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Report occupied people net Beijing on Feburary 21 message of website of Hubei province government, 20 days, hubei saves vi上海水磨会所一般什么价位rus of new-style coronal shape to affect pneumonic epidemic situation to prevent accuse headquarters to issue an announcement, the requirement is cogent do good epidemic situation to prevent during accusing, side of special and difficult group is helped up and the special place government such as orgnaization of provide for the aged works. ” announcement 上海干磨会所qq群” requirement, right low protect especially object, tired personnel, heavy the special difficulty group such as degree of the disabled, orphan, old person staying behind, children staying behind, according to urban personnel not under 500 yuan, rural personnel not the standard under 300 yuan, give life goods and materials minister. When allocating donative life goods and materials, should first consideration is special and difficult group and special place. The platoon that strengthens pair of especially tired personnel, orphan, old person staying behind, children staying behind is checked, fixed visit side is helped up; Patient of obstacle of the disabled that because guardian is kept apart,appropriate finds a place for the life cannot provide for oneself, spirit, cogent safeguard lives basically. Right low protect especially object, tired personnel, heavy the disabled and degree of orphan, diagnose has new hat pneumonic, add by the accessorial level by Dec上海水磨桑拿会所论坛ember 2019 send gold of deliverance of a month; Contract other disease, according to the principle that fee pays after making a diagnosis and give treatment first, close in time treat, had impleme上海水磨娱乐会所是什么意思nted policy of deliverance of relevant medical tr上海419论坛官网 sh2052eatment. Go to a doctor of preferential safeguard disabled, cannot provide for oneself to the life or mental obstacle disabled, arrangement is good accompany protect. ” announcement ” emphasize, in the city worker worker of orderly go back to work, peasant returns city process in, preferential arrangement is low maintain object obtain employment. In building archives to establish calorie of poverty door to be not low guarantee go to school of object family children, prepped according to last term 2020 build archives to establish policy of calorie of go to school of poverty door childre上海论坛419花千网 上海千花论坛n, give by each county aid financially. Must not seem inhabited special place take over for use case of illness to i上海贵族宝贝网址solate a particle for doubt, avoid to cause enter service object panic and alternate infection formerly. Already of commandeer, enter personnel amount less, nearby move comes vicinity is fair do a place to find a place for; Enter personnel amount more, should instantly cancel isolates a particle. Fulfil special pla上海水磨论坛 上海浦东全套水磨会所ce strictly to close administrative measure. Adopt unified deserve to send kind, cogent safeguard is special spatial place needs oil of face of grandma of egg of fresh vegetable, flesh, rice to wait for life goods and materials to supply, utmost reduces personnel flow. Prevent during accusing, enter personnel not to get do sth without authorization to leave, the in pri上海水磨桑拿论坛nciple before epidemic situation removes is not received enter a boy or girl friend newly; Need to return truly, the segregation area that should set inside special place observes 14 days of as good as constant hind, just can return life division; Cancel all gathering sexual 闵行水疗爽记activity, fulfil personnel of pass in and out strictly to register detect, orgnaization interior defends, eat of facilities facilities disinfection, ce2017上海会所扫黄现金nt sends the measure such as eat. Place of will special place needs to prevent accuse goods and materials to bring into place to prevent as a whole accuse headquarters goods and materials to guarantee a system, the guaze mask that ensures place of paramedic of a gleam of to need mainly, glove, defend take etc defend equipment. Accelerate passageway of green of go to a doctor of the patient inside perfect and special place, have calorific or doubt is like a patient, want to inform wholesome disease accuses a branch to come to detect or community sends examine to detect in time, of 上海洗浴全套哪家好diagnose by the hospital that decide a dot termless close treat. To already producing the special place of epidemic situation, send group of medical treatment of going from place to place to begin medicine to the platoon is checked and treat guidance, guidance undertakes virus disappear is killed. According to right the person that contact closely executes wh上海宝山 男子spaat keep apart observation centrally to prevent control a standard, perfect segregation observes pr闵行spa花头eventive measure, deploy major to prevent accuse force, bring into area under administration to observe segregation nods unified managing centrally. Cure raises combinative orgnaization not to get do sth without authorization to begin the platoon of diagnosis and treatment of calorific patien上海桑拿会所最新体验t to investigate an activity external during epidemic situation. Cogent had done patient of serious spirit obstacle to supervise remedial work. Community should be strengthened those who reside a patient of serious spirit obstacle is fixed visit inspect, give out heat to appearing or like doubt, timely help sends cure to see a doctor. The patient of serious spirit obstacle that pays close attention to house home closely takes medical case, can adopt mail, era takes drug, send medicine to come to wait for means, help patient medications continuously. (Editor-in-charge: Yue Hongbin, Yan Jiaqi) recommend read construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to stride solid footstep   to build division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, it is Xi Jinping’s secretary-general personally plan, personally the deploy, country strategy that urges personally, it is new era prompts the new move that forms comprehensive and open new structure, also be to drive


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