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Caption: North of treasure mountain area installs road public toilet not to have distinguishing feature. Suffer the person that visit to offer graph east network on November 21 message: According to ” the youth signs up for ” report, up to last year, shanghai opens public toilet gross to already amounted to more than 8700, amo阿拉爱上海北京同城论坛上海油压保健全套会所ng them environmental sanitation public toilet more than 2600, many 250 public toilet already was deployed ” the 3rd toilet ” . The reporter learned from exposition of innovation of revolution of toilet of the 2nd China yesterday, shanghai still will popularize intelligent public toilet, asexuality public toilet, the 3rd toilet actively to wait henceforth. Whole town already had more than 250 ” the 3rd toilet ” on the thematic forum that   holds during lavatory rich is me上海普陀干磨店一览表t, quality of environment o上海 桑拿 论坛 2018f Shanghai the appearance of a city monitors central director上海贵族宝贝419爱上海 上海贵族宝贝 Zhang Feng to divulge, add new上海水磨娱乐会所ly in last few years ” the 3rd toilet ” alleviated effectively parents takes opposite sex child, children to take opposite sex old person to go out with lavatory disadvantage休闲会所全套多少钱ous circumstance, be benefited the family applauds generally. According to statistic, shanghai already had more than 250 at present ” the 3rd toilet ” . It is reported, shanghai begins from 2014 pilot roll out opposite sex parents, children but common ” the 3rd toilet ” , with common lavatory photograph comparing, the 3rd toilet must deploy ” two big two small ” , ” one desk one chair ” : “Two big ” show the adult sits implement, the adult washs his hands stage, “Two small ” show children sits implement, children lavabo, “One desk ” point to muti_function stage, “One chair ” point to children seat. In recent years, this ci阿拉爱上海验证贴照片ty one, the configuration scale of the 3rd toilet raises public toilet of 2 kinds of environmental sanitation stage by sta嘉定水疗会所地址ge, central the city zone is achieved by 2015 6% , achieve by 2016 10% , the suburb is achieved by 2015 5% , achieve by 2016 8% . 2017, again the area such as rainbow mouth, Pu Tuo, treasure mountain combines a public toilet to transform add a batch of the 3rd toilet newly,2018 上海 spa 花头 get the welcome of a lot of families. The reporter understands, according to the newest requirement of branch of Shanghai afforest the appearance of a city, henceforth, shanghai builds a public toilet to must deserve to build the 3rd toilet, difficult to h上海宜山路spaaving a public toilet to rebuild, can rely on trouble-free lavatory transform, acqui奉贤水疗会所re corresponding facilities facilities will satisfy requirement. Shanghai will popularize intelligent public toilet actively to be able to go up in this lavatory rich, ” a covered corridor or walk of public toilet culture ” told about Shanghai public toilet since 1864 of 150 one’s remaining years ” preexistence this life ” . In addition, 16 districts of whole town provide the public toilet of characteristic to also appear together most, for instance the north of treasure mountain area installs road public toilet, general Tuo area ” Mediterranean amorous feelings ” child continent road public toilet. Quality of environment of Shanghai the appearanc上海桑拿会所最新体验e of a city monitors a center to express, up to last year, this city opens public toilet gross to already amounted to more than 8700, among them environmental sanitation public toilet more than 2600. Satisfying the foundation that uses the toilet demand basically to go up, this city also is making intelligent public toilet actively wait. Ever media has made a report, shanghai lavatory paper makes dosage is every time average per capita 1.6 meters, wasteful and serious. And ” brush a face ” expert paper, after been take, the ability after 9 mi上海水磨会所论坛 上海水磨桑拿会所论坛nutes brushs a face take paper again ” person face identifies lavatory paper opportunity ” attracted the person th上海水磨微信群at look around to stop. According to chief introduction, face of choose and employ persons of this machine benefit and iris identify a technology, can differentiate the physiology feature of person extraction paper, according to the character of different public toilet, take paper interval twice of same person but set differs to 1 hour for 3 minutes, give paper length every time adjustable also for 60-90 centimeter. This product already was instal松江大学城附近spaled in the public toilet inside park of Bei上海闵行水磨桑拿会所jing the Temple of Heaven use, with paper decreases big rolls 20 everyday from before it is 4 big. Another can be united in wedlock with public toilet photograph ” stereo intelligence dustbin room ” also caused attention. There is fluctuation inside dustbin two, probe上海 水疗馆 can explore dustbin automatically replete, a pail full send information automatically to give administrator, after controller brushs card to open the door, can operate a machin闵行辰皇娱乐是荤场e, rise pailful ” 2 buildings ” , rock-bottom sky bucket continues to use, managing space, improve efficiency. In上海南美水疗按摩服务 addition, intelligence still calls the police of aerosol inside rubbish room and gush drenchs equipment, sewage channel is set next, rely on an induction to open the door, when losing rubbish also won’t flyblown hand. According to developing the Shanghai beauty of this product explain company introduction, this product is the closest ability research and development


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