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According to ” labor signs up for ” report, autumn wind rises, crab foot is urticant. Enter September, take money people begin crab of talk about again and again. The reporter visited market discovery recently, the aquatic product stall of street has had a crab fragmentary sell, nevertheless, large terminal market has not begin batch to trade. 上海后花园在哪里Because crab of in relief this year settleclear lake leaves on September 23,catch, want to eat crab of in relief settleclear lake to still need to await patiently. Crab c松江大学城最近桑拿会所riterion hopeful is in the Chong Ming of this locality appear on the market during National Day mid-autumn. Aquatic product stall is retail sell a crab to enter in September, the topic heat of the crab rose. So, whether has there been a crab to sell on the market? The reporter comes to a on Qu Yang road large supermarket above all. The reporter sees in the spot, have only on the aquatic product stall of the supermarket ” yellow in June ” sell, do not see the figure of the crab. The reporter enquires aside when is the staff member met sale crab, he expresses to not be clear about, the likelihood still needs period of time. Be located in auspicious heart roa嘉定spa特殊d to go up to along the stall of an aquatic product of the street crab sells, nevertheless, great majority is ” yellow in June ” . The reporter sees, sticking inside 67 buckets ” yellow in June ” label, only label of a bucket is ” crab ” , the amount is not much also, price every 25 yuan. And go up in the stall of an aquatic product of Baoan spur track, likewise the crab sells, mark a price every 28 yuan. Booth advocate express,松江第一人民医院可以做大肠水疗吗 those who sell is true crab absolutely. Nevertheless, the reporter understands from terminal market of on Shanghai a few large aquatic product, still have no crab batch to appear on the market at present. “Our market cr油压按摩会所上海ab has not appeared on the market trade. I had asked the market a few agency inside, the crab that they say to mature appears on the market阿拉爱上海同城论坛 even a week. ” information of market of Shanghai river in relief aquatic product member Ni Zhijun tells a reporter, the crab that this market trades basically comes from Gao Chun, promote change. Crab of in relief settleclear lake leaves 23 days catch mention crab, people thinks of above all, be crab金山那里有大保健 of in relief settleclear lake. Nevertheless, want to eat on crab of authentic in relief settleclear lake, most at least still needs to wait for on two wee上海按摩油压高级会所ks, according to上海松江最新水磨会所 the information that guild of settleclear lake crab releases Suzhou city this world before this, leave this year catch date to be surely on September 23, and consistent last year. Nevertheless, compare last year, the crab yiel阿拉爱上海 北京阿拉爱上海最新地址d this year can appear relatively substantially drop, because,this is according to Yang Cheng the lake is new 3 years zoology optimizes the action to plan, the area ratio that purse net of in relief this year settleclear lake breeds a crab dropped last year half, decrease by 32推油spa上海 thousand mus reach 16 thousand mus, although mu yield rises, but total output can fall many. When tiger of severe gold of guild of crab of Suzhou city Yang Cheng lake is accepting a reporter to interview before this, forecast, the total output of crab of in relief this year settl上海水磨娱乐会所是什么意思eclear lake won’t exceed 1500 tons, and the crop last year is 2100 tons. Although crop decreased, nevertheless, the quality of the crab is close friends this year last year. “Overall condition is more hopeful. Although be reduced the effect of purse net area, total output decreases, but norms is bigger this year, the quality of crab wants prep above in former years. ” Yang Weilong of engineer of Chinese advanced aquatic product says. And place of in relief settleclear lake famous breed aquatics the specialist tells a reporter, the equipment上海水磨会所2018价格 that闵行区水磨会所微信 add oxygen was added in the lake this year, the environment that crab lives is better, build also should be compared a few bigger last year. Because output falls, add the Mid-autumn Festival will be on October 4 this year, it is cheap that the price of cr阿拉爱上海后花园ab of in relief settleclear lake this year predicts inside course of study, produce per year the ground to give water today especially valence and photograph comparing can rise last year. So, this year th上海浦东桑拿水磨会所e crab circumstance of this locality how? The reporter understands, the quality of this locality Pang also is close friends thi上海桑拿论坛 爱上海s year last year. “In light of the situation that understands from me, the character that esteems bright crab this year wants prep above last year. Mass promotion basically has two reas上海贵族宝贝体验ons, it is this y上海水磨是不是都关门了ear the traditional Chinese calendar is bissextile June, the Mid-autumn Festival is水磨 干磨 体验区别 later than last year, breed cycle consequently longer; The 2 breed aquatics that are each district the technology also rises in year after year. ” aquatic product of bright food group board piece relevant controller Ma Tianli says to the reporter, just meet mid-autumn this year during National Day, crab farming won’t let off this business chance for certain, chong Ming crab can be during the festival


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