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The guest of boss approach A that opened restaurant of 20 old taxis observed the c上海水磨论坛24小时hange i宝山城区水疗nside restaurant: “Old early, have a meal to often be troubled by here fierce. Everybody is joking, pull help the daily life of a family, croak, like brother in same. Have a meal now, extremely depressing. ”   is bad to jockey, food is again cheap you see trashy also field very easily this inn. It is in an a fork in the road, the 松江悦泉spabig Ning Lu of the doorway, old Shanghai too on road and carry city district, no matter be midday at 11 o’clock, still be afternoon at 2 o’clock, one receives a ground to stop full — taxi. Once, jiang Yinghui by the sweetheart ” Cha Gang ” . She is in on small 上海油压店都关了letter motion when dot assist, the pace number that sees Jiang Yinghui has 2000 much situations, then a phone calls: “You is today dispatch a vehicle, how to have number of so much pace? ”     ” 上海桑拿论坛 爱上海will have a meal midday, the car has stopped full, I am forced to stop old jian hou mian, get on for the bridge there. Make a round trip, either 2000 meters? ” Jiang Yinghui answer says. In his heart magnanimous swing, not was afraid of by ” check ” . The taxi driver also is before his wife, company work full time still can be helped now and then after retiring, so she understands what Jiang Yinghui says completely is what circumstance. “Joking. ” Jiang Yinghui sits in this circle in the air in approach restaurant, before the edge drinks tea edge to saying paragraph this jest in time home. He had eaten this lunch of the day: Lid of pickles beans valve irrigates a meal. Inn hall about 30 much square metre, the client that takes inside is to mix Jiang Yinghui is general, those who wearing navy uniform ” poor head ” driver. Distinction depends on subdueing ground of some be slack and perfunctory to cover go up in the body, a vest just matched inside, some is more exquisite, shirt, cravat has matched. Resemble Jiang Yinghui, matched inside flaxen shirt, appear person very spi上海油压rit. “I am laying the work by force, big company, be in charge of closely. ” he says. Take the door, they are mostly ripe ground of door familiar route goes to the side of the co阿拉爱上海同城论坛 北京验证rner, i闵行水疗爽记n full hot water of the fill in oneself flood cup, nod a lid to irrigate a meal next, sit down immerse oneself in taste. “They ah, arrive here, than running mother-in-law home is returned diligent. ” guest of boss approach A is laughing at accost. His inn is a bit special, type saying food is rich, only the lid irrigates meal, arenaceous boiler these two breed. Say onefo阿拉爱上海北京同城ld, taste of basically conceivable the daily life of a family, flesh of yellow croaker of braise in soy sauce is crucian carp fish, for instance small turnip, large meatball, pic闵行南美水疗三楼会所kles, 闵行男子spabraise in soy sauce is waited a moment, had. The price is not expensive, ten, the 松江大学城spameal can be added freely. If it were not for leaves too far, a lot of taxi drivers can come one day ” report for duty ” two. “The place that the driver has a meal is less and less, hand in shut a place bad to jockey, put out. The driver has a meal, the basiccest is to be close friends jockey. Bad to jockey, food is again cheap trashy also field. ” the master worker of a lens that wear a look that takes opposite Jiang Yinghui, raise a head from the soup of Chinese cabbage roast duck before him for. Circle in the air approach restaurant was satisfied almost ” poor head ” all demand of the driver. The branch that make a valve delimits on a few driveways before its door we闵行桑拿会所地址nt up to jockey area, installed jockey time. On restaurant, it is a comfort station爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海. The hot water inside restaurant does not have set limit to to supply, tea also can be used freely. Dish type is rich, price material benefit, round-上海宝山男士spathe-clock supply. 上海闵行区水磨休闲会所Set to jockey to be left to punish sheet besides time to avoid a driver to be in, hotel clerk can go up in the driveway in the morning everyday the demonstrative shop sign that a paragraph of distance puts interval to remind. But contradiction still can have now and then. Driver master will have a me宝山桑拿洗浴中心al, do not eat to go. Had eaten, lean two cigarette are smoked on the wall outside. Some, still can sleep a little while in the car. The delimit上海后花园龙凤 on the driveway jockey area, but also provided time. Car was occupied, other driver wants to have a meal to stop not to come in. They had reflected this problem to Ling Abin. “My head pretty faints. ” it is familiar face, he does not know how to should be handled. “Be told with them, they meet阿拉爱上海后花园ktv not happy: ‘ on the driveway bad to jockey, run to out car boiling. Do not have the business, bu上海金色年代荤场素场rn bank note


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