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During reviewing close smooth secretary-general made an on-the-spot investigation in Shanghai last year, looked carefully at two sides of yellow riverside river case of projec松江区桑拿怎么样t of communal space be well versed in, transform to science bank river area, make masses communal and recreational place makes important instruction. Fulfil Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to inspect spirit of Shang上海水磨工作室是真的吗hai serious talk to be carried out deep, first weekday after new year’s day passes afternoon, li Jiang of secretary of municipal Party committee comes to Dong Binjiang of riverside of yellow riverside river early or late paragraph, Suzhou river Huang Pu paragraph He Changning paragraph, on-the-spot survey ” one Jiang Yihe ” communal space be well versed in promotes two sides the work. Li Jiang points out, river of the yellow Pu Jiang that cataract doe上海 汉顿spa有花头s not cease, Suzhou is witnessing the historical course of Shanghai growing development, the construction that also represented this city develops a standard. Should make the same score a secretary-general nearly according to be used to important directive spirit, insist to be a center with people from beginning to end, the demand of focusing people, safety is first, character is should, excelsior, advance deep ” one Jiang Yihe ” project of cross-strait be well versed in, build high quality communal space meticulously, create room of appropriate course of study, fitting, appropriate hard the favorable environment that happy, appropria上海按摩娱乐会所电话te swims, next embroider kongfu draw two sides of good riverside river ” traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail is drawn ” , the people that lets live in this city has more to obtain safety of feeling happiness feeling to feel. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general goes out in middle finger of congratulations of two years of New Year, content of two sides of yellow riverside river mounds colour of excessive of civilian abundant, time, people of your Shanghai whole town gets hearten of encouragement, times feeling. This year, two sides of yellow riverside river communal space be well versed in opens 45 kilometers enter the 3rd year, each optim上海贵族宝贝百花楼官网ize promotion to work to be advanced continuously. The 22 kilometers in yellow riverside Jiang Dongan bank the river is communal space, according to 1 kilometer the principle of 1 office post, in succession layout 22 Wang Jiangyi that provide establishment of have a rest and public service. Li Jiang walks into a name to be ” discovery ” 4 Wang Jiangyi. Outside the station bank river beautiful scenery all stops eye ground, having a unique style of establishment of the culture inside the station, had become many citizen visitors ” swim to arrive surely surely ” to上海莲spa足道有飞机吗urist attraction. Li Jiang understands deep all sorts of civilian service and culture activity develop a case, listen to introduction of dak characteristic window in detail, exhort the opinion proposal that relevant and responsible comrade wants to listen to citizen tourist extensively in the area, distinguishing feature is made in perfecting promotion ceaselessly, highlight brand of theme, start shooting, make hard ” world conference sitting room ” bright beautiful scenery line. Bank the old factory building that hundred years history owns on river highway ” dockyard 1862 “上海会所sap招聘技师 by industry involuntary discharge of urin上海水磨会所全套流程e puts protection to develop, new bloom, already became collect culture, art nowadays, exhibit act, the commerce integrated space that is an organic whole. Li Jiang is looked carefully at all the way, in paying close attention to urban history element to plan to design in integral space very apply. See long old as usual configuration of cement framework, building and industrial symbol, li Jiang says, should take involuntary discharge of urine of urban闵行spa养生 culture, industry seriously to put highly etc disentomb protection, do good activation to use, the history that reflects a city adequately is accumulated and humanitarian glamour, let people remember the history, remember nostalgic. Listening to yellow 上海徐汇区水疗spaPu Jiangdong communal space be well versed in promotes bank bank river and to the south of Yang Pu big bridge bank the river is communal when job of dimensional breakpoint be well versed in is reported, li Jiang points out, “One Jiang Yihe ” communal space be well versed in opens two sides is carry out people of travel people city is built, the significant move that people city is people. Want top to mark level, best standard, in the function promotion, space is上海宝山水磨会所全套 modelled, brand of protection of zoology rehabilitate, scene, travel is made wait for each respect to fulfil essence of life to refine construction management to ask, will ” one Jiang Yihe ” make to reflect the demonstrative division of town planning, construction and level of management. Want characteristic of area of along the line of river of bank of base oneself upon, history to accumulate, dimensional layout, appropriate handles the relation of good protection and development. In pay attention to arteries and veins of article of continuance city history while, according to oneself resource gift embedded the burgeoning function that arouses area innovation vitality, let bank river two sides already one integrated mass, reflect integral sex to coordinate a gender, its grow each raise, reveal characteristic of each section window. From outside Bai Du bridge comes outer shroud line, two side water front makes an appointment with Suzhou river in 上海闵行的水磨24小时all 42 kilometers, involve Huang Pu, rainbow 上海杨浦水磨会所mouth, static how, Pu Tuo, lasting peace, fine wait for 6 areas surely, at present water front of nearly 36 kilometers achieved accumulative total be well versed in is open, will strive to realize 42 kilometers this year basic be well versed in is open. Line of Duan An of Suzhou river yellow riverside grows about 3 kilometers, advancing environmental promotion and city to replace the job with all one’s strength currently. Li Jiang comes to Suzhou river 9 child park paragraph, this one area is being pressed ” light of Shanghai celestial bodies, amorous feelings is long roll ” program concept, make have content, have the memory, water front that has energy communal space. Li Jiang looks carefully at construction carefully to make 松江夜上尊spa怎么样progress, with respect to whole improvement of be well versed in of program, breakpoint, water quality and flood prevention wall are transformed waited for specific understanding. Li Jiang says, suzhou river water front is the valuable resource of rare of this Shanghai city, fine carve of carve wanting essence of life, inch very little intention. In ensure flood prevention is safe while, accelerate installation of form a complete set of perfect and public service, make Shui Qingan green bank water is communal dimensional system, better reflect kiss civilia上海南美水疗有没有做n sex, hydrophily. Suzhou river grows peace paragraph the along the line since series connection 9 parks greenbelt, facilities of of all kinds and public service and recreational fitness appliance are orderly layout, exert oneself promotes the slow travel of citizen tourist the experience. Before New Year, hua Dongzheng makes an appointment with be well versed in of 1.2 kilometers footpath inside law university campus. Li Jiang comes China politics Duan An line, go to be listened to all the way all the way transform promotion progress. He says, be well versed in of Suzhou river water front is the first pace, want exert oneself to do make fully communal vacuum greatly open, construction this old essay. Insist to be with the person this, adjust measures to local conditions, try every means is extended optimize dimensional distribution, better show along the line outstanding history builds scene, let arteries and veins of urban history article and river truly bank scene bring out the best in each other, offer more for the citizen but the high quality communal space that stroll about or have a rest can view and admire. City leads Weng Zuliang, Zhuge Yujie, Shang Zhiping to join survey.



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