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According to ” labor signs up for ” report, resident of area of lotus of Min Hang Yinchun, gentleman a travel difficult上海水磨会所攻略2018 problem of last kilometer s上海闵行水磨桑拿会所olved eventually. The reporter understood from Zhuan bridge town yesterday, prepare seriously through sufficient survey, first free civilian regular bus throws day-to-day operation formally. In free civilian regular bus head sends ceremonially, photographs of 8 brand-new neat Qi Liang of pure dynamoelectric regular bus, the automobile body of design of building of mark of bridge of green dichromatic Zhuan caused body drape a band of red silk over sb’s sh上海蓝月亮kb 新地址oulders everybody pays close attention to, what dweller delegate also conveyed pair o爱上海网址是什么 爱上海 阿拉的爱上海f regular bus to debut is glad look forward to with the happiness that lives to happiness. As we have learned, of this free regular bus enable choose to take the lead in executing in Yin Chun, Jun Lian, it is to result from Zhuan bridge to press down Party committee government and relevant section to be in job of old last year survey, organize the area that dweller of this two place enters power deve上海宝山哪里有水疗lopment to center technically, began comb a platoon to feel, accurate felt pulse an area the public transportation and onefold, issue that gives a difficulty. On this foundation, site of course of a research regular bus of relevant section and public transportation company, passed be prepared one year 上海后花园1314龙凤论坛and advance, final make choice of pure the course site of dynamoelectric model and drive a vehicle. The total course of development of course of two regular bus of devoted operation 20 kilometers, on the way set 23 sites, basic by way of奉贤区spa the main traffic hub point inside the town and central area. “This regular bus that decide a dot is really convenient our dweller, station of service center, wholesome center, subway is heard through community general affairs on two circuitry, this is a sincerity is civilian the welfare of consider ah. ” the aspirations that word of Zhou Laobai represented many inmates. It is reported, after 8 first regular bus move, regular bus will go out to offer advantage all right to make an appointment with 30 thousand dwellers. On March 8 morning, zhuan bridge town holds Jun Lian, Yin Chun two free civilian ceremony of car of regular bus hair, buses of two 45 when decorate anew new energy resources are carrying try a dwel阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 会员验证ler, punctual set out from the site, along program circuitry travel. The bus of new energy resources that decorates anew gets ready wait for ha上海南美水疗莘庄店ir dwellers to ascend car going to work to set upright a thumb in succession 1 gentleman lotus civilian regular bus Jun Lian area presses down burgeoning large living community for Zhuan bridge, civilian aft上海宝山水磨会所全套 上海水磨会所全阿拉爱上海 会所验证套流程er regular bus is enlightened, community dweller reachs each living room (10 thousand amount to Shanghai of bridge of square of square, Zhuan bridge culture, Zhuan general affairs of community of bridge of farming merchant bank, Zhuan accepts service center and other places) very convenient. Regular bus start is set in road of village road Meizhou (rural high school) , terminus sets in couplet farming road 297 (general affairs of Zhuan bridge community accepts a service center) go up circuit trend: Only then hair district of Zhuang Lumei city (rural high school) , classics silver road, Min Lu阿拉爱奉贤南桥spa男按摩师电话上海同城对对碰爱 of road of Zhuang Lu, Meizhou, metropolis road, old Shang上海桑拿419 上海桑拿会所美女服务hai, garden road, spring smooth road of the road, road austral lotus, Shanghai, metropolis road, Zhuan is promoted east road, Zhuan starts a journey, , to terminal couplet farming road 297 (general affairs of Zhuan br爱上海同城论坛 上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所idge community accepts a service center) ; Down link trend: Only then send couplet farming means 297 (general affairs of Zhuan bridge community accepts a service center) , classics couplet is farming road, medium channel road, Zhuan Cheng Lu, numerous An Lu, Zhuan promotes road, Zhuan east smooth road of road, metropolis road, Shanghai, lotus road, spring road, garden road, old Shanghai Min Lu, , to terminus road of village road Meizhou (r奉贤古华山庄男士spaur上海干磨q普陀区spa群al high school) . Regular bus site (12 stations) : Min Lu of station of station of rural high school, hotel of bay of the Milky Way, old Shanghai Zhuang Lu stands (nursery school of Jun Lian elementary school, Jun Lian) , spring road metropolis road stands (Jun Lian enc上海会所排名loseds ground for growing trees happily) , spring Zhuang Lu. Regular bus goes up t上海419论坛上不去了吗he schedule that send a car: Rural high school (Meizhou road Zhuang Lu) the time that send a car: In the morning: 08:30, 08:45, 09:00, 09:15, 09:30, 09:45, 10:00, 10:1


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