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Report published Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 16 on Feburary 15 this year the 4th period ” begging is ” the serious article that the magazine will publish Xi Jinping of chairman of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state, central the Central Military Commission ” conference of standing committee of centrally the Political Bureau considers to answer virus of new-style coronal shape the speech when pneumonic epidemic situation works ” . The article emphasizes, do good epidemic situation to prevent control the job, safety of life of immediate impact people and healthy, overall situation of society of immediate impact economy is stable, also the issue closes our country to open to the outside world. We want to allow to impose the requirement of plan according to sturdy confidence, people in the same condition help each other, scientific prevention and cure, essence, cogent do good work, with time race, with serious illness argue, epidemic situation of determined keep within limits spreads impetus, hit stoutly win epidemic situation to prevent accuse nick battle. The article points out, look always, the Party Central Co上海爱上海北京同城论坛发帖水磨全套会所mmittee is accurate to the judgement of epidemic situation situation, each job deploy is seasonable, ad上海徐汇区水疗opted move also is effective. Now, the most crucial question grabs the job namely 上海油压店全部关门了solid, catch fine, seize fall to the ground. Current, epidemic situation is prevented accuse a respect to want to had grabbed the following job mainly. The first, strengthen pair of epidemic situation to prevent the unified leader that accuses the work. Epidemic situation is prevented accuse to want to hold to a dish of chess of countrywide. Party Committee of all levels and government must be subject to stoutly the Party Central Committee is unified and unified command, harmonious, unified attemper, accomplish strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions. Epidemic situation is prevented accusing is medical sanitation problem not merely, work all-aroundly however, it is total war, each job should beat epidemic situation to prevent to hit accuse nick battle to provide support. The 2nd, strengthen key area epidemic situation to prevent accuse. Center force to control the information about and appraisal of an epidemic of key area only, ability from go up to turn round countrywide epidemic situation to spread as soon as possible at all situation. The area that should seize power of good prophylaxis and treatment mainly plans as a whole, mix cure resource stoutly defend resource centers forefront of beat back epidemic situation, cure of preferential and contented a gleam of protects personnel and cure patient need. Want Party committee of squeezing ramming place and governmental responsibility, aggrandizement community is prevented accuse reseau to turn management, platoon of executive carpet type is checked, adopt more strict, have specific aim more, more the canal uses significant measure, prevent epidemic situation to spread. The 3rd, rise close control rate and cure rate, lower infection rate and rate of die in one’s bed. This is to prevent the outstanding job that controls the job currently. The 4th, increase scientific research to tackle key probl上海嘉定168水磨全套em strength. Conquer epidemic disease cannot leave science and technology to prop up. Want 上海水磨会所微to prove virus origin scientificly, find out as soon as possible catch s上海论坛419花千网 上海千花论坛ource and transmission pass, dog closely virus mutation circumstance, seasonable research is prevented accuse strategy and measure. The article points out, had done safeguard a society to stabilize the job, it is the important safeguard that answers major information about and appraisal of an epidemic effectively. Current, want t阿拉爱上海验证贴照片o had done the following work especially. The first, uph上海浦东莱阳路足浴kbold order of normal economy society with all one’s strength. The 2nd, uphold order of medical treatment cure. The 3rd, solid do safety of good society side to stabilize the job. The 4th, cogent uphold normal traffic order. The article points out, want to do education of good conduct propaganda and public opinion to conduct the work, as a whole the net gets online below, bagatelle of domestic international, important matter, more confidence of eager to do well in everything, warm popular feeling, get together common feelings of people, better maintain stability of social overall situation. The first, aggrandizement is shown politics, confidence of sturdy conquer epidemic situation. The 2nd, hold dominant, expand on the net energy浦东哪个洗浴有全套. The 3rd, hold active, affect international public opinion effectively. The article emphasizes, want to maintain economy to move smoothly. We still should hold to e松江大学城附近spaconomic society expands target job 上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所this year, the economic society of decision-making deploy develops the Party Central Committee each job should have been caught, the each task objective with firm the Party Central Committee wants to finish. The area with particularly serious epidemic situation should center energy to catch good epidemic situation to prevent control the job, other area should have been being done prevent control the job while catch good reform development to stabilize each job as a whole, want to had grabbed the key job that involves decide the issue of the battle to build comparatively well-off society, decisive battle to take off deficient assault forti上海spa哪里比较好fied positions in the round especially, cannot have delay the one delay, thought that wait a moment. Should around had done ” 6 firm ” the job, had made the preparation that answers all sorts of complex and difficult situations. The first, urge a company actively answer of go back to work is produced上海水磨会所2019价格. The 2上海松江桑拿会所nd, urge construction of major project start working. The 3rd, exert oneself stabilizes a dweller to consume. The 4th, raise a country to govern ability and level. This epidemic situation is final examination that governs system and ability to our country, we are certain


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