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Shanghai the 3rd times the conference finishs the 15th people’s congress satisfactorily each agenda, in center of Shanghai world rich the victory concludes this morning. Li Jiang of secretary of municipal Party committee chairs final sitting and speak. Congress elects Jiang Zhuoqing to be director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress. Final sitting executive chairman is Mei of Li Jiang, Yan Yi Cui, Jiang Zhuoqing, Xu Zezhou, Shahailin, Cai Wei, higher primary school, Xiao Guiyu, Mo Fuchun. The conference should arrive represent 854, solid go to 841, accord with quorum. The conference votes above all carried person of chief inspector ticket and list of scrutinize balloting person. Then, congress with secret ballot means, elect director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, secretary-general, committee member. According to plan ballot outcome, li Jiang announces: Jiang Zhuoqing is elected as director of standing committee of the National People’s Congress that it is city. In enthusiastic applause, li Jiang and Jiang eminent celebrate handclasp, express congratulation. Yan Yi Cui also celebrates handclasp with Jiangzhuo, express congratulation. Jiang Zhuoqing bows to representing present one’s compliment. The conference elects Zhao Weixing to be secretary-general of s松江区桑拿怎么样tanding committee of city National People’s Congress, liu Xiaodong is committee member of standing committee of city National People’s Congress. Congress votes passed person selected of committee member of chairman of committee of legal system of city National People’s Congress, liu Xiaodong is committee member of chairman of committee of legal system of city National People’s Congress. The conference votes early or late passed the resolution about working report of city people government, about Shanghai national economy and social progress planned to implement circumstance and the resolution that national economy and social progress planned 2020 2019, about Shanghai the budget carried out affection 2019. The conference still votes passed ” Shanghai advances center of innovation of science and technology to build byelaw ” . The conference held constitution oath ceremony. New the secretary-general of standing committee of city National People’s Congress that Qing Hexin is elected as the Jiangzhuo of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress that be elected, committee member undertook constitution make a 阿拉爱上海 闵行pledge. Li Jiang is opposite on behalf of municipal Party committee of Shanghai of the Communist Party of China city 15 3 times conference consummation expresses National People’s Congress congratulation. He says, session, delegate of all National P上海桑拿会所讨论群eople’s Congress最近上海油压店都关门 is faithful fulfil obligation, discuss each topic for discussion seriously, sufficient report people is expected, conspire Shanghai to develop a major programme of lasting importance. The conference is active enterprising atmosphere is thick, it is the plenary meeting that democracy, solidarity, deal with concrete matters relating to work, act vigorously enters. Li Jiang points out, people city people is built, people city is people, decide the issue of the battle builds comparatively well-off society in the round, raise a city to govern modern level, in the final analysis is to make the life of people better. We should be carried out deep fulfil Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to inspect spirit of Shanghai serious talk, do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, make the vivid practice that be apt to becomes with be apt to, do all one can creates new era Shanghai to expand new mark, collective compose ” the city makes the life better ” new page. Li Jiang points out, ambitious chemical industry makes the strength that fulfil, cash the majestic acceptance to people. Refine ” construction pursues ” , one is caught fulfil, catch advance, ensure the task of 老闵行有水磨服务吗each project bid with affirmatory congress is finished satisfactorily. Run闵行哪里有水磨2019 ” acceleration ” , with the spirit of seize every minute, accelerate advance 3 new great jobs上海7号线spa, comprehensive aggrandizement ” 4 big functions ” , exert oneself promotes a city to govern modern level. Dare gnaw ” hard bone ” , stare at difficult problem, bottleneck closely to defeat solution, take out a canal to use, good used solid device, gram of development innovation, assault fortified positions is difficult, make the exam paper of satisfaction of people of sell one’s own things hard. Li Jiang points out, want to reveal the temperature of people city, let people more acquires feeling, happy feeling, safe move. The development of a city, should have no上海会所排名 上海会所排名t only ” speed ” , sho全套干磨是什么意思uld have more ” temperature ” 松江大学城附近哪有大保健, what live people to happiness from beginning to end is yearning as struggling target. Preferential solve common people ” misfortune anxious longs for ” , clinch ” old, small, old, far ” wait for difficult problem of the people’s livelihood, a thing catchs a thing to do, work one year one year then, let urban temperature body need to be in most now. Draw good city processing meticulously ” traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail is drawn ” , base one上海spa 推荐self upon exceeds the characteristic of bi水磨全套项目介绍g city and rule, hold to ” top-ranking city is administered first-rate ” , let broad citizen be in the door mouth, temperature that experiences this city at fine point. “Shanghai today’s achievement, be people creation; The development of Shanghai future, also must rely on people closely. ” Li Jiang emphasizes, want to produce the main body effect in people develops in the city and be being administered adequately, gather together the powerful force that has all the people of one mind, unity is strength. Respect the initiative of people, bring the enthusiasm of broad citizen, initiative, creativity into play. The channel that widens democracy is participated in further, build a city to develop the platform上海哪家夜总会荤场 that everybody can be, listen attentively to more to come from the sound of basic level a gleam of, make more be participated in in order ” direct car ” , better implementation is built in all treat in all share. The bridge bond effect that produces delegate of good National People’s Congress, unite and guide whole town people to devote into Shanghai actively new the fervent practice of round of reforming and opening, utmost urges the development, powerful resultant force that deepen上海干磨会所2018s reform since ground agglomeration, the happiness that writes this city jointly tomorrow. City National People’s Congress and its standing committee want inheritance it is good convention, good to promote style, show new as, reflect new take on. Dele虹口一米阳光spa电话gate of broad National People’s Congress wants to increase capacity carry out duty ceaselessly, be the first the decision-making deploy that carries out the Party Central Committee and municipal Party committee, be the first each mission that fulfils this second congress to decide, better the divine responsibility that bears a constitution and law to gift. Make us more close close solidarity is all round the Party Central Committee that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping, force is homocentric, acute meaning enterprising, expand new mark to create new era Shanghai, to achieve the Chinese nation great revive Chinese dream and indefatigable struggle. The city leadership that attends plenary meeting still has: All Ying Yong, Dong Yunhu, Liao Guoxun, Yu Shaoliang, Zheng Gangmiao, Chen Yin, Wu Qing, Weng Zuliang, Zhou Huilin, arrowroot. Yang Xiong, liu Xiaoyun, an anticipatory actin just, ma Derong, Yu Zhong, yun Geng of old pal Xie Gongqi, Chen Tiedi, Gong Xueping, Jiang Yiren, Liu, Feng Guoqin, Luo Shiqian also be in rostrum seating. Congress concludes in magnificent national anthem sound.


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