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Constant love, call a person to be protected with body photograph continuously, be in days; But blind love, let some people attack to be burned fire, finally black and bluely like flying moth however, regret all one’s life. Love makes person dazzled easily magical confuse, wallow in the party in loving a river still should maintain a few minutes of vigilant hearts. Before before long, the 10 million yuan of capital of company of divert of a woman of Shanghai, beau cost that gives oneself. Result, two people in pairs is chained and thrown into prison, and more those who let a person be surprised is: This beau is not only wife child, still have many extramarital affair person. On July 14, 2018, shanghai maid Wang Mou is in a criminal give himself up to the police to confess one’s crime to police, say capital of him divert company offers boy friend Chen Mou 10 million yuan to manage place of have enough to meet need to use, show afore-mentioned capital to c上海水磨论坛annot remand. Before long hind, chen Mou of its boy friend is in a criminal give himself up to the police to police. Original, chen Mou and Wang Mou are the friend that knows on the net, development concerns for friend of male and female after. Chen Mou concealed him to Wang Mou married fact is concoctive the trustee that oneself are location firm; During becoming friend of male and female to concern, for the professional work that Chen Mou needs mat endowment to deal with a service to send licence with the company of own under one’s name for many times, to Wang Mou loan, wang Mou lost reason in loving a river, wang Mou regards a company as female finance affairs, use a post 10 million yuan of RMB borrows divert company capital grant Chen Mou. Inquisitor says: Be acquainted because of game on 2 people net, attract each other, but this broken bits male actually wife has the child, wife to still cherish 2 embryoes, chen Mou not only dummy status of marital status, du嘉定东唐水疗mmy still profession cheats the woman; And Wang Mou is cheated to get one’s mind is somewhat unhinged in loving a river. Ni inquisitor introduces procuratorate of people o阿拉爱上海 同城对对碰f rainbow mouth division: “They play small letter game twice through sma上海水磨干磨会所ll letter, it is next among the process of game, resemble a netizen same, attracted each other, next the man’s head portrait is more handsome, the woman prefers handsome man, so two people are seduced each other went up. Man him fiction is maiden, and the trustee that also is a company, but his fiction comes out these identities. Actually this 半套服务可以口技师吗快餐半套全套包括什么man is the average employee of a company, and there still is a wife in his home, his wife is cherishing the key 2 embryoes. ” more those who let a person be surprised is: The man has many female lover, his deal with is between different female lover, the high spending that will maintain oneself lives. Very fast, the flower of 10 million all that he comes around Wang Mou was in all sorts of repaying loan, repay the debt of other woman and all sorts of prodigal on. Believe to let Wang Mou oneself earned money, he is returned for a time will among them 100 turn more Zhang arrives on Wang Mou’s account, prove with this oneself are capable to make money repay, and hypocritically says among them one share is accrual, this lets Wang Mou believe thoroughly more. Ni examine official says: Because of the situation that understands between case process according to us, this man cheated king certain female not merely, he has a lot of other girlfriends, his life lends money over there the woman that mode never is the same as namely, alleged with borrow money to be excuse, will maintain the life of oneself high spendin上海乾汤温泉按摩spag. The money of victim is the money that she is in a company, she is the finance affairs of this company, her divert company the capital of 10 million, made divert capital crime. This 10 million this man uses a few money of the other girlfriend that before remanding, borrows. “But paper after all does not include fire, always have a day when come to the light. Wang Mou discovers Chen Mou does not remand tardy a huge sum of money, for many times dun also does not have a result, and oneself are violated compasses turn the behavior of Zhang is discovered by company controller, then must a criminal give hims闵行荤场夜总会elf up to the police, from this case hair. Via forensic trial: Wang Mou is sentenced 3 years because of divert capital blame 5 months set term of imprisonment, and because Chen Mou makes crime of fraud be sentenced 14 years set term of imprisonment. Inquisitor reminds, the men and women in love does not want by love turn sb’s head, should cut money of vigilant a huge sum上海虹口油压按摩会所 at that time trade come-and-go. Wang Mou was to make divert capital crime, was adjudged 3 years 5 months, chen Mou formed crime of fraud to be adjudged 14 years. We say love is blind all the time, but the head that encounter emotive moment actually or should keep sober, especially when the上海上海贵族宝贝桑拿论坛洗浴中心全套价格 other side speaks of money with you ought to vigilant, feeling puts in feeling ‘s charge, talk about money pained. The men and women that often knowing to having so, always also should keep vigilant between feeling, make a criminal inorganic can be multiplied. And fall in the effort of procuratorial work mechanism, by Wang Mou about 7 million yuan are recovered in 10 million yuan of RMB of2019上海油压店开了吗 divert. So, this recovers 700 how be to return a responsibility more? Among them, female financial Wang Mou was retreated 500 much, she sold off house property of under one’s name, and Chen Mou’s family member was retreated 200 much. According to relevant law provision: Pay compensation f水磨石楼地面施工方法or what one has unlawfully taken can obtain what punish lightly to drink calm clue, to Wang Mou: She confesses her crime increase fund of divide the spoils of greater part of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken, because this is applicable to its,reduce condemnatory clue; And Chen Mou however time and again withdraw a confession, admit one’s guilt the manner relapses a few degrees, be weighed finally to sentence lawfully. See news Knews reporter understand: Similar belongings crime, after illicit money of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken, loss of the injured party gets redeeming, human relations in society be able to repair, can punish lightly lawfully commonly. Inquisitor talks about two suspects 上海松江新城这里有做spa的吗and family member about for many times, ask an上海三通水磨会所d facilitate the accused person is active pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken, offset loss of be murdered company as far as poss阿拉爱上海同城对对碰交尤ible. Only then Yu Yan value, devoted to bearing, wang Mou however oneself ” betray ” gave alleged love. (Visit news Knews reporter: Exercitation of Xuan Ke Gui edits: Huo Huixian)


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