this A swims more doubtful point on the body begin to be exposed in monitoring without involuntary discharge of urine. This is the picture that record of monitoring of road surface of prefectural different market left before dawn 3:52. Above all, look in policemans, a swims to show a little different in this monitoring common al松江大学城spaso afford for thought. Keep on saying says to did not visit the appearance of clear burglar, also have no way decides the other side is gone to what direction flee in disorder, a swims to be done not have however any wait-and-see search, fine long hair leaves with respect to left-hand rotation forthwith. Face the doubt of police, a上海浦东有花头的spa swims final speechless, guide oneself perform farce of this before dawn oneself, cry “Stop Thief” while being a thief however the more what one tries to hide. The crafty plot that guilty sus松江大保健哪里最便宜pect Long Hai swims did not prevail finally. And investigate further through police, in fact, long Hai swims and Ms. Yan also is not husband and wife at all. They are b上海干磨店地址efore a month ability passes network acquaintance, the ability before a week g上海便宜的全套会所oes. And under the circumstances, set the motive of bureau theft to oneself, long Hai swims to still have a pretend to be serious about sth say decline. Their relation admits below a public occasion to can let Ms. Yan, dragon sea You Sheng says this is the purpose that he takes away golden necklace. However he this kind alleged brush what existence feels to say decline, can steal absolve for his far from.


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