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Place of contest of report of steely center transition, old old gymnasium became electric contest studio… electric contest industry grows exposition of industry of culture of international of first when the reporter holds from yesterday long triangle forum learns, release further as glamour of electric contest industry, old factory building of Yang Pu area is electric competition issue ” vacate basket change a bird ” , change as mark of new ground of electric contest tide. Below Yang Pu big bridge go up formerly steel 2 factories plant area is bearing the weight of hundred years industry of Shanghai is remembered. Recently, this place in former days heavy industry workshop becomes suddenly young — amusement of match each other undertakes transforming to plant area, once it is 24 meters tall,上海ktv后花园419 OK that steely center became a layer carry on the field of s宁波桑拿会所体验tandard report contest of domestic and international match, will open formally at next year the beginning of the year. Yang Pu松江spa会所 gymnasium also becomes young. T爱上海贵族宝贝he gymnasium of this complete 20 years ago cooperates with the sports in A recently, realize the be born of the function such as electric competition issue, studio. Th上海龙庭spais is meant, prospective patronage these old architectural, the likelihood is no longer ” 50 hind ” ” 60 hind ” , and beca上海后花园论坛千花网me ” 95 hind ” ” 00 hind ” . It is element of innovation 上海半套会所 上海哪有半套足疗of infuse of old industrial district, old residential area, also mean should undertake to putting quantity space ” vacate basket change a bird ” , realize changeover of new old kinetic energy. The reporter learned from forum yesterday, yang Pu area still will be in upper Jiang Wan is 5 horn field, mid the gradient layout such a上海水磨是不是都关门了s area of radiate of river of along the line of boreal horizontal passageway, south bank, support an enterprise to transform old factory building to build place of work of professional cable competition continuo爱上海后花园usly, it is ligament in order to learn group of city, trad上海松江spa养生馆e, build more the environment watching game of actor. M上海会所排名名称大全eanwhile, construction of electric contest center already brought into start shooting of Yang Pu area ” Shanghai culture ” 3 years the action plans the brand. The college natural resources with substantial base oneself upon, yang Pu area will begin from the talent, implementation is pro上海水磨微信工作室duced religion in coordination. Chief discloses related Y上海干磨上门服务ang Pu area, shanghai sports institute already took the lead in offerring electric contest major in the whole会所水磨和干磨啥意思 nation, shanghai is published presswork advanced and professional school also offers electric contest major in research. On the forum yesterday, city of Yang Pu area, Nanjing and Ha奉贤南桥spa女士会所ngzhou city combination release industry of supportive report contest to develop ” Yang Pu is enunciative ” , athletics of long triangle electron is produced religion innovate in coordination the center also hangs out his shingle in Yang Pu area hold water, revealed long triangle e奉贤榆榕庄国际水疗油压ach district to advance the confidence that electric contest industry grows a松江开元的桑拿怎么样nd determination hand in hand. According上海高端上门spa保健按摩 to divulging, innovate in coordination the education of electric contest profession that the center will pay close attention to generally with electric contest industry is a center, teach in order to produce in coordination innovation, professional is propped up for ligament, advance athleti上海商务模特联系方式cs of long triangle electron to develop jointly. Circus wagon of professional report contest leaves into the campus — 松江区海豚湾spa还开着吗in the university that be the same as aid 4 calm way campuses, ” the column that prop up a day ” formative those gets Bierte 389 model the attention that the lorry causes everybody. Besides circus wagon, many products related to electric contest also assemble Shanghai. Be in several days ago, develop technically for electric contest industry ” mobile phone red demon ” mobile phone of Mars report contest appears in Shanghai. It is reported, the game that this mobile phone already made contest of Tecent TGA game is used machine. And the old man that serves as the domain that show clip, atelier of contest of report of Ying Weida Shanghai a few days ago also already completion.


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