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New school year terms begins, the president Ni Jing that esteems bright area to enter seaing elementary school received one year 36 new students. This rural elementary school that already had 150 years of histories has 8 education class, 196 students, be a model ” miniature school ” . Current, obligation of Chong Ming area teachs level school to share 63. 阿拉爱上海验证掌心蕾Resemble entering seaing elementary school such, 200 stu爱上海爱桑拿按摩论坛dents are the following of dimensions have 24, 35% what occupy whole area obligation to teach level school gross about, basically distributing in ministry of Chinese and Western of Chong Ming island a rural area. Because the industry is adjusted, population derives, miniature school day is gradual on the island much. Although these year will encounter a series of difficulty, but rise from last year, as ” small and actor ” of project of rural miniature school carry out, these schools gradually coruscate gives lease of life. “Tutorial system ” making individuation teach Ni Shun is principal of harbor edge school. This year, the equestrian bridge middle school that he is in has 88 students only, because scope is too little, equestrian bridge middle school and harbor edge elementary school are amalgamative always make the school 9 when became at present years. Hold the position of miniature school principal old, shun letting Ni is solving the school when a variety of difficulty ” additional monarch paths ” , be in instead ” change education individually ” the way that an innovation found in exploration, a when let the school become miniature school to teach education to reform ” experiment cropland ” . Begin last term, school classroom produced a change — ” transplant rice seedlings type ” pattern of cloth of desk chair platoon, be replaced by the new-style desk institute 上海私人桑拿会所spathat can set freely gradually. The student is OK 3, 5 or 6 people go all out sit together, convenient and mutual the discussion between and project chemistry review. The bottom class in a kindergarten changes reality also prize is worn education and the change that manage kind. Because source of student is insufficient, school teachers and students is compared opposite taller, the school uses this characteristic, change infe上海喜来登spa价目表rior position to be an advantage, took the lead in trying ” tutorial system ” , let entire school teacher everybody and 1-3 nam阿拉爱上海签到e student ” two-way上海水磨工作室 choice ” the knot is right. The adviser resembles a parent that is a student. Inadequacy of persons qualified to teach is sought mu干磨是什么服务现在ltivariate structure of development persons qualified to teach is unreasonable, it is the bottleneck that all miniature schools encounter in development almost. Great Harmony elementary school has 31 to instruct a worker, in experience this a few aged teachers are large-scale after2019夜上海论坛 retiring, appear not little gap. Close in promoting, learn to have 39 full-time teacher, but the junior high school after reform is being studied in be faced with should leave sufficient the need of 15 course, to satisfy the teaching job of all course, the course such as science of art, life, politics attends class by pluralistic teacher. But in seeking the course that the problem solves namely, teach newly grind mode and outstanding talent however emerge as the times require. Solve religion grind problem, building what elementary school thinks of is to lend strength. Wu Yan of president of construction elementary school says, the school shares 18 you上海性价比高的荤场ths teacher, the member that grind with area teaching is man-to-man form divi阿拉上海后花园论坛sion apprentice, mix again later elementary school of the 2nd center becomes rainbow 上海桑拿按摩论坛419mouth area to build an unit in all hand in hand, solved religion grind bottleneck problem, promoted individual develop with the group. Additional, construction elementary school is returned from interior ” lend strength ” — almost every teacher is assuming main subject outside, hold an other subject part-time, opened body forge to hold course, dug concurrently course and taste a company to hold course concurrently. Of the school ” the project advances ” relig阿拉爱上海 验证ion grind mode holds course concurrently to l上海水磨场子有哪些ead foretaste to go from body forge: 15 of the other subject such as teacher of 3 full-time sports and Chin上海贵族宝贝网址 上海贵族宝贝高端ese, maths, English teachers assuming a tax took the lead in forming grou上海外滩桑拿娱乐会所p of body forge do some teachings in addition 最近上海油压店都关门2019to one’s main occupation. Henceforth, body f阿拉爱上海 验证贴 阿拉爱上海手机版orge clas上海会所2018严打s had each grade exclusive school this course, the football that teachers weave is held, game course also lets every student can experience football fun. These year come, construction elementary school achieves beautiful performance repeatedly on the football match of whole area, already became a brand gradually. “One school is tasted ” highlight managerial characteristic Shanghai to teach division courtyard general to teach a former director Fu Lu to build begin to pay close attention to miniature school before New Year fr上海高端水磨会所电话om how, he thinks: Miniature school amount increases chairman period to exist. Develop as education, young officer of the bottom class in a kindergarten also will be the development direction of futurology school. Add much circumstance to fall with each passing day in miniature school, chong Ming area last year open country 水磨拉丝是特殊服吗” small and actor ” the school is solid


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