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“Green grave ” , yangpu bank river owns the open mode stereo park of afforest of 8200 squ上海荤场刚交are metre; Before transforming, one place is here be repaired by unused nicotian company plane old warehouse. Sit have the city zone of Pu Xizhong heart the Yang Pubin river of 福州金山桑拿2018the longest water front, its are communal the space updates iteration by banding permeate to hinterland, this originally ” wind of industrial unyielding man ” bright old war松江松东路哪有大保健ehouse is in by inside the SPA outside reaching (hot spring hydrotherapy) in shine new — withheld original old warehouse to build affection of idiosyncratic, society and artistic and aesthetic value, but transform through decreasing quantity and zoology to change, people is able to gain richer landscape eye shot and experience of urba肠道水疗上海哪里有n aesthetic feeling here. Want appropriate to handle the relation of good protection and development, pay attention to arteries and veins of article of continuance city history, resemble treating ” old person ” same esteem and th上海419论坛上都是真的吗e old bu外墙水磨石施工视频ilding in be kind to a city, preserve memory of urban history culture, let people remember the history, remember nostalgic, sturdy culture is self-confident, enhance a national condition to conceive — at the beginning of this year November, xi Jinping’s secretary-general is inspecting the abundant abundant entrust when Shanghai, medium dependable exploration is updated to offer affirmation in the city to Shanghai. In fact, a kind of such concepts and hold defend, the city that relies on instantly organic update, by two sides of yellow riverside闵行区男士spa按摩 river city of progressively infiltrate through can breathe each inches skin texture. Old factory building, old foreign house普陀好的sp上海宝山干磨群a, old the city proper and areas just outside its gates… between get rid of the stale全国桑拿会所洗浴信息 and take in the fresh, protection and photograph of development depend on each other are unripe, historical article arteries and veins gets add continuously; More important is, the old building of broken chrysalis is in in blending in urban environment and development afresh, closely the嘉定spa爽记 new requirement that button people production lives, bear the weight of people is opposite a new era of more high quality life expect with pursuit. Get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, area of Yang Pu of field of new show of life of face about of old factory building is continuous of 15.5 kilometers bank river bank line and hinterland, involuntary discharge of urine of large quantities of dispersed one hundred years industry that have distinguishing feature extremely are put. How to shake off mark of a suit rust, blend in beautiful field of nowadays vogue life afresh? To上海的50元指压店哪里 mark ” international is top-r2018上海推油都关了anking space of urban bank water ” , yangpu bank river started to comb the act普陀芝川大浴场按摩ion, entrusting the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, university that be the same as aid to build is professor group, visited bank river area often is built each times, one by one is ev老闵行水疗aluated, the share that has old building value and appeal most is arranged from inside the current situation of numerous complex chaos show come out. With south paragraph core area is exemple阿拉爱上海北京论坛, history of program protection reservation builds total 24 place, in all 66, total floor area amounts to 262 thousand square metre. Around ” industrial inheritance ” core concept, highlight ” zoology sex, unripe activation, wisdom ” transform development, old building in succession reincarnate zoology space, artistic space, service space, approach with brand-new bearing people lives — some 上海桑拿会所哪个最好adjust measures to local conditions use sponge city technology, make a low carbon low specific power consumption, new environment that is full of open interest; Some relies on open life water front, become people communal 上海后花园论坛首页unripe vivid new space; Interactive technology promotes a space quality below the line on lines of some have the aid of, attract innovation business, construction country double start demons长宁区荤场trative base; Return some will gules culture and confluence of deepness of civilization of hundred years industry, become the party that provides service of the people’s livelihood to establish service post. Boat bridge boatrace, Wen Di length a depressed place, sugar storehouse is static see… each person that comes to Yang Pubin river, can by Jiang Linfeng, speak with old building, feel associate with, look at future. The life is built, let old foreign house had been crossed ” the Yao of one pace ”     ” the air here is very fresh, here fastfood very special, here take iron to have taste, does the night scene here have a feeling very much… but the Yao that why feels from what want the life still has one situation? ” this acts the words of song that write by old community neighbor, more or less can reply ” the life in the building is being protected in the history is a kind of what kind of experience ” . With all ” old ” the residential area of word pawn is not had 2 send, community of old foreign house faces communal space inadequacy, living environment not beautiful, property management is short of break wait a problem a moment. What is the life that the dweller in old foreign house wants? The old times that casts off sticky paste is smooth, receive refute with comfortable and convenient modern life as soon as possible — however, “This one pace ” very difficult however. Staff member of a gleam of has calculated rough苏州后花园论坛ly: Whole


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