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8 years of time, the driver’s license replaced the new motor vehicle of more than 1000 different plate to handle 4492 traffic to violate a record, oneself上海后花园1314最新 shhhy however muddy does not know like that, knew to lose 3 years till the accused when sending a card Shanghai card pats card qualification to just be aware of. And these traffic violate a record ” wire-puller ” , pointed to the in its home repulsive driver Yang Mou ten years ago. In the time that is as long as 8 years so, thousands of illegal record appears on the driver’s license, why was police informed all the time? Of these illegal records ” wire-puller ” what kind of harbour intentions to stem from again? Pay fines not billiard-marker   ” 4492 traffic violate a record. ” before policeman detachment window, ms. Chen is dumbfounded, she dare not believe 4492 traffic violate a record to be able to appear on her driver’s license. The system shows, the driver’s license of Ms. Chen begins to come from April 2009 March 2017 these 8 years, help brand of name of thousands of pieces of car had handled traffic to break the law early or late, license plate of this locality other place has, and Ms. Chen al嘉定水疗so had not seen these license plate. In addition, the traffic that handles through the driver’s license of Ms. Chen violates a record all not plan cent, it is th闵行桑拿会所地址e illegal behavior of a pay amerce. Come 8 years, ms. Chen a bit did not perceive illegal action of many 4000 traffic, till a short message this year June, after after just letting her, knowing, become aware. On May 31, ms. Chen applies for to buy mark book to undertake the individual is not com上海宝山那些有荤场mercial passenger car forehead spends an auction. After 20 weekday pass, on June 27, by ” hand in appoint administrative service center ” t上海秘舍spa 花头he announcement that sends lets Ms. Chen be astonished greatly, because Ms. Chen violated a frequency o上海后花园论坛f application to be more than 5 times inside 1 year a few days ago oneself, do not accord with ginseng take a condition, did not pass examine and verify. Make her more only then makings do not is, she will be accepted to join no longer inside 阿拉爱上海 wt3 years take application. Amerce pay all blocks   through the bank 2004, ms. Chen obtained B1 driver’s license in Shanghai, however, because wine 2010 is driven, she is new make-up examination driver’s license, at that time her driver’s license still is B1 kind. But since then, her under one’s name did not register organic motor-car. Inside nearly 5 years, what she leaves is the car in the company. Ms. Chen expresses, she all the time very attention, because B1 driver’s license buckles 1 minute to need to attend study class afresh, it is beyond the mark that in last few years she was not buckled. In addition, she still presses a re松江spa上门gulation to hand over check-up to prove to policeman branch regularly. Still fearing in her these violate a record from why and when coming, policeman branch informs Ms. Chen, these traffic violate pay the means that amerce uses is finished through bank card, him and rather than heads for policeman detachment to treat fine personally. Who is the person that hides in the bank to block backside? The ability after Ms. Chen inquires to the bank knows, bank card opens an account the person is Ms. Chen her lady actually! She is completely muddled, this driver’s license in the hand, have so much unexpectedly 秘舍spa静安微信unbeknown ” secret ” . So, be who is ” operate ” all these? The bank inquires this piece gets stuck turn Zhang records discovery, the information of the person that hold card of Zhang turns inside all Xiang Ka, point to same poplar surname man, and Ms. Chen discovery, this poplar surname man is the repulsive driver in the home oneself are ten years ago. That is to say, yang Mou is in these 8 years, be in all the time this piece of ca上海会所微信号rd of Ms. Chen turns Zhang. Report a case to the sec上海闵行区水磨urity authorities twice to all do not have sequ上海水磨论坛el Ms. Chen asks to be informed with all possible means, yang Mou in general Tuo Ou Mou two handcart trade nowadays the market works. Accordingly, ms. Chen thinks, yang Mou violates the behind the curtain of the record 449阿拉爱上海同城对对碰手机版2 times this probably to hold the person that accuse namely, through dividing processing for 上海桑拿按摩论坛419person disappear violate the rules and regulations finishs two handcart to trade business. On July 10, police station of Cao poplar new residential quarter signs up for the general Tuo area that Ms. Chen came to ground of Yang Mou job to be in area under admin金山假日酒店四楼spaistration c后宫佳丽莞式水磨桑拿会所ase. Neve水磨拉丝服务详解rtheless, wh水磨 干磨服务是什么意思at Ms. Chen gets is a piece of police station however open ” 上海洗浴全套哪里好玩do not have method to handle ” the receipt that receive a reply is阿拉爱上海后花园ktv odd. This appears and the be exactly the same before half month, when the driver’s license that will be informed oneself on June 27 has 4492 traffic to violate a record, ms. Chen divides bureau new Hua Lu to expedite to public security length peace


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