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Release according to Shanghai, during the Mid-autumn Festival comes, each moon cak上海后花园1314e that big college made oneself distinguishing feature in succession, a lot of schools still imprint school badge on moon cake, surpass 上海海鸥饭店有spa吗?fresh pork of significant Da ~ , put a skin on the ice, of vitelline, ham, of extensive pattern, of Su Shi… the saliva of little cloth should flow, classmates, those who what stuffing eat do you think? Look to上海指压飞机店2019半套服务吹要戴套吗gether! Fudan University the name of answer dawn school this year moon cake, include 6 kinds of taste, it is Chengdu of sweetened bean taste, lotus respectively, 5 benevolence, yoke of sweetened bean taste, violet potato and moon cake of sweet hot beef, the pric上海宝山大保健e differs to 8 yuan from 6 yuan. Moon cake all has carry out in 4 campuses dining room, teachers and students can use ca上海千花黑名单mpus one cartoon undertakes disbursement. Means divides the sale of moon cake to install two kinds for bulk and ceremony box, ceremony box includes ” blue and white porcelain ” and ” hundred years answer dawn ” two kinds of themes are packed. Shanghai traffic university this year, shanghai traffic university from school example ” never forget where one’s happiness comes from ” set out, give priority to body with tablet of never forget where one’s happiness comes from, through introducing the antecedents of tablet of never forget where one’s happiness comes from, transmit the culture concept that be thankful to classmates, taste elect by ballot undertook inside entire school limits on June 16, 2017 at coming on June 13, 2017, singled out the moon cake of these 4 kinds 阿拉爱上海的对对碰of taste. Taste: Yoke halcyon (Ban Lan) moon cake of fruit of coco of violet potato of moon cake of te金山spaa of bright red gown, Zhi person is the same as moon cake of moo上海后花园论坛首页n cake, tea of bright red gown classmates still should remember everybody of aid university   sweeping across what the ticket encircles be the same as aid last year “上海ktv荤场一览 the net is red ” moon cake! Their Wang Zhe returns this year, still took new brethren — skin of hill of day type a peach-sha上海后花园爱上海ped thing, accompany degree of上海低端干磨服务 classmates to spend this National Day mid-autumn! All moon cake already were in ministry of confect of the Xi Yuan that be the same as aid begins to supply! Moon cake of sweetened bean taste of extensive pattern series 5.5 yuan / 100 fruit moon cake 6.5 yuan / Durian moon cake 8 yuan / with aid moon cake Su Shi serie闵行区水磨会所微信s suckles Huang Liu moon cake of Sha Liu heart 5.5 yuan / fork bake上海水磨会所攻略s m上海荤场如何玩oon cake 5.5 yuan / flower moon cake: Hill of peach of Japan of traceable of peach hill skin, use white kidney bean, yoke, milk, the secret feeding capable person such as butter is made allocate and become, changed the tradition that becomes moon cake skin with wheat flour all the time, taste is mo松江永恒spa会所re exquisite and sweet.   of Hua Dong Normal University if you are spent alone in the school this mid-autumn, so, the China division that you must try this to be decorative pattern with badge of China division senior colonel is old custom-built moon cake! The China division that dining room of Min of Min Hang campus China will weigh a pound to roll out on September 4 is custom-built moon cake, share 4 kinds of taste, still be familiar recipe, still be familiar flavour. The moon cake this year changes the label means of taste was used last year more the means of environmental protection, print taste directly wrapping mount. A condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt of yoke of Chengdu of lotus of extensive pattern series 5 benevolence warm of moon cake of fresh pork of series of type of Sha Su of ormosia of Xianggu mushroom ham oh ~   is in what Hua Min dining room supplies at present is fresh pork moon cake, more taste already was in e爱上海会所微信公众号xploration, expect please!   of university of medicine of Shanghai tradit闵行区spa微信ional Chinese medical science during festival comes mid-autumn, dining room of student of college of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science rolls out college of rich traditional Chinese medical science of humanitarian breath ” mid-autumn moon cake of characteristic of preserve one’s health ” , its aether extreme上海会所论坛 上海会所微信号ly school badge of the Eight Diagrams, school pursues for the model, stuffing makings feeds amphibious raw material to treatment is made and be become with the medicine such as lotus seed, medlar, ormosia, walnut, dried tangerine or orange peel, local color is 上海会所不准不开心首页distinctive, the entrance is soft, have at the same time be good at the lu上海闵行上门spakewarm lung of lienal beneficial stomach, filling kidney, dietotherapy effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves. Dong Hua university mid-autumn festival during, dining room of Dong Hua college is special roll out imprint have ” Dong Hua ” the custom-built mid-autumn moon cake of LOGO, taste amounts to 6 kinds Oh! Let be in strange students personally, also can experience in the school thick mid-autumn affection. 4 kinds of taste: Moon cake of 100 fruit moon cake, coconut sweet moon cake, sweetened bean taste, violet potato moon cake supplies time: On September 10- – on October 4 6:00- – 19: 00   supply a place: Loose river campus shop of pastry of first floor of the first dining room; Yan’an road campus feed hall one, on ministry of 2 buildings beverage


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