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Go up oneself to below ordinal be:   of Yang Wei civilian, Ge Gonglin, Liu Shijin, Wang Yiming, He Jiang go up oneself to below ordinal be: Na Cunhui, Zhang Jindong, Liu Yong origin of data of good, Ding Zunhong   : The new coronal of arise suddenly of countrywide business association is pneumonic epidemic situation is final examination, test we whether advance economic society to expand each job as a whole, capturing epidemic situation is prevented accuse 上海水磨工作室24小时and achieve the double victory that economic society develops a target this year. Current, each district is pus上海龙凤hing a company in order answer of go back to work is produced, this also is to maintain economy to stabilize healthy progress continuously, dozen win epidemic situation to prevent the impo上海会所招男技师招聘rtant safeguard that accuses nick battle. Suffer the element effect such as epidemic situation, production of a few companies runs our country face difficulty. How to organize answer of go back to work to produce in order? How to answer the concussion that epidemic situation brings? Those who be aimed at an enterpr上海水磨桑拿论坛ise give aid to how policy falls fine fulfil? This period democracy edition invites committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of partial whole nation and civilian battalion entrepreneur, hearing an industry is how to answer percussive, also ask an expert to publish an opinion to suggest 干磨与水磨的区别to this. — economy of complier     is long-term to won’t chang上海性价比高的荤场e very much Yang Wei civilian is c上海后花园论坛真实吗urrent, new coronal is pneumonic of epidemic situation prevent accuse to enter key period. From macroscopical look, our country economy is lying turn structure of means, attune, change dynamic to tackle key problem period, epidemic situation increased to turn undoubtedly, tone, changed difficulty. However, must see, epidemic situation is brief to economic influence, local, can be opposite strong, won’t change our country economy long-term to good basic trend. Epidemic situation belongs to explicit concussion, explicit element ends, economy can return original contrail. This epidemic situation basically is centered at annual to occupy those who compare lowest to economic influence first quarter, 2 quarters may be repair period, big probability of second half of the year can return to normal. In the meantime, suffer epidemic situation to affect bigger is a few industry and specific area, the influence degree of most industry and area of countrywide great majority is finite, at present in the center of had published many policy with various local government, catch epidemic situation to prevent single-handed accuse, catch production to restore single-handed, this conduces to help enterprise overshooting difficulty, to developing an effect. Face epidemic situation influence, want sturdy confidence only, retain calm power, hold to the goal assignment with affirmatory conference of central economy job, add greatest outrage cycle to adjust strength, come on stage to have the policy measure of specific aim more, can come true to build well-off in the round society and ” 935 ” the target that plans to receive an official satisfactorily. Firm economy key is certain property catenary Ge Gonglin is current, stabilizing Chinese economy to grow the core of main area is stable industry catenary. Once industrial catenary is pounded, the time that restores again long, cost is big, can affect the main area that economy grows even. Current condition looks, stabilize industrial catenary, more pressing is to stabilize content shedding to supply catenary and manuf上海第一家荤场acturing chain. It is to should take decisive step, expedite industry other people flows, serve as its accelerate the trade of go ahead of the rest that promotes answer of go back to work to produce. Want distinction to handle freight and passenger traffic, unlock freight, if have difficulty temporarily, should ensure area of blame key epidemic situation is main enterprise,2018年上海油压店都关了吗 in what build project and go into operation of new investmen徐汇法院对面的桑拿电话t project content shedding is carried. 2 it is to should take decisive step, the enterprise that ensures crucial link and successive craft move in industrial catenary stabilizes production, coordinate close attention, in time, avoid shutdown stop production. The local government that is not area of key epidemic disease should create a condition to support industrial business to clutch answer of go back to work is produced, having doinging prevent the premise that controls the job to fall, decrease as far as possible 阿拉爱上海 爱北京to answer a factory to return the influence of hillock to employee. Want perso宝山桑拿洗浴中心nnel to arrive early only hillock, business early go back to work, can promote economic activ上海闸北指压按摩 2019上海哪有指压ity early normal. The machine in holding peril deepens reform Liu Shijin to be caught single-handed fight epidemic disease, catch single-handed answer produce, the task is formidable. Should pay attention to from set out actually make implement policy. Measure of policy of monetary policy, finance should main demarcate is in ” energy accurate minister ” limits, macroscopical economic policy should keep succ上海 虹口 桑拿 论坛essional on the whole, stability, the strategy that keeps due decides force. This 上海干磨场子epidemic situation also lets us ponder over problem of contradiction of depth of developing of society of a few economy. Should seize the opportunity in danger, accelerate materiality deepen structural sex to change


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