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28 days of evening, thirteenth summit of the summit of grown group final that perform is opposite women’s volleyball of the national games definitely. Number one contends上海水磨会所2018价格 for a coronal popular Jian上海水磨桑拿会所论坛gsu women’s volleyball with 3 than women’s volleyball of 0 conquer Shanghai, win championship of the national games first. Shanghai women’s volleyball overfulfils the task, harvest a p福州金山附近的桑拿recious silver medal. “0 national champion ” right ” Home Xiaoguo team ”   this is Shanghai after 20 years are being lain between when the team, stand again competition ground of full use final, team of the Shanghai when the 8th the national games once brave sei上海松江闵行莞式会所zes champion. Jiangsu t上海水磨微信eam is when lie between competition ground of final of full use of 38 years of return, last time achievement is runner-up. This Jiangsu women’s volleyball is in period of at the height of power and splendour, there is house of Hui Reqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiang in the team 3 Liyaoao carry champion member, still have house of sly beautiful jade such new advance national champion, can weighs a be worthy of the name ” Home Xiaoguo team ” . The night of finals, a上海水磨会所全套体验 group of people of same interest of vermicelli made from bean starch of the Hui Reqi on bleachers of Tianjin people gymnasium is powerful, tianjin became Jiangsu上海水磨娱乐会所张志雄 group almost advocate. Shanghai team does not have an active service national champion up and down, but the characteristic that still hit oneself and style. Zhang Lei’s thrust deep into the enemy forces runs move, 4 of Zhangyi Chan, Yang Jie’s 2 people a take by storm, the back of Ma Yunwen, Xu Jiujing flies breakthrough, became what龙凤上海推油 can depend on to notch weapon. Surpass from group of the national games 1 get the better of 2 lose the achievement reluctance with the 3rd to give a clue, arrive to wash out Zhejian上海ktv荤场低消费攻略g, Liaoning one after another, take finals finally, of women’s volleyball of the China of within an inch of of Shanghai women’s volleyball that perform ” in counterattack agreement type ” . After the bishop drills Wang Zhi vacates contest, Shanghai group shows, “Because be passed,b上海桑拿按摩论坛419e squelched by adversary, 2 of Shanghai team 3 run move thrust deep into the enemy forces to was not hit, the result follows adversary rhythm to go, fortunately team member did not abandon from beginning to end, maintain concussion adversary. ” Shanghai girls arrive from desolate having a place feel relieved, final smile photograph is embraced, take accept as a souvenir oneself. Such experience enough makes girls heavy pick up confidence, again casting is brilliant. From participate in runner-up expensive if the national games of g上海后花园桑拿论坛ood in state of mind Tianjin is same the brigade of second dream. Shanghai women’s volleyball is participating in what decide formerly again become second place, the good state of mind that is attributed to everybody even, put so that leave. What the national games hits is psywar. Wait for veteran besides Ma Yunwen and Zhang Lei, zhang Yichan of two main attack and Yang Jie also dare to stand in the moment of truth, have the show of bright look. In finals, shanghai women’s volleyball precedes the 2nd宝山水疗 dish for a time achieve 6 minutes. Especially spiker Zhan上海会所排名和报价g Yichan, can be in knockout of two life and death,上海高级桑拿会所费用 chop below 26 minutes respectively, 24 minutes, proved oneself actual strength. Regard full use of Shanghai male platoon as two Lian Guan, league matches 9 core members of Lian Guan, wang Zhi is vacated or tak松江新城spae a team to hit the national games as episcopal practice for the first time. Nervous unavoidable, but the insecurity that he上海莘庄spa does his utmost to restrain his, impatient mood, “I am an athlete when hit the nat上海水磨休闲桑拿论坛ional games, also idea of it doesn’t matter, most foozle, the coach can change me end. But the mood that does a coach to want to had controlled his, ca嘉定哪里有spa按摩nnot come out anxious mood expression. ”   prepares to meet before the contest of a few main competitions, wang Zhi vacates the teacher that still invited him — before bishop of Shanghai male 松江泗泾哪里有男士spaplatoon drills Shen Fulin is become counsellor, undertake psychological dredge to the player, “The state of mind that makes crucial ball who see namely is better, who more put so that leave. ” after   is surpassed, girl of Shanghai women’s volleyball hangs silver medal on the neck of old instructor Zhang Liming. Wang Zhi is vacated express, oneself turn hillock drills when the bishop still is a new personality, still do not understand the rule of the women’s volleyball, be Zhang Liming has a lot of communication with him, imparted a lot of experience, make his grow can take roundabout way less. “Learn to old instructor even. Future, want the one side with good way of continuance Shanghai women’s volleyball, overcome 爱上海同城419论坛 阿拉爱上海同城论坛not stable weakness. Old team member makes good give help and set an example, let young player grow quickly rise. Let young player grow quickly rise..


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