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A few days ago, be in what land home mouth holds on annular crossover ” I and my motherland ” show an activity quickly, the Pudong in letting the dim light of night more add glamour. 70 high-rise shine at the same time red light, 100 unmanned aircraft go all out in sky piece ” China ” and ” 70 ” model of written characters, 70 上海水磨会所2018价格thousand person is lain between sing together for nothing ” I and my motherland ” … that one night, pudong does not have Mian. The land home mouth below curtain of night is beautiful all the more beautiful. On annular crossover, crowd bright will reject toward, come out suddenly ” I and my motherland ” piano accompanies, attract look around of people abide sound, it is pianist so Lang Lang is being performed absorbedly ” I and my motherland ” . The Xu Min of 19 big delegates of the party, Shi Jinglan, shanghai light music is rou会所干磨全套什么意思nd advocate sing Luo Yu, high mountain, zou Fuming of world boxing champion, and Zhou Hong, Song Jiong firm, Yang Li, Luo Tao come from ” Chinese core ” ” blue sky drea阿拉爱上海 风险m ” ” innovation medicine ” ” prospective car ” ” intelligence ixt日式水磨拉丝s built ” ” data harbor ” wait for Pudong the delegate of industry of 6 big hard nucleuses, the practitioner of all trades and professions, model worker is singing never be the same as corner assemble and come. In singing infection falls, citizen, tourist has accepted small national flag from inside volunteer hand, join vocal rank together. Meanwhile, the scroll of 12 gro松江海豚湾spaups of screen before Oriental bri徐汇区肠水疗ght phearl appears the blessing to the motherland: “Nod assist for the motherland ” ” th杨浦区桑拿店e motherland, I am your pride ” ” the motherland that blesses us is more and more powerful ” … there is China on the big screen of big square Shang Fei, on of the trade group such as room of servive routine of innovation of pha全套干磨是什么意思rmacy of steam, collect family name, new loose robot, Xu Min chorally pi徐汇区spacture, lie between with the 上海419论坛群有广州的资源吗people before big screen sky is antistrophic. Land home mouth is annular on crossover, the Five-S上海会所招聘ktvtar Red Flag with tremendous one side is being delivered in cluster rou阿拉爱上海 自荐nd 嘉定精油spaand cheering of spot participator enthusiasm, meisaidesi runs quickly the spot of DOTA2 international invitational tournament of cultur上海水磨会所攻略e center, in the large place such as deep gymnasium of Oriental sports center, source, gigantic ensign appears on bleachers, people agitato delivers ensign, 70 thousand audiences accl阿拉爱上海浦东新人验证aim for the motherland. The dim light of night gradually thick, dong Anbin river. 100 unmanned a group of planes slowly rise, with array form commutation goes out ” China ” ” 70 ” wait for design, come out to be blessed from aerial to motherland hair. Land home mouth and periphery make an appointment with 70 Lou Yu, or hit ” I love the motherland you ” , or umbriferous picture of banner going abroad, or give out red light, shined line of a gules horizon. Riverside river two sides boils one piece, people from the bottom of one’s heart cheers: “The motherland, I love you! ”   this ” I and my motherland ” show an activity quickly to be sponsorred by government of committee of new developed area of Pudong of the Communist Party of China, district. Show MV quickly to be defended in east tonight inspect ” Oriental news ” head sow, ” boat pats Shanghai · Pudong piece ” Yu Ming evening head is sowed. ” I and my motherland ” Shanghai each area shows MV quickly to exhibit sow an activity to publicize letter 上海静安 家庭spaof net of ministry, municipal Party committee to do by 上海油压店2019闵行municipal Party committee, municipal government news does to be sponsorred jointly, stage of Shanghai broadcasting television, Shanghai signs up for trade group, Oriental net to undertake, each area上海水磨可以干几次 is exhibited sow piece defe奉贤南桥spand in east inspect wait for media of this city mainstream to broadcast, exhibit sow an 上海后花园419activity to will last to this year in October. Each area shows MV network quickly to click a quantity to even more 100 million times already.


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