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Yesterday, shanghai book is exhibited receive large on the weekend passenger flow. The graph is in for the reader exhibit before browse, books of choose and buy. Chen Liang of leaf of our newspaper reporter is photographed yesterday early in the morning, the name is ” pass through arteries and veins of article of city, encounter ” the city is directional + the challenge that read a horse is in the gules mark of Xu Hui, Huang Pu, Jing Ansan area and reading gradually inside place spread out, everybody uses pulse of article of footstep measure red, borrow a book to understand gules culture. During the book is exhibited this year, 16 districts of whole town shine ” one area one characteristic ” read a brand, build jointly ” book sweet Yue reads season ” . Gross more than 260 acti上海桑拿论坛 上海桑拿会所讨论群vity, center of culture of the library that attracting a citizen to enter door mouth, community. If regard every participator ” heat “上海ktv后花园419 , the area becomes even the point on electronic screen, draw is a complete Shanghai map. Suzhou river water is winding pass through Pu Tuo, then here had ” Suzhou river study ” ; Hundred years university is the details of Yang Pu area, vigor 4 ejaculation originality garden areas grow naturally went out ” mew trying a guest ” ; Bridge of horse of Min travel area is devoting oneself to ” two beauty ” construction, read to also be made so the name with beauty ” the Yue below wistaria flower is read have you ” ; The Song Jiang that An Fulin上海贵族宝贝网址 relics is in not only base oneself upon ” the root of Shanghai ” , zhong Lingyu’s excellent place also sits embrace a lot of ” the most beautiful bookshop ” , consequently the traditional culture such as poetic painting and calligraphy is in here leading role was sung in reading an activity. “One area one characteristic ” fixed position, it is each area m油压按摩会所上海ore very adjust measures to local conditions and into. And 上海怎么找干磨的地方the text that reads an activity, some specializes in gules culture, sea to send culture, Changjiang Delta culture among them a kind, also some incorp上海美女多的桑拿会所orate things of diverse nature. It is with rainbow mouth area exemple, here is having ” celebrity of original place of birthplace of culture of sea manner and air, advanced culture, culture collects the ground ” beautiful praise. The ce上海奉贤桑拿论坛nter of culture of Shanghai sea manner and air, Shanghai literature museum that building settle this area, still spread all over inside area build deliver half press, bookshop, speech a few, cc nots wait for Shanghai to go up famous cha阿拉爱上海验证丹丹racteristic bookshop. Good to use with sufficient these resource, a上海贵族宝贝 龙凤rea appoint propagandist department combines many hypostatic bookshop to push in all ” rainbow book list ” , a kind of color a theme. Between book exhibition per上海后花园论坛靠谱吗iod, “Rainbow book list ” release the first season ” red ” , choose ” thought of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era 30 tell ” ” the Communist Party is enunciative ” ” gallery of city of Chinese maritime the Silk Road is narrative ” ” hub: The China 3000 ” ” affliction is brilliant ” 5 books, deserve to send to individually communal read a space, borrow for th上海按摩油压关门e citizen read. And the child inside the area, also be in guide next close and gules culture. On August 16 afternoon, be located in center of culture of community of Sichuan nor上海闵行区水疗th region inside the library of 2 buildings, more than阿拉爱上海同城对对碰手机版 10 children followed Mr. Chen Li to turn over a comic: ” long march · 1936 ” . Be apart from by the space computative, esteeming bright area is to be far from a book to exhibit advocate the place of the assembly room, but Jiang Shui did not cut off the book is sweet. 41 styles of each different read an activity, the bright book sound that lets Chong Ming becomes whole city ” read harmony ” one of important voice part. They have dormant calligraphy to exhibit already, the books that also has flow is seaborne; Have already浦东哪有好一点的推油 share private read what the book experiences to call for paper, also the story that fair begin lecturing says i上海性价比最高的kb浦东kb类推荐s met; Have already watch those who t上海水磨会所全套流程ake gene of culture of the Chinese nation ” the myth that start a life ” knowledge is entered 上海后花园桑拿involve a contest, also have what dig arteries and veins of native land article greatly ” culture of Chong Mingshan song and libretto creation ” lecture and ” spirit of inheritance earnestly develop, build zoology new housing dev上海桑拿论坛 爱上海elopment in all ” read activity. Greatly little 全身花式水磨拉丝activity leaves in upper berth of Chong Ming island, formed stereo read a region. There are many cultural circles celebrities on Shanghai inside Min travel area, this area makes full use of ” close water tower ” advantage, invite Peng Rui a person of academic or artistic distinction such as tall, Xie Xin, Jiang Fan, Shen Jialu to ” neighbour people ” bask in make newly, tell tell ” Shanghai tastes ” , share ” adage of Shanghai language Shanghai ” fun. Hold besides adjust measures to local conditions outside reading an activity, each area solid some read deep ploughing the brand also is the window that current book exhibits. Of yellow riverside area ” the book is Xiangsaina, humanitarian in axis ” , the Chenbai of treasure mountain area blows award of international children literature, static those who bring a district ” Jing Anli considers a study ” , of Xu Hui area ” collect estrade “上海水磨全套会所 etc already reputation is far sow


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