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上海 虹口 推油 2019

Record company let obtain the complete copyright of more than 100 classical song thro上海肠道水疗哪里好ugh sufferring, and Shanghai song city is however below the case that permits without record company, general上海松江kb名店kb of arrogate to oneself among them a few song are duplicate save into the server inside, use at doing business utility. For this, copyright person ” the bird of dish ” record company tells Shanghai song city court of Tu全套干磨是什么意思o of consummate sea general阿拉爱上海北京同城论坛, obtain a court to adjudicate support. “The bird of dish ” the bird record company that accuses dish of tort of Shanghai song city is endured let be obtained lawfully ” w上海水磨是什么意思啊ish you are restful ” , ” visit square ” wait for work of 157 music TV complete copyright, it is the lawful obligee of work of TV of this batches of music. And Shanghai song city is in however did not sign the license that gets a company, and below the circumstance that did not pay copyrigh上海598的水磨会所t to use fee, it is a purpose in order to seek profits, what copyright has the company inside the place is manage in its tens of head musical TV work is duplicate save be inside its server and pull OK means in order to get stuck to offer dibble seeding to serve to the client. In August 2015, the agent of bird record company of dish is small army with greffier and notarial place the staff member is located in road of Shanghai Lan Xi ” Shanghai song city ” , song room is entered after conduction consumption formalities, small army equipment of use dot song according to what book ” the de上海大学附近spatailed list that nod a s宝山有没有浴场荤场ong ” dibble seeding song tens of head. Small army use camera, to song of place order programme broadcast a process to undertake kinescope. Broadcast in the song of place order programme after ending, small army in what book ” the detailed list that nod a song ” go up to sign and will photograph the member that resemble card of equipment hand over to the collective or the state to keep. The bird record company of dish thinks, the behavior of Shanghai song city encroached a company badly duplicate authority, show power. The bird record company of dish tells Shanghai song city the court, the pecuniary loss of bird record com水磨拉丝是什么意思pany that asks to s上海桑拿龙凤会所entence city of your Shanghai song to compensate for dish 55500 yuan. Shanghai song city pays the bird record company of 17 thousand yuan of dish to refer a court for tort compensate ” music of gold of Chinese music TV ” indication content of back cover of many pieces of special includes Vcd: Company of Chinese disc Guangzhou is published, companies of 4 Da Yin resembling make Guizhou. I松江区有水磨的地方吗n the meantime, the bird record company that still provided a food regards Party A and Guangzhou as 4 Da Yin resembling limited company signs jointly as Party B ” a上海静安区水磨会所ccredit book ” , carry Party A of accredit of bright Party B to use work of seeing and hearing at the place such as Ktv, accredit right includes duplicate right, issue right, show power, turn accredit; Place of this accredit book adds work of accredit music TV to include experience proposal ” wish you are restful ” , ” visit square ” etc tens of head song. In addition, still offerred ” copyright proves ” , ” compensatory agreement ” wait for evidence. Those who be aimed at experience case tens of head the property of song reachs his the attributive problem of relevant copyright, general Tuo court thinks via cognizance, the bird上海水磨娱乐会所地址 record company of dish refers ” 2018年 上海油压店music of gold of Chinese music TV ” of the experience record that collect of Vcd much Zhang Zhuan collects tens of head song, special cover shows producer, there is specific personalized creative work in work, chief source is in order to divide camera lens play on technology of produce a film, have the much department such as actor, photography, lamplight, editing and rearrangement cooperate, so, afore-mentioned musical special collect tens of head the work that song belongs阿拉爱上海北京论坛 to the method with film of similar produce a film to create, ought to be protected by copyright l上海后花园 阿拉爱上海aw. Show according to circumstance of front courtyard careful, companies of 4 Da Yin resembling pass Guizhou accredit makes over the copyright of afore-mentioned work 4 Da Yin re上海油压店都关了2019sembling of Guangzhou limited company, the 4 bird record companies of Guangzhou that Da Yin transfers afore-mentioned rights dish again like limited company, can have formed evidential chain, reason court maintains the bird record company of dish to enjoy the copyright of afore-mentione上海宝山区spad work. The court thinks, the notarial deed that the bird record company of dish offers already confirmed in notarial personnel supervise below, the check that runs in Shanghai song city pulls OK to run the course of work of TV of music of case of experience of the order programme inside the place. Although major song broadcasted partial part only when notarization, but according to daily experience of life, OK is pulled to manage a place to all have integrality commonly for the song of public order programm上海水磨会所2017价格e in card, and song is broadcasted from notarization till lyrics gives the 上海干磨论坛time that has a few seconds to differ to ten seconds,begin Quming, the bird of the picture that this paragraph of time appears and dish


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