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The Shang爱上海后花园三通hai the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference that held afternoon on January 17 13 3 second conferences ” have sth in mind ‘ hold to 5 times ‘ promote socialistic modernization international metropolitan processing capability and processing standard ceaselessly ” on special subject conference, zang Xi of compere of center of media of be in harmony of stage of broadcasting television of committee member of city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Shanghai changed processing when to put forward to suggest with respect to intelligence. Zang Xi suggests all combines of all kinds resource. He expresses, the construction because of cerebra of in advance community is each area for the most part each are street undertake pilot, the level is so different, the model is different. A lot of things clo上海杨浦水磨会所se without method gather into one now. And join without method photograph between this kind of data, if upgrade,join, this beautiful money is equal to almost build. Suggest上海油压体验论坛 to community cerebra each platform resource undertakes be combinged in the round so, the add up of this add up, had done duplicate, open existing more data at the same time, achieve bigger result. Zang Xi still speaks of, want to promote the accomplishment of personnel. Final data is the person is being used, above all, very much now data may be experience close, involve citizen嘉定雅泰spa怎么样 individual privacy, if such data by undeserved if using, may bring a few inconceivable consequence so. Next, go to work of community cerebra platform makes staff 上海闵行交大附近全套水磨now is street staff member for the most part, it is the ability that devoid data management, analysis, application and safety maintain actually. So about the person this re上海油压店是不是严打spect, zang Xi puts forward to suggested at 3 o’clock: Should introduce come, a few relevant talented people that have such data government abili虹口水疗ty are enrolled in street level; Want to be walked out of, a few street in the center familiar community state of affairs and the person that community administers the law undertake grooming accordingly; OK still and more use a youth, what obtain resource with the means such as computation is the biggest change use, still can save fund. Zang Xi expresses, reforming上海干磨水磨服务 working mechanism also is one of way that stimulative intelligence changes processing. Community cerebra had, 普陀区spaphysical platform was built, data also was collected, but big screen is big screen, can look only, without way director, and bulletin of a lot of news sends a respect existence issue, the accuracy of data remains to rise, on information processing more is being returned stay in the phone to send sheet, superintend to the industry from community especially between, going this now is not special. For this, he suggests, establish the is similar to street and comprehensive make one’s rounds team of a complete function, provide the job of apanage already, also can turn the industry is superintended, form to deal with efficiently mechanism; Should have deal with the mechanism of a feedback of the circumstance, superintend a branch to be being crossed especially, have a feedback to superintendency branch from company, area under administration. Additionally long, road grows present river making is wanting reseau center is OK better undertake be applyinged integratedly, form a resultant force. In addition,上海夜场订房指标任务 zang Xi emphasizes wanting to take information safety seriously. He hopes to be able to be advanced c阿拉爱上海 葡萄认证arefully be bas上海高端新茶ed on facial identifying, how does the village intelligence that with iris such biology identify a technology prevent dactylogram system. Because biology identifying information is exclusive, cannot change. In other words, the password that pays treasure became wrong can change, but facial department information is left not to change by person pilfer. The dweller agrees to go to these things house appoint can go collecting, because be the government is endor上海会所为什么都关门了sing rear,be, but it is governmental direct上海闵行金色年代ktv荤场or, enterprise is established actually, often among the platform that these data are existence enterprise, does this enterprise have capacity after all? Safety government ability how? Showing level at present so can be to build fast technology defense line, but from long-term in light of, need strengthens data嘉定附近的荤场 to collect, involve the legislative job that information of dweller individual data collects especially. To search what, how search, who will be in charge of, who will use, make limit clearly, the course that the integrated processing that lets community, processing that intelligence changes changes in legal system moves on the road.


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