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The electrical wiring of orange and yellow “青浦区水疗 fall from the day ” , hang down the wall outside be being hanged in dweller building, outspread all the time to the ground, pull from inside dweller home directly, connecting the dynamoelectric bicycle that is badly in need of charging additionally directly… recently, resident of many rainbow 上海虹口区十大油压店mouth area serves hot line report to 12345 citizens, inside the village that oneself live, dynamoelectric bicycle ” flying line charges ” ” corridor charges ” ban repeatedly more than, put in safe hidden trouble. Actually, as Shanghai fire control solid item looked 2018 one of, each are street already cooperated detachment of area fire control to build dynamoelectric bicycle to charge centrally干磨全套是什么意思 in conditional village dot, deploy intelligence to fill a power station. The project advances nearly one year, why is the village dynamoelectric does the bicycle charge does random elephant exist as阿拉爱上海女生对对碰 阿拉爱上海验证丹丹 before? “Summer of · of emancipatory hot line acts ” the reporter undertook investigating. Fill a power station to install large half an year to did not enab闵行区 水磨 干磨 2019le Mr Zhang to live in Tang Shan to enclosed ground for growing trees newly, move a bicycle to charge 1 times to oneself report every week. He should ride first every time go 15 南宁桑拿会所哪个最好minutes to reach home of 阿拉上海后花园桑拿friend of Yang Pu area — over there have can fill a pow上海桑拿会所论坛er station for used intelligence. Pay 5 yuan of cash, fill a power station to begin to charge, he sits two stations bus comes home, 8 hour hinds take the car again. If occupie上海后花园1314论坛 sh419d delay, mr Zhang is not anxious also, the meeting after filling the time that the power station buys amply cuts off the power automatically. “Do not have method, our village does not have a place to charge. ” Mr Zhang says, tang Shan new center ha阿拉爱上海 葡萄认证s garage of underground of two bla上海后花园龙凤me motor vehicle, gross area exceeds 400 square metre; But can park car, cannot charge to electric car, guard expends every months 15 yuan. Late on July 28, a garage sees reporter amid, the spot par阿拉爱上海会员签到ks full car, a variety of car classify such as car of 松江泗泾哪里有男士spabicycle, dynamoelectric bicycle, ride 松江桑拿会所推荐ins水磨和干磨的区别tead of walk are orderly park, among them, electric car bicycle is occupied near half. Look around all around, the reporter discovered to 50 electrical outlet are installed on garage wall, every 10 join each other. Since have socket, why cannot charge? Move close to loo上海桑拿龙凤论坛k, this concentration charges equipment have not electrify is used — make clear on blue iron chest write have ” electric car fills a power station ” model of written characters, iron has 10 button among box obverse side, left should show from 1 to the number of 10, a when correspondence is linked together with its 10 electrical outlet, wire cable is covered have plastic protection canal. Such iron chest altogether 5, but above electrify indicator light does not have red to shine, fell on pushbutton thick an ash, the 2 dimension code that scanning pays originally for the mobile phone on the right side of iron chest obverse side already also was besmeared black. According to Mr Zhang report, last year in October, intelligence fills power station installation to end. The reporter enquires many be on duty security personnel, some saying ” have not enable ” , some saying ” bad ” , as to when can throw use, everybody says not clear. The reporter calls village place to belong to the beach outside north street and relevant controller, the other side expresses, this year March, fill a power station to ever was not worth reshipment electrical wiring because of line means, will check and accept through fire control May, can open brake to use originally, but for convenient dweller, fill a power station to filling magnetic card of instead of the terms of payment that sweep a code the value to pay fee, “Two Zhou Qian, we supervise and urge property and installation company butt joint, finish as soon as possible rebuild the job. ”   project is advanced slow, the inimical psychology with village property company is relative also. This chief says: “This is project of a commonweal, without gain space. ” street a few after coordinating, just make clear equip上海水磨会所价格多少ment installation to allocate funds by district government, dweller of cost of production of card full a cost at one’s own expenses, add the charge that installs the system that brush card to install a company to assume by the machine, the member that prop上海便宜的全套会所 上海全套价格erty company needs to install tube bank to manage only is in charge of equipment safeguarding, deal with card full a cost to 上海市闵行区交大水磨wait, this ability reluctance pushs the project up to now. Security personnel says to charge need oneself to think method intelligence fills a power station to cannot be used, how is the dweller solved charge problem? Dusk time, the reporter circles circuit of village of Tang Shan new center to discover, in 3 6 dwellers buildings and two 18 dwellers buildings, because floor height is mixed,have differ without the circumstance such as elevator, the dweller solves electric car to charge the means of the problem each different. Reporter abduct faces a market into the first 6 dwellers building, see t奉贤大船酒店水疗项目wo dwellers are using flying line to charge to dynamoelectric bicycle. One


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