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On May 19 in the morning at 8 o’clock half, block of Mount上海浦东干磨会所 Hua road spreads boarding house, if Yang Xiulan of building group volunteer sits in the hall about, the building below add of resident land add will pay water fee. “Poplar aunt, attend a lecture is this last times closed so. ”     ” right, all water meter at the beginning of June had been installed, falling is tap water company will close, next by money of Zhang single cross, do not hand in me here came! Has been attack mounted in the nest therefore? ”   Yang Xiula上海 水磨 实体店n is receiving fund adeptly, one is build did not join the ground and neighbour people talking about a day, “I also received water 56 years to expend, wanted to retire immediately, wanting also is otherwise habit ah ” . Upstairs, property staff member still is in in full blast start working, for resident people change new water meter, this hundred years old building should greet pillow shedding apartment eventually ” water meter cent is installed ” . The上海后花园桑拿论坛 pillow that is located on Mount Hua road spreads boarding house, it is outstanding history protection builds Shanghai, had lived numerous culture distinguished personages, fan Ruijuan of actor 上海会所不准不开心of famous Shaoxing opera, teach is completely sweet, wang Wenjuan Sun Daolin’s couple, h舟山普陀宝岛桑拿all of Wu Piao of home of literary egghead Xie Yiqun, seal cutting… and am上海会所上海会所微信微信表格ong them the famousest is to having ” golden voice ” beautiful praise Zhou Xuan. Zhou Xuan ever shed apartment to live to 1957 to die of illness all the time in pillow, spent the time with her last life. What m干磨和水磨有什么区别ost nevertheless person imagines very hard is, in flourishing Jing A上海桑拿按摩论坛419nsi business is encircled, static Mount Hua route is taken in be troubled by, be in ” maritime name building ” below halo, pillow sheds the dwellers of apartment a few years to expend this thing worry to deliver water all the time. Lean labor power entirely, receive water cost to want half 上海会所微信号1002上海会所微信号many month… and of this troublesome issue ” an apple of discord ” when the house still is being built 90 years ago, stay. Original, when pillow sheds apartment to build, because of the structure place is restric上海荤场联系人ted, every every water meter is a two watches, 3 watches more, even 4 watches, whole boarding house has a total water meter only is Shanghai city casts water Wu (group) limited company approbatory. The Xiaoshui in dweller home is expressed, entirely the dweller is bought in hardware store, do not have the encode of water Wu company already, also be not admitted. Meanwhile, because time is ages ago, the bluep上海会所不准不开心首页rint when apartment is built already not answer exist, transforming a many watch into an one watch alre松江文诚路伴湾spaady was impossible job. Because this apartment is close,70 dwellers are using 125 Xiaoshui to express in all. Come a few years, the water cost of apartment is in charge of capturing by floor group leader, volunteer. Old issue of a few years had a favourable turn at the beginning of this year — ” predecessor ” Wu Yongmei of volunteer of cost stopping water found Mount Hua to reside appoint meeting. It is Wu Yongmei of many years old 80 to return a gleam of that collecting water fee to run till 76 years old, she is very clear entire building dweller is right ” water meter cent is installed ” apiration has many intense, the age that worries about a volunteer deeply also goes up every day, if 上海静安好桑拿do not have a person to be willing to receive water to expend, how should be the water cost of those 70 dwellers handed in? Mount Hua is resided appoint meeting cadre Wang Lianning listens, blurt out said sentence: “The water supply hot line that you can try to call water Wu company 962740 report one. ” then, everybody is in at once house appoint water supply hot line was dialed in the meeting 962740, expressed a hope as soon as possible ” water meter cent is installed ” desire. Cannot think of, they got a response after a few days, zhu Wei of stationmaster of station of brook of Qu of place of yellow riverside of water Wu company is promoted make a telephone call, express to want to come to have阿拉爱上海同城 上海水磨工作室是真的吗aish a look on the spot, discuss how to be handled again. Project of common feelings of people was on drive so. Very fast dwellers came good news, a day before the Spring Festival, hold to all the time before must ” an one watch ” the company is in the water Wu that ability comes to copy a watch to express through correcting oneself after on-the-spot reconnaissance, manage the current situation of a many watch, the water meter that is in charge of having every by property company changes the water meter that approbates into water Wu company, after been change entirely, send a person to come to copy a 上海夜场出台价格watch by water Wu company next, the money can be made by oneself after the dweller r上海市徐汇有推油的地方吗eceives water to expend sheet. Listen to this message dwellers all without exception is filled with exultation. Interview end, the reporter is laughing to 爱北京验证阿拉爱上海朝阳remind the water that before wanting to had hidden, has used cost is only, perhaps can contribute memorial hall, museum to exhibit in the future. Dwellers laughed, the life that is used to every day, never had wante杨浦区spa洗浴d to meet


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