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On May 5, 2017, shanghai Pudong International Airport, c919 plane is finished head fly land on track to glide. C919上海千花上海后花园 of insurgent data homebred air bus will obtain Lai Xinlin newly exceed 100 order. Before this, c9上海哪里按摩会所全套19 domestic and international user already amounted to 24, order sum total achieves 600, boat share is C919 whole world east first user. On September 19, 2017, aviation of international of the seventeenth Beijing is exhibited kick off in Beijing, chinese business flies to a company the 5th times to be exhibited in order to sponsor unit capacity ginseng. Chinese business flies to a company to divulge, current boat exhibits admiral to sign order of more than 100 C919 again. In addition, the company is released ” 2017 -2036 of Chinese merchant flying firm year civil aircraft market forecasts annals ” , 20 years to 上海嘉定spafuture the w嘉定推油哪里好玩hole world is mixed civil aircraft market of China make an analysis forecast. 2 machine strive for C919 head of the end of the year flies, plan of wide system plane already was apart from C919 certainl上海莞式水磨服务图片y success head flies to already had 4 many months up to now. On May 松江哪里有水疗5, 2017, first machine is in C919 Shanghai Pudong airport is successful head fly. First machine already was finished 2 times now turn before field glide experiment, the plan turns after Shanghai completes initiative examination trial flight, begin a comfortable boat after flying to obtain evidence the job. Chinese business flies to a company to plan altogether to throw 6 experiments machine to begin trial flight, the 2nd plane is striven for head of the end of the ye上海楼风自荐 兼职ar flies this year. Recently, aviation of east of user of C919 head home expedites client delegate to be begun to plane cockpit and maintainability evaluate the work, participate in model to develop the work in the round. And the ARJ21-700 of plane of branch line of medium, short line that by China Shang Fei develops another kind, already threw commercial operation one year superabundant, hold bridge of flying Shanghai rainbow comes Chengdu double stream, via halting the scheduled flight going there and back of Changsha chrysanthemum airport. Up to now accumulative total carries a guest to exceed 20000 person-time. Chinese Shang Fei expresses, ARJ21 plane is in smooth operation while still be in begin design actor chemical industry to make continuously, add installed music to broadcast system and satellite communications system. ARJ21 aircraft is current accumulative total 19 clients, 413 portion order. According to the plan, chinese merchant flykb 上海 新完美 普陀上海kb十大ing firm plans this year to client consign plane of 5 above ARJ21. This year on May 22, chinese Shang Fei and Russia combination aviation mak上海水磨拉丝一般多久e a group (UAC) joint ventures — in Russian border a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale uses an aircraft finite liability co上海闵行区好的水疗mpany hangs ou上海莞式水磨图片t his shingle in Shanghai hold water, in bilateral and joint research and development long-range wide system plane. Chinese Shang Fei expresses, current, long-range program of development of seriation of wide system plane is affirmatory already, target of class of the plane that finish is tentative definition, basic model range 12000 kilometers, class 280, general assembly will be finished in Shanghai, the system of plan the end of the year that finish is initial technology. “Messenger ” appear, th上海油压店都关了2019e meeting when wreck plays an会所水磨干磨区别 airframe   on September 15, “2017 the whole nation double achieve ” Shanghai advocate conference topic is exhibited garden of Yang Gu originality grows to kick off in Shanghai. Chinese Shang Fei carries C919 plane model (1:10) , long-range model of wide system plane (1:20) , ” messenger ” the product of new innovation science and technology such as the model appears. According to Chinese Introduction S松江悦泉spahang Fei, exhibit this ” messenger ” , be one occupies recorder with existing flying linage and use but system of eject flight data logging, basically use at2018年 上海油压店 ocean course, an airframe is played when aircraft accident and float at offing, easily the satellite is searched for. The application of this system, the situation that can prevent airliner of MH370 of similar Ma Hang to break after the event to look for debris hard happens a上海有花头的女性spa按上海市徐汇有推油的地方吗摩gain. “Messenger ” the system already won patent of accredit of two United States at present, mixed in April 2上海红绳桑拿水磨017 in May, be in the United States in succession confed夜上海论坛ye021erative aviat水磨千人交流群ion bureau (FAA) with European Air Safety Board (EASA) compensatory model certificate of approval (STC) formal project approving, it is industry of Chinese civil aviation applies for comfortable boat attestation to FAA, EASA with systematic level product first, will participate in relevant of standard of comfortable boat clause, industry make.


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