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Near future Shen Cheng lasts high temperature, the dweller is climbed in narrow and fuggy stair well climb honest be unable to stand. / summer of sorching of Yan Liqin of morning paper reporter, continuously high temperature, if come up against elevator to halt use again, how be able to stand? Collect Ou Bailong village to Xu the dweller of 18 buildings, without the day of elevator, had lasted 20 days full! The dweller is climbed in narrow and fuggy stair well everyday climb, going out every time is one kind suffers, among them the old person of deformity of a double leg had not giv爱上海阿拉爱上海同城对对碰en a door 20 days even! Why does elevator halt use such long? The reporter understands, because existence safety hidden danger is stopped,this uses elevator of more than 20 years, bring about for lack of capital again tardy unmanned maintenance, this also exposed elevator of area of grown-ups and children ” easy bad repair hard ” two big global questions. What what I hope is, below the harmony of relevant section, through urgent maintenance, this halts use elevator hopeful of 20 days is formal now ” go back to work ” . Deformity old person did not issue a building 20 days to rise from June 29, because elevator halts use, long Wu 600可以做全套还是半套 上海后花园论坛 qianhua上海半套推荐road 1137 lane 100 dragon village the life rhythm of 18 buildings dweller is thrown into confusion completely. The reporter s上海性价比最高的kbees inside 18 buildings corridor, a huge blackboard stems an elevator door, blocking before another elevator door ” elevator is safeguarded ” crawl, two elevator cannot have been used. According to dweller introduction, 100 dragon village is built at going up century of 90 time, 18 buildings in all 15, every 8 other peoples. Because be old Xiaoou, the old people that lives inside is more also, climb stair to have bit of be unable to stand really up and down everyday. Especially the near future lasts high temperature, “Old person ability to walk is disadvantageous, stair well is narrow fugg爱上海桑拿娱乐会所y, just climb two sweating, be about. ”   halts use because of elevator, the dweller reduced a travel as far as possible. 11 buildings have disability of double leg of an old person, go out should sit wheelchair. When elevator runs normally before, it is family is push徐汇的桑拿会所ing him to go out, sit next elevator comes down, more convenient. But since elevator after halting use, a travel of this old person became an issue. The family of the old person tells a reporter, “The old person wants the word that go out, want to go down his back not only, also move wheelchair even, be too difficult really, can keep the old person in the home only so. After elevator halts use, the old person also had not left a floor again, wait for all the time in the home, hold back must be overcome quickly. ”   pregnant woman climbs a building heat is dizzy emergency call be sendinged to office worker, commuting everyday also is to suffer. The day before yesterday in the morning, a pregnant woman that lives in 18 buildings to carry a layer on the head goes ou上海按摩上海特殊会所t go to work, walk along stair from 15 buildings, because stair well is ventilated poor, add God gas is burning hot, to faint in the gro上海虹口spaund when 1 building, be sent hospital emergency call, place favour did not produce risk. When interviewing, party represents, oneself are pregnant already 6 months, after-thought has that one act of faint, she feels very fear afte阿拉爱上海会员验证交流r the event, but ver上海高端私密养生会所y helpless also. “Climb stair to commute even everyday now, also do not know when elevator can foster cordia上海桑拿会所招聘技师l relations between states. ”   lives in 4 闵行区水磨会所论坛buildings consider a gentleman, j上海水磨会所全套qq群ust followed decorate company autograph to make an appointment with, touch however went up elevator halts use.上海闵行498水磨 Because do not have elevator, decorate material to want a bit by bit to move go upstairs, decorate the litter of generation阿拉爱上海aishedes2019 and building rubbish, also want to be moved from upstairs, this lets a worker enrage suffering to be able to ‘t bear character in day of this kind of intense heat of summer. Offerred the grac嘉定区spaeful of little girl graceful that sends dish to come to serve   6 years 极品莞式水磨桑拿会所old to sign up for the dweller take lessons after school of summer vacation time, at秘干磨什么意思tend class 4 days every week, basically be the grandma is in charge of receiving at ordinary times send, after elevator halts use, those who live in 15 buildings is old young building of two people fluctuation became difficult problem. “So tall building, little girl says to climbed to be no上海后花园1314论坛t moved really, family member to house appoint can appeal. ” the village is resided appoint meeting plum secretary introduces, give the real difficulty of travel considering the dweller, street also extended aid, sent 7 staff members to come round to help to the village, among them, be in charge of technically holding graceful graceful of 6 years old in the arms with respect to somebody go upstairs. “So hot weather, everybody is not easy. ”   plum secretary shows, have inconvenience of dweller fluctuation building really considering 18 buildings, house appo上海高级水磨休闲会所int can return with around


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