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Centrally depended on Xi Jinping’s secretary-general in the round on Feburary 5 committee of law manage state affairs emphasizes the 3rd times on the conference, epidemic situation is prevented accuse to arrive the more most entail much effort when, should insist to be prevented lawfully more accuse, advance each to prevent as a whole on law course control the job, safeguard epidemic situation is prevented accuse the job to be begun smoothly. Recently, standing committee of countrywide National People’s Congress the law is versed in appoint concerned branch chief is prevented with respect to epidemic situation accused relevant law pr杨浦区桑拿店oblem to answer a reporter to quiz. Epidemic situation defends the legal institution that charge more perfect and complete reporter: Face the grim situation of current epidemic situation, how to accomplish prevent effectively lawfully control information about and appraisal of an epidemic? Introduce the relevant law system of this respect please. Standing committee of countrywide National People’s Congress the law is versed in appoint Zang Tiewei of director of spokesman, lab: Take epidemic situation seriously in order to review close smooth comrade is the height of the Party Central Committee of core to prevent control the job, pay attention to use use to manage means and resort especially, arouse epidemic situation of nick of agglomeratio上海指压飞机店2019n law power. Current, each are implementing the serious talk spirit that implements Xi Jinping’s secretary-general seriously about the respect, from legislation, execute the law, judicatory, abide by the law each link sends force, rise to be prevented lawfully in the round accuse, govern ability lawfully, prevent for epidemic situation accuse the job to provide strong law safeguard. Look always, it is more perfect and complete that our country epidemic situation defends the legal institution that charge. Our country constitution makes clear a regulation the 21st times, the country develops medical treatment to pro夜上海高端水磨洗浴桑拿tect make trouble industry, develop modern medicine and our country traditional medicine, encourage and organization of organization of supportive country collective economy, state enterprise career and street organization hold facilities of all sorts of medical tr嘉定全身油上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所压spaeatment sanitation, develop the wholesome activity of of a mass character, protect people health. According to the regulation of constitution阿拉爱上海同城对对碰甲骨文 and spirit, our country already made law of contagion prevention and cure, sudden incident answer sanitation of law, territory quarantine law, break out byelaw of lash-up of communal and wholesome incident to wait for a series of is aimed at epidemic situation prevents the law that accuse, statute, still ha上海虹口桑拿会所论坛ve a few otherer relevant law: Law of law of law of vaccine management method, epidemic prevention of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, animal, wild animal protection, drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, hold law of doc金山海恋水疗休闲山庄tor of course of study. What these affect t上海松江桑拿会所o answer virus of new-style coronal shape is pneumonic and safety of health of safeguard people life offerred sufficient, effective law system to ensure, also reach its to concern orgnaization of sanitation of branch, medical treatment to adopt for various government prevent accuse measure, take an active part in with etc unit, organization and numerous old people prevent accused an activity to provide relevant law basis. Current, epidemic situation is prevented controlling the job also undertake on law course, want to develop law adequately to defend the force in accusin上海桑拿论坛 爱上海会员验证交流区g and action in epidemic situation. Conceal epidemic situation intentionally to should carry why duty reporter: The near future, inobservant government epidemic situation prevents partial person the concerned measure that accuse, produced more serious consequence. Some people appear calorific symptom reports not actively, some people are fictional the disloyal information related transmission and epidemic situation, some people conceal the journey of ground of epidemic situation happening intentionally, some people by diagnose or already was informed to belong to doubt to be like a patient, the case that still taking preventive measure issues do sth without authorization and other contact. Excuse me according to law, do these people need what to law responsibility assume? Standing committee of co上海楼凤untrywide National People’s Congress the law is versed in appoint Yuan Jie of director of administrative law room: According to our country contagion law of prevention and cure, sudden incident answers law, public security management to punish the legal laws and regulations such as the law, in all units inside domain of People’s Republic of China and individual, the investigation that must accept a disease to prevent control orgnaization, medical establishment to concern contagion, examine, collect measure of the precaution such as cure of example, segregation, control, provide concerned case according to the facts; Discover contagion patient or when doubt is like contagion patient, ought to control an orgnaization in time to the disease precautio松江后宫spa会所n around or medical establishment report. Must not fictional, transmission develops about sudden incident a got-up affair or lash-up deals with false information of the job; The person that patient, cause of disease is carried, doubt is like a patient, before contagion suspicion perhaps is removing before curing, ought to accept segregation treatment lawfully, the makes this co阿拉爱上海休闲预警区ntagion diffuses easily job that must not pursue regulation of law, administrative regulations and service of sanitation of the State Council prohibiting be engaged in上海会所模特推荐. Th上海贵族宝贝论坛ose who need ambitious shift is, to nonperformance afore-mentioned law provide compulsory unit and individual,


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