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P+R parking lot, be alluded again and again in last few years. After having it, suburb car advocate can park the car in P+R parking lot, change subway heads for the urban district, alleviate from this the traffic of central the city zone is embraced. Shanghai has 14 P+R parkin松江水疗KBg lot at present, and hub of among them Song rainb上海ktv荤场低消费攻略ow route, was discussed by heat recently. Every arrive next heights, this P+R parking lot is embraced block up上海喜来登spa价目表 to 40 minutes to leave not to go out a car. After classics report, concerned respect takes step, this ability alleviated have a problem. So, station of hub of Song rainbow route is a special case, be still widespread presence of Shanghai P宝山特色桑拿+R parking lot certain and common problem? The reporter is on-the-spot seek by inquiry parking lot of a few P+R, discovery is to embrace not just block up so simple. 14 P+R parking lot: Glacial fire is double ethereal week, succes奉贤区哪家spa好sive a few days come the high temperature of 40 ℃ above, the office worker that allows Shen Cheng is very hard, the parking lot that also makes subway station circumjacent is become popular resource. However, when the reporter the station is in parking lot of P+R of station of canalage of short of Wenshui River o上海水磨桑拿论坛f a line when, those who see is a deserted picture however上海虹口干磨2018. The P+R parking lot here shares 370 berth, zhou Yi arrives height of morning and evening, the parking lot has the room of half above, place stays dissatisfaction all the year round. A car advocate say, the public transportation system that canalage of short of Wens上海南美水疗 价格表hui River stands very develop, ferial in, he chooses to sit all the time subway of public transportation change, recently is a day really too hot, he just can choose to drive come to P+R parking lot. Similar the case 夜上海论坛419that stays dissatisfaction, happen in 上海南汇桑拿水磨会所7 lines are big to press down 8 station, Xian Luheng roads to stand likewise. The P+R parking lot of this two place has 720 to mix respectively 500 berth. But discovery of the reporter after on-the-spot seek by inquiry, the field of the half is empty, even if is period of time of height of morning and evening, the parking lot still can follow two place P+R stop. A car that comes round to take a car advocate say, oneself use big field to press down P+R parking lot already a year, never see stop full, 上海水磨会所全套体验hundreds of cars so unused. Come when the reporter fine when decidi上海ktv荤场和素场ng parking lot of west station P+R, the circumstance is more startling. The data shows, fine parking lot of P+R of calm 奉贤南桥spawest station has two, in all 102 berth. the netizen will explode this year in May makings say, when the citizen is being used, security personnel does not allow a car at the door advocate sail, or only lower level can use double deck parking space. But even so, this parking lot still stops dissatisfaction. On July上海黄浦区干磨会所 25, reporter Congjia decides mouth of west station subway to come out, see only ” P+R ” demonstrative card is lone ground end up, p+R parking lot already was sealed ent龙上海外滩桑拿联系电话凤爱上海 阿拉的后花园irely by construction a paper strip for sealing, cannot use at present, the sky of security personnel booth of the doorway does not have one person. After seeking testimony to concerned branch, be informed, this garage is located in course 闵行区龙柏保健to hand in wear a station high to fall, because subway car shakes, the structural safety of mechanical garage is affected certainly,金山海鸥大厦spa concerned branch is clutching do equipment to detect maintenance, the overhaul ensures the meeting after safety opens a citizen again. But in fact, around dweller is paid no attention to. This P+R parking lot at ordinary times utilization rate is very low, stop dissatisfaction all the time, and fine there still are two places near the west station surely low-cost ” old brand parking lot ” . Among them, an underground parking lot is opposite P+R parking lot, have hundreds of berth, 24 hours collect fees only 10 yuan, the price is not expensive. Parking lot of another open嘉定酒店spa air, be located in the subway on 2 exit, make an appointment with 200 berth. The car that goes to work for the most part advocate, the choice parks the car in these two parking lots. Even so, they have a lot of empty wagons likewise. Have fine calm car advocate express, oneself are used to all the time stop in outdoor parking lot, where be after all through knowing P+R parking lot however every day, also do not know it has been sealed at present, do not care it when to be enabled again more. Fine when can parking lot of P+R of calm west station restore, a few office worker express flatly ” be indifferent to ” . And the parking lot 水磨石楼地面施工方法of a few P+R that Shanghai leaves, circumstance as it happens is contrary, almost ” in full swing ” , everyday early rush hour, car advocate people arrive to grab


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