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The rem上海黄浦荤场ote antiquity starting line of business that distance business encircles Nanjing on the west is collected, “The net is red ” assemble, one shop is begged hard, can you have storefront actually ” cast barren ” ? Superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district discovered in old survey such ” odd current situation ” . Original, “The net is red ” the age that frequency gives, als干磨水磨全套iso流程o be the period that the small shop that is a delegate with meal cate renews quickly, a large number of new face capture the eyeball of people, naturally also many enterprises leave. Brash evacuation enterprise often takes testimony ” stay ” in site, blocked new advance company into be stationed in road, even if remote antiquity is collected gold berth also must ” cast barren ” . Food of initiate of superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district runs place ” use 2 t上海松江桑拿会所imes ” measure, register plus cancel wait for act, heretofore already嘉定推油哪里好玩 闵行 大保健 2018was in whole area dish vivid more than 20 ” moorland ” , the birth that gives more net red small shop clears away an obstacle. Card is illuminated ” occupy pit ” , gold storefront is become ” moorlan上海水磨论坛916d ”   last y阿拉爱上海 验证区李姐ear in October, meal interlinks inn ” the Na Jiachuan 上海水磨会所哪家最好dish in alley lane ” took a fancy to stream of people to measure big, average per capita to consume the taller remote antiquity that start line of business to collect business to encircle, and with be located in a 2 storefront of subterranean to sign the contract that rent. Can decorate soon finished quickly, food business certificate did not do tardy however. The Spring Festival is approached, “That plain dish in alley lane ” be about soon with meal company eye medium ” gold period of time ” brush a上海闵行区水磨 body and pass. Operator Sun Qinghua says frankly: “The difference of off-season practice and bus宝山城区水疗y season practice, reflect the turnover in 9 months to go up not just absolutely — to wanting to become ‘ the net is red ‘ for inn-keeper, the loss of brand market force makes a person feel distressed more. ” the experience of   Sun Qinghua is not accidental. Superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district discovers in old survey: According to relevant provision, place of battalion of already of look forward to must match one by one with management license, namely so called ” one card ” principle; Accordingly, in front businessman card is illuminated ” occupy pit ” below the circumstance, the businessman cannot succeed from the back conduction foo上海水磨会所全套qq群d business certificate. And in reality, have many leaving the meal enterprise of field fails to deal with licence in time to cancel formalities. Inside gold trade group ” moorland ” namely so those who be born. Take the lead in rolling out food to run place ” use 2 times ”   tightens spruce Shanghai center in land natural resources, countless achieve an enterprise newly to think in trader of each pieplant gold爱上海后花园三通 the circle occupies position. Because,the eye values berth one paper licence ” the barren that be cast ” , superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district also very feel distressed. How these ” moorland ” dish vivid, annihilate administration fetters and handcuffs, contend for time for the enterprise? Draw lessons from city market to superintend a few train of thought of the bureau and practice, the quiet market that bring a district superintends bureau innovation job to examine and approve flow, took the lead in rolling out food to run place inside whole town limits ” use 2 times ” act. According to arrange of this with one action, bel上海嘉定哪有大保健ow the premise that already obtained business license in the enterprise, ask to house property proof is offerred when the enterprise applies for food to m上海ktv后花园419anage a license no longer, check 上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所same ground to went up to whether already handled food business certificate no longer. Arrange of this with one action 上海水磨休闲会所微信solved the troub老闵行水疗le back at home of the enterprise thoroughly, make originally ” the barren that be cast ” good berth be able to rapid throw on the market is on the move. Meal interlinks inn 普陀区spa油压” the Na Jiachuan dish in alley lane ” the trade that made the first batch fortunately enjoy policy bonus door. This year on January 30, “That plain dish in alley lane ” took expect long already food business certificate. Inside the brief a week after taking card to illuminate, this inn at top speed practice, be in what behead obtains a lot of deadbeat during the Spring Festival this year successfully reputably. Active exploration perfects food to manage a license to exit a mechanism to be in old survey process, superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district registered Xu Ming of permissive division section chief to still discover another kind takes up the behavior of management field — refer false data diddle to register, did not develop management ac上海会所外卖工作室 qqtivity actually however. After mastering relevant circumstance, superintendency bureau of the quiet market that bring a district initiate ” cancel is registered ” this one practice, the management enterprise that hid important fact to those gives cancel 上海第一家荤场is registered, will limited management space is current give the company that has management demand truly. Up to now, have the aid of innovates twice this act, static install an area to already had 20 beyond


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