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“The guaze mask in convenience inn sells light! ” ” hospital pharmacy guaze mask also se嘉定spa会所体验lls light! ” what virus of new-style coronal shape affects is pneumonic will raid, the citizen goes out to take muzzle to undertake ego defended all right nowadays ” mark matchs ” , and defend guaz上海闵行哪有荤场KTV?e ma上海水磨会所全套流程sk for a short while in succession out of stock, a上海油压资源群lso let guaze mask produce an enterprise to work overtime work, satisfy market demand. ■ the worker that packing guaze mask photographs: Ren Guojiang today, the reporter will be located in black village and small town of Feng Xian area, the Shanghai far respect that produces guaze mask purifies limited company of science and technol上海高级桑拿会所哪家好ogy. Because received 5 million order, 3 product line that had stopped originally, these two days restored again among them a product line, the employee that has not returned old home is called together to come back, the villager that connects the village of bright red inn 水磨干磨 会所介绍near the factory, bell home village comes help, gross 30 much people work overtime do guaze mask to pack, the working procedure such as case. Just bought car ticket, retreated a ticket to continue to work ” before we are to should shift to an earlier date 4, 5 days answer native place to spend the New Year, a few days ago I am firm ticket of car of mobile phone try to win sb’s favor, receive boss information, ask I can come back to work. ” Miao Huiqin of 47 years old purified limited company of science and technology to work 12 years in Shanghai far admire, native place is in Jiangsu Li is in relief, she says with all sorts of feelings, “Never resemble so bus水磨和干磨什么意思y this year. “松江佘山spa Miao Huiqin is in in the factory on the desktop that comes by big case pile, box of fold guaze mask, a need installs outfit of 5 individual guaze mask, fold fold to fold 2 seconds to had made a case. “I also think breakfast comes home, but whole now face the situation with in short supply guaze mask, since be in guaze mask factory to work, should exhaust a power! ” Miao Huiqin says at the same time, folding carton at the same time, t上海水磨工作室he speed of the job in the hand never rein in. “We are whole the factory is in work overtime work, aunt of entrance guard, kitchen is native, still go helping in around village action casual works together. ” Chen Tingting is company market department originally staff member, also arrived from the office a gleam of, strive for can complete order form at an early date. “Come home spend the New Year? Etc busy be over this says again ” not come singly but in pairs, ms. Lin that comes from Sichuan lifts the home to return Sichuan old home with respect to preparation a few days ago originally, but a phone of the boss let her change think of a way. “Boss and I say total now national capital is in and pneumonic make a fight,阿拉爱上海 同城 对对碰 regard us as such special enterprise, more want systemic heart to throw, ask I wish to not be willing to stay. ” Ms. Lin expresses to b上海后花园爱上海e willing to stay in the phone at once work overtime. Ms. Lin made a telephone call to the family member subsequently, inform them to be able to stay in guaze mask of Shanghai overwork production. The family member expresses to understand the decision of Ms. Lin, let her set his mind at to work overtime in Shanghai. Not only such, ms. Lin still called her little sister to come over to help together, “Come home spend the New Year? Etc busy be over this says again上海 女生 自荐 千花 上海论坛419花千网. ” Ms. Lin says. Do not go up one minute money, leave factory still press former the price ” we received order of 5 million guaze mask at a draught recently北京 水磨拉丝服务, factory of this two Nature’s engineering is in everyday busy shipment, one day should go out 1,上海油压店全部关门了 the quantity of 2 container, eve上海后花园1314 shortimery c上海水磨店是什么意思ontainer has 8-10 probably 10 thousand guaze mask. ” Shanghai fa阿拉爱上海 验证贴r admire purifies Liao Huolin of president of limited company of science and technology to say, “Show some inventory and raw material, can offer 10 thousand tens of guaze mask, we predict the beginning of the榆榕庄国际水疗浦东川沙店 year p宝山桑拿roduct line of 8 meetings reopen, continue to produce guaze mask. ” ■ guaze mask produces a workshop ” Spring Festival drawing near, we are very much nonlocal employee became busy all the year round, still drive temporarily come over to work overtime, we also are touched very much. ” Liao Huolin expresses, these two days of employee work overtime, casual salary according to 3 times commonner the salary, level that increases 500 yuan of allowance again, “We had been not sent now forecast when can finish last batches of guaze mask, the likelihood wants good year 30, our farthermost employee home is in Yunnan, the flying airline ticket that they make a round trip goes out by the company. ” as to guaze mask price, liao Huolin expresses to won’t work overtime because of the worker and raise guaze mask price, “We won’t go up one minute money, or according to original producer price. ” the reporter is interviewed in guaze mask factory when, come across group of Jiang Qiuping of deputy alcalde of black village and small tow上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛n of Feng Xian area, “Special condition was met before the Spring Festival, we also understand guaze mask


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