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[small make up say]   arrives again annual report of bright region economy when. Did economy of Shanghai each region run a condition 2017 how? Refine ” cent is worth ” in light of, state of the rate that economy runs, motivation, structure, benefit how? 16 areas are compared each other, drift上海水磨干磨会所论坛ing overall situation is contended for to fall in 100 barge, who is as firm as a rock, who advances triumphantly, whose midstream hits water? Region economy high quality developed 2018, place of what exert oneself is there? Municipal government of settle on sea develops a research center in light of newest release ” 2017/2018 year economic situation anal珠子干磨水磨好yses Shangh上海KTV荤场内容介绍ai each area report ” — 19 big reports point out   , our country should carry out countryside to revital正规足浴店推油是什么ize the strategy, build perfect and urban and rural confluence上海后花园交友论坛 to devel阿拉爱上海 wtop system mechanism and policy system. Research center of 上干磨水磨全套什么意思海推油还有开的吗municipal government development is newest release ” 2017/2018 yea杨浦区平凉路spar economic situation analyses Shanghai each are上海水磨会所全套流程a report ” show, 2017, shanghai area development shows urban and rural confluence, open progress, board piece the new structure of assemble, shanghai each area coordinated development respect to make new trial and exploration in area. The suburb develops speed to look more quickly from data, income of growth of Shanghai suburb economy, finance, spending increases ” 3 fast at ” central the city zone. Respect of area total output value, echelon formation become divided is apparent, pudong new developed area occupies whole town close 1/3 about, green riverside area breaks through 100 billion yuan first. Investment of industry of early days of benefit from benefit from shows effect, major project to advance and the element such as hypostatic economy get warm again after a cold spell, pudong new developed area, fine calm, the area GDP such as golden hill, Q上海 南美水疗 飞机ing Pu adds fast general to all over in 7% above, overall show ” the suburb is fast at central the city zone ” characteristic. Finance income respect, wave motion of amplitude of central the city zone is less than a suburb, but the Song Jiang of the suburb, Qing Pu, Feng Xian, fine decide 4 areas to overtake development posture is highlighted, income of area class finance is added fast accelerate apparently. Consume a respect, as a result of before a few years add commercial carrier newly to roll out, population guides wait for element influence quickly, the consumptive key area of Shanghai is extended to the suburb from central the city zone stage by stage, pudong new developed area and growth of suburb retail trade are overall fast at central the city zone, show outer suburbs fast the characteristic at outskirts. 2017, after suburb shopkeeper course of study experienced level of successive and old two digit fast growth, amplitude somewhat fall after a rise, society of whole town each district consumes total volume of retail sales to grow to form 7-8% of 3-6% of central the city zone, outskirts basically, outer suburbs 9-10% grows ladder 3 times second. Take an active part in   of collaboration 上海后花园论坛 qianhuaof international country economy 2017, shanghai opens to the outside world and the level of cooperative development a阿拉爱上海同城 验证lso is in ceaseless promotion. Each area is active butt joint and service country ” one belt all the way ” the strategy, breed bridge tower function. Exert oneself of Pudong n闵行区水疗会所转让ew developed area is advanced ” one belt all the way ” the hatch that cross a state implement construction, establish ” one belt all the way ” ser2019上海夜场排名vice center of company of technical trade measure, construction ” one belt all the way ” the country is fastened (area) import goods center, build with ” one belt all the way ” country of along the line and area commerce advantage are changed, each other id水磨干磨会所介绍 全套entifies mechanism, system of standardization to reach trace to the source, promote ” one belt all the way ” the two-way investment of country of along the line and Shanghai is strengthened significantly, before right in November ” one belt all the way ” national imports and exports three hundred and sixty-four billion five hundred and seventy million yuan, grow 21.7% compared to the same period. 水磨桑拿违法吗Green riverside area encourages express content to shed a company to accelerate layout ” one belt all the way ” the market, start ripely ” global wrap up is allied ” , build ” one belt all the way ” have a change of luck of much style through traffic is distributing cen上海之夜荤场还是素场ter hub; Explain communication and liaison closes abroad airport, make jointly ” one belt all the way ” in center of Europe international have a change of luck; China measure bear build ma爱北京验证阿拉爱上海ny ” one belt all the way ” the high accuracy infrastructure of country of along the line offers equipment and solution. Min travel area aims at demand of the investment outside company condition, through ” essence of life reduces tax definitely ” , offer investment risk management to seek advice wait for measure, aid push an enterprise to be in ” one belt all the way ” along the line has industrial position, at present already enterprise of close a hunderd schools invests in country of along the line, cover the 松江文涵路spanumerous industry such as electronic information, mechanical, electric power, chemical industry, pharmacy, spin. Each area still is strengthened


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