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One of shows of series of sky of art of section of art of international of Shanghai of the 21st China, display by courtyard of modern drama of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region those who act i上海南浦大桥桑拿浴场s large achieve a modern drama formerly ” big country craftsman ” , 上海松江莞式水磨一条龙today bright two evening appear on great peaceful theater. ” big country craftsman ” less than Mongolia of limited company of the first rigid group “奉贤南桥哪里有油压推油的 alone hand solder a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the line of vertical be linked together that Lu Renfeng is 5 big parade of archetypal, new China to serve as old age, china the ideal of worker of 3 acting arms, close affection, friendship, love blends in historical onrush in, with the big boldness of vision of poetic flavour, depict ” big country craftsman ” li奉贤男子根部spafe contrail, show the craftsman spirit of acting according to legend of arms wo上海空中一号荤场流程rker generation to the audience. Only上海桑拿按摩会所体验 junior high school learns the Lu Renfeng of deformity of all previ上海会所微信2018ous, left hand, recumbent and tenaciou上海松江哪有大保健s go all out in work spirit, practice lives absolutely with respect to a suit electric welding, win multinomial country patent. ” big country craftsman ” the story that relate spans two centuries, chinese society produced deep transition, advocate the person that starts a上海油压店何时开门 group to hope stagewise presents true to life group picture, the 3 generation of different type the feature of arms worker announces come out. P上海后花园论坛419laywrite forest colourful expresses like that, “The biggest gains in the process that achieve a platoon is, from the worker figure that the breed in the life gives, with from study think hard makes up the worker figure上海桑拿会所哪个最好 that give is disparate. Former belt is worn the colour of human temperature and life, blend in上海浦东不正规按摩店推荐 the real situation of the person that create and real sense. The times develops today, worker of new generation arms bear of add is knowledge and technology not only, the parade dream tha上海水磨论坛t is 3 acting people more and domestic national condition are conceive上海油压现在开了吗d. The technology is met proba上海后花园1314凤农夫论坛bly outdated, knowledge may fall behind, but spir上海桑拿会所最新体验it is eternal. ” design of beauty of   drama dance teachs Bian Wentong to carry program by central Thespian institute, apply effect of naked eye 3D, multimedia tall lumen is umbriferous wait for new technology, built imposing manner extensive grand theatrics. The person that create has the上海模特上门 全国高端商务外围兼职上门 solderer’s work ably dancing changes processing. The solderers that go up when the stage are accompanying musical rhythm uniform when the earth’s surface acts, the aesthetic feeling blow on 上海高端外围桑拿酒店the face of craftsman spirit and come. Director Wu Xiaojiang says: “The aesthetic c上海后花园论坛419油压onnotation that industry produces also is the focal point that we miss to be reve水磨禅杖为什么是水磨aled to the audience. Regard own job as ground of fine carve of carve of an artwork essence is finished, in the problem that is craftsman spirit due justice. In the problem that is craftsman spirit due justice..


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