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Development of unifinication of long triangle area rises for national strategy, the enterprise between long triangle flows quickly, com松江干磨水磨三通pany change, brand is registered even more frequent. Before Shanghai is crossed actively one pace serves, beginning of reopen whole nation: Brand of area of rainbow bridge business affairs accepts the window synchronism is begun to accept enterprise and brand business since yesterday pilot job, this also is the whole nation the business ch爱上海油压论坛2019ange is registered below superintendenc上海水磨会所全套流程y 上海油压开了没啊system of first unified market apply for with brand ” 2 syncretic ” the window. Contain of immense forest of vice-chairman of Shanghai brand association, secretary-general introduces, the enterprise is registered although congeneric market superintends body,fasten with brand business, but two networks run apart all t上海高端外围经纪人 外围女那么多he time,上海松江车墩哪有大保健 the enterprise is registered belong to a place to register a network, brand business is countrywide network. This rainbow bridge window begins unified market to superintend pace of systematic similarly hereinafter to accept the pilot job of business, it is when register brand job and business the job to be united in阿拉爱上海验证浦东 wedlock cheek by jowl important and pilot, also be to deepen ” put a canal to take ” the significant breakthrough of reform. The reporter sees in service center of company of division of rainbow bridge business affairs, the window here already be all set. Business controller Zhang Qi tells a reporter, the address change of the enterprise, name is changed, can affect brand effectiveness, below traditional pattern, the enterprise is in after obtaining business charter to change, ability heads for brand to accept the window to conduct the technological process that brand changes, need expends a large number of time, and pass new pattern, the enterprise ne上海青浦区水疗会所eds to run only, already but explain receive new edition business patent, can put 上海静安区spa店forward brand to change application directly again. Meanwhile, through brand business is being conducted on the net, “Rainbow bridge window ” not collection any charge, let an enterprise run less not only road, still reduced cost further. Zhang Qi tells a reporter, at present already the enterprise offers the application of company change an松江spa上门d brand business. Will this ” 2 syncretic ” the window is put in area of rainbow bridge business affairs, also be expl全国空降上门服务 全国空降高端外围预约平台oration that system of long triangle market builds in all. This year in December, ” compendium of program of development of unifinication of area of delta of the Yangtse River ” release, put forward to open collaboration to cooperate with efficient, couplet of unified market system is built share. Immense forest contain expresses, area of rainbow bridge business affairs is located in position of long triangle core, accelerating const上海浦东全套干磨会所 上海干磨会所ruction of headquarters economy, platform economy, draw district of many long triangle hig上海外围女经纪微信h grade enterprise is entered halt, “Future, when the long triangle c上海闵行区附近spaompany that joins division of business affairs of the bridge that be stationed in rainbow deals with modi日式水磨拉丝是什么ficatory address to register, with respect to card of brand of can synchronou上海桑拿会所论坛s change, very convenient ” . Up to now, accumulative total of area of rainbow bridge business affairs attracts business of of all kinds total division 289. Yesterday, area of rainbow bridge business affairs is include Xu Hui group inside platform of 9 functions sex and characteristic garden area (Lou Yu) uncover a shop sign. So far, there already were 3 batches this year area of 33 characteristic garden (Lou Yu) obtain promulgate card, those who become function of division of rainbow bridge business affairs to make is important board piece with one large window, headquarters economy, platform economy is farther assemble. Area of rainbow bridge business affairs is in charge of appoint Gu Kaijing of section chief of department of meeting company service expresses, “Rainbow bridge window ” pilot i贵族宝贝419论坛t is the significant move that area of rainbow bridge business affairs makes investment of upland of battalion business environment, business actively have area of development latent capacity, pilot job more be helpful for enterprise poineering innovation, be helpful for enterprise conformity administration examining and approve the application of business and management, be helpful for protection of company intellectual property, make an enterprise sufficient enjoy the bonus that superintends system reform 干磨 水磨 黑话to the market. It is reported, next, pilot job will be popularized to whole town other area under administration s阿拉爱上海同城论坛 阿拉爱上海验证发帖区tage by stage, explore apply informatization technology measure to realize an enterprise to change information to be pushed to system of the service on brand net send, simplify further concerned work program, promotion serves efficiency. Area of business affairs of bridge of deputy mayor, rainbow is in charge of appoint 上海油压技师招聘director Xu Kunlin is attended and can uncover a shop sign.


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