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嘉定 荤场子

News morning奉贤南桥spa女士会所 paper reported I garden is communal solely bazaar food market the messa阿拉爱上海最新地址ge that close down rebuilt recently, net red food market makes the central point that people pays close attention to once more from this. In recent years, a few because upgrade,transfor阿拉爱上海北京论坛m, the 上海嘉定桑拿food market that the environment changes greatly is very hot on the net, whether was more citizen attracted really below the line? The reporter was visited continuously always year health阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 点评榜 food水磨干磨服务可以做什么 market and Li An collect discover food market, peaceful after 3 nets red food market, “Net red element ” did not bring more business to these food market, some food market even passenger flow drops ceaselessly. Decorate pretty good but passenger flow not Duoyongnian food market reposes on Yu Yongnian road, will 龙凤上海后花园预警decorate on May 8 this year, after rebuilding, do business external. After rebuilding always year food market, the environment is neat, establishment is new, and rich and artistic breath, into the door wall of left nation line makes up Xiu Youshu wood, ear. Like other food market, always year the time that food market sells dish the height is in the morning came at 7 o’clock at 9 o’clock, came at 4 o’clock afternoon at 6 o’clock. The reporter was entered partly at 3 o’clock afternoon always year food market is inter闵行南美水疗是干嘛的viewed, come to left partly at 4 o’clock, discovery goes always year the citizen that food market buys food is less. At 4 o’clock half hind, the reporter goes leaving always year food market probably 373 food market know 300 meters of far suitable prosperous ways circumstance, the citizen that food buys over there discovery is at least always year 3 times of food market. Although arrange prosperous route,373 food market look messy, the environment is poorer also, but the person enrages food market of apparently tall Guo Yongnia松江泗泾span. Always year food market chief says, their food market decorates investment many, but the person that after decorating, comes round to buy food than decorating reduces estimation to have an in part. The reason basically is those who come here to bu上海后花园 阿拉爱上海y food is circumjacent dwe上海桑拿按摩论坛419ller, after building of the house opposite side tears open change, the dweller decreased, the person 奉贤榆榕庄国际水疗油压nature that will buy food is little. Another main reason is, suitable prosperous road is changed to build food market 373 now, dish price is compared over there always year the petty gain of food market. Booth advocate plaint the business does a reporter hard to still come to Li An collect yesterday. Perforative goosefoot brings this food ma上海松江区kb2016rket road and beautiful Wen Lu, have 230 meters about endlong, the citizen can discover the food of almost all and daily need here, goods of birds of fresh vegetables and fruits, flesh, aquatic product gives birth to bright, cooked food, still have oil of a round mass of food of roasted seeds and nuts, chaffy dish, grain, green plant. The other in part of bazaar is snack bar and the shop of type of service. Have He Meijia of store of gallinaceous fair Bao, grilled fish, clothing, barber shop inn. Business shop is located in two side, dried fruit of inn of a few fruits, b上海油压店2019qq群照片ulk is spread and the stall of and so on of establishment of small-sized children You Le is placed inter. Sell refrigerant sea the product the Tang Dynasty eldest sister had placed vendor’s stand of two years here. Recently 5 years, she discovers the business is worse and worse. “I sell a fish in this from 97 years. Previously queue up before my stall, basic now it is to one is don上海宝山金钟桑拿关门?e not have come in. ” the Tang Dynasty eldest sister thinks, in last few years prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of this area population is one big reason. In addition, the food market of a driveway outside 9 kilometers lets the Tang Dynasty eldest sister very make a heart.上海莘庄spa This is located in the outdoor food market of rainbow Shen road, begin at 56 o’clock to do business every morning, receive booth basically to 8 o’clock. “Whats have over there上海水磨是不是都关门了. More than the faker here. ” because management of food market of this open air i嘉定新城荤场s inattentive, stall cost is relatively cheap, “What they sell is a bit cheaper than us also, some people go there bought. ” the Tang Dynasty eldest sister says. Those who do still is old customer business is become after the net is red, come did the person that food market buys food become much? Goosefoot brings volume the counterjumper of a 上海中亚会所荤场delicatessen says frankly, “Of d奉贤KTV荤场子ifference of it doesn’t matter. Those who will buy still is that helps a person before. ”   is in always year food market, the reporter interviewed a part to buy food ” Martha elder brother’s wife ” , they say to bought dish to be used to here, do not be willing to be petty gain money of a few wool runnings more road. But reporter in suitable prosperous road the understanding when 373 food market are interviewed arrives, the citizen that comes here to buy food has many it is former preexistence always year the citizen that food market buys food, among them a Zhu Laobai says, he is a retired worker, rely on annuities to get along, same course, can pick petty gain of course. Booth advocate pay attention to small profits but quick turnover last year in June, health food market finishs peaceful after transforming, open the door afresh greet a visitor, the business area of nearly 1000 square metre looks brand-new. Because be located in


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