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On May 24, 2011 Zhu Meihong of reporter of morning pa上海油压店都关了per of   of news morning paper   10 years ago, the joyance as Normal University student and the Zhang Haijun that place ground vendor’s stand around the school love each other, happy discontinue one’s studying and Zhang Haijun marry, come 10 years hardship of wind storm rain is accompanied… singing ” the song that throw onion ” couple this paragraph of story of two, let Yi Nengjing cry spent false eyelash, also touched many televiewer. However, after the program金山好玩的的桑拿 broadcasts, many netizens were card with video yesterday, another archives has attended to amount to the mankind with selling a site likewise before pointing out this pair of husband and wife program of put together art, ever went out had perf嘉定 大保健 会所ormed a short, give out doubt to the motive of the program on its and true identity consequently. Ascend ” Chinese Da Renxiu ” when arena, zhang Haijun hand grasps a few green Chinese onion阿拉爱上海女生对对碰 阿拉爱上海 北京 to appear with modelling of spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, claiming will protect a wife, and point out when 3 commissioners its talent is finite, when allowing happy and alone act, joyance is shown gave breathtaking song art. Until at this moment, two people tell the story that had his: Original, navy and happy acquaint日式拉丝全体位水磨spaance at 10 years before, the joyance that learns vocal music at that time or big 3 students, navy n南宁桑拿会所哪个最好ever just has read aloud the teenager do not have course of study of the book, two people see admire, navy began to place the ground to spread out outside happy university school gate, intercurrent oath should be done ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” guard a wife all one’s life, naval persistence shook happy, joyance decides discontinue one’s studying, do not consider family to object marrying with navy, at present two people still maintain bread with placing the ground to 上海闵行区水磨会所哪家好spread out. On the stage, the cry bitterly of face of naval attack by surprise that listening to a wife to sin宝山特色桑拿g, the one act that tearful photograph has two people moved a lot of audiences. Nevertheless, in succession the netizen pointed out yesterday, be in early ” Chinese Da Renxiu ” before with 闵行南美水疗三楼会所respect to Ceng Zaishan Dong Wei inspects ” China amounts to a person ” in had seen this上海会所外卖工作室 pair of hus上海 水磨 419band and wife, in addition, they still are jo上海桑拿洗浴全套会所ined had performed short of a video, among them Zhang Haijun all is made ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” dress up, video was card this at 2 o’clock, because two people do not calculate careless root, diddle audience sympathizes with the ill will with tear. To this, the reporter is called ” Chinese Da Renxiu ” when publicizing chief inspector Liu Wei, he represents program group also is to see the neti上海水磨娱乐会所 嘉定zen explodes this one circumstance just learns after makings, “We are urgent communicate with them, they tell us, that file program is the only first gear tha上海干磨水磨休闲服务t they had attended program of put together art, just the other side broadcasts ear上海浦东全套干磨会所 上海干磨会所ly just ” . He still emphasizes saying, course program series understands, this is to be in Beijing to place ground vendor’s stand really to the couple, actor of and rather than, just they can go to each Beijing places singing, do not receive fund, “After the program broadcasts, surrounded the number that watchs them to become from original 34 people 339, we hope joyance can pass us sincerely this arena continues to show talent, also can bring a change to their current life ” . Whether to because this cancels the qualification that this continues to take part in the match to the couple,meet as to program series, liu Wei states program series wants t上海桑拿会所招聘技师o be decided again after the echo that understands social public opinion, “Actually if be talent kind player, attend many put together art program give no cause for more criticism, but resemble them such more player of 上海高端新茶affective of lay particular stress on, can make really audience generation makes beautiful doubt. We hope they can exit another archives program of put together art, but this must be chosen by them ” . Morning paper reporter connects line joyance   solely ” can reelect, I can study the book, but do not 水磨拉丝按摩图片have him impossibly ” Zhu Meihong of reporter of   morning paper’s reporter: Why can you sign up ” Chinese Da Renxiu ” ? Happy: I did not sign up, however program group will look for me, sai2019年90分钟上海水磨d to discover me, will take part in the match not to want money. I still think at t上海会所论坛he beginning is to deceive people, feeling through the contact later is not, and the poor also is not afraid of have what loss, come to Shanghai. ” China amounts to a person ” also find me so, pass two days to record a program in Beijing stage even, others finds us all programs, dare our where sign up? Reporter: How is joining the video short that act to return a responsibility? Happy: That is the short film that a director shoots with the mobile phone. My husband sees the series short film of this director on the net, feel very good to play, went up with director connection. He likes film as a child, but


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