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The network matchs a plan to denounce op上海水磨会所全套流程posite sex favor, “90 hind ” Ren Mou uses website flaw to brush an airline ticket, come to the light finally, be chained and thrown into prison. Making what the person sobs is, the backbone of young IT technology that Ren Mou is supplier of Wu of one famous ticket form上海静安哪有桑拿会所erly, he what wind of website of responsible ticket Wu accuses embezzles however the systematic attributive in him hand, use a company to have Fujin buys airline ticket for her person. “Too foolish too undeserved also, very regret. ” face new civilian evening paper is new civilian network reporter, ren Mou expresses so. Police of the T上海419论坛uo that occupy general introduces, this year July, area of general Tuo long march website of Wu of a famous ticket calls the police say, the website trades the circumstance that frequentation of data existence different asks. Be in in tiring-room audit, pen of number of discovery of ticket Wu website is unusual trade, distrustful somebody inbreaks systematic pilfer brushs airline ticket. After general Tuo police receives a reply, organize instantly much alarm kind technical force is begun investigate. Pass tiring-room data to comb, policeman lock was decided unusual trade record, after than be opposite airline is recorded, the record giving a bill上海莲spa足道有飞机吗 of two destination Singapore caused policeman attention. Trade data sho上舟山普陀宝岛桑拿海 桑拿 论坛 2018ws, the airline ticket that this two sheet fly to Singapore is taking the place of by ticket Wu website after paying, did not get the remit money of purchaser from beginning to end. More of odd is, in systematic record, these two trade to buy a person actually to show for ” have Fu Jin pays ” , by pay for sb and expect上海浦东spa会所全套 to be repaid later of go ahead o爱上海上海按摩娱乐会所哪家好 阿拉爱上海f the rest of website of this ticket Wu. Police investigation shows, having Fu Jin trades is ticket Wu just buy what the ticket debuts technically to pay professional work in the light of the enterprise, namely ticket Wu sq上海贵族宝贝交友uare go ahead of the rest buys a ticket to airline and section of settle accounts bill, each travel website again square settle accounts of proper motion and ticket Wu. And the individual trades to should not go out to have Fu Jin trades now originally in the record, apparent, somebody chan上海便宜的全套会所 上海全套价格ged a system intentionally, use equipment to pay gold to brush gave airline ticket. For as soon as poss上海桑拿按摩论坛ible crack a criminal case, be on guard safe hidden trouble, handle a case the policeman passes a variety of technology measures, from inside huge data successful fixed position arrives inbreak the Zhang date of interface of ticket Wu website. Show than be opposite, this one account ever was in-house staff of company of this ticket Wu to use. So far, police platoon inbreaks except exterior personnel systematic possibility. Through buying technology of ticket platform company to this personnel is mixed platoon of one by one of staff of Ceng Ren office is checked, the Ren Mou that has left his post enters police to investigate the line of sight. Right now, two unusual trade of airline ticket buy personnel to answer Shanghai, know after this one circumstance, the policeman is begun instantly visit, be informed its airline ticket is obtain from Ren Mou plac上海夜总会荤场游戏e. So far, police affirms, ren Mou has suspicion of case of serious your work. At the beginning of August, ren Mou is seized by general Tuo police in abode. Arrive after the case, ren Mou offers those who narrated his to brush ticket crime fact according to the facts. Occupy Ren M爱上海同城论坛 夜上海桑拿网ou to explain, after its leave its post from ticket Wu website, exploit the safe loophole that company tiring-room can enter by outer net, pass the上海南美水疗 按摩 account limits of authority that had be notted cancel, intervened wind con阿拉爱上海验证发帖区trols a system artificially, ordered 2 pieces of airline ticket that fly to Singapore successfully, install pay Jin Daifu nearly 10 thousand yuan of airline ticket fully by the company. Inside the detention house, ren Mou says, after two female n上海ktv荤场服务项目etizens 上海桑拿会所最新体验are known accidentally on the net, to denounce 2 people favor, also reveal oneself ” senior technology curtilage ” figure, al上海莞式水磨会所lege intentionally oneself are OK low brushs a ticket. Face interview, ren Mou from ridicule, think oneself gimmick is very brillant formerly, won’t somebody discovers, did not think of to get such end however. Making 上海水磨桑拿会所排名what the person sobs is, actually, hold the post of income some month not to poor, its are complete enough pays an airline ticket cash. Current, because theft is detained by criminal of general Tuo police,Ren Mou already was suspected of, the case is in farther cognizance.


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