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The cherry of the Southern Hemisphere is ripe. The Chile cherry that takes the lead in maturing, sitting s上海干磨398hip passes through equatorial berth is in foreign hill harbor; And late-mature Australia Dasim上海 徐汇 桑拿 Vaniya cherry, enplane impatiently come. The fruit that China produces is more inviting. The grow area enlarge of Zhu Chen and Yun Guanchen is allowed, make price of high quality fruity falls somewhat; The white strawberry that home helps advance somebody’s career beg上海水磨一条龙ins a quantity to produce, invite s青浦水疗trawberry group ” net Gong Xingui ” place consumer table more easi上海哪里有qtly. Spring Festival drawing near, fruit market enters sale peak period. With abundant of Durian of king of hill of cat of Chile cherry, Malaysia, beautiful上海桑拿按摩会所体验 bizarre fruit is entrance fruit of the representing, wait for the homebred fruit that is 上海水磨上海ktv荤场一览是什么意思啊a delegate with 9 minutes of Yun Guanchen, ripe strawberry, a loot this piece ” Chun Yunhuo ticket ” , let price of more of better, choice, sex compares tone of market of fruit of Shencheng the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day this year taller. Battalion business environment is optimized, policy profit is good dr阿拉爱上海同城 验证ive, import a fruit or greet depreciate this Spring Festival, aierna Jiaersaisi is fixed stay in Shanghai. He is Chile the biggest cherry gives affidavit to answer Shan上海顶级桑拿按摩会所g Sanfan (San Francisco Garces Fruit) Chinese division general manager, receive上海市闵行区哪有水磨d the busiest month in a year nowadays. These days, the business below the line such as supermarket of he and box Ma Xiansheng, city exceeds collaboration, held several cherry to popularize an activity in succession, it is to make sales volume further upward, “According to the experience of associate with, conservative estimation will increase annual sales volume 20% to 25% ” . In harbor of nearby foreign hill, large-scale Chile cherry ” the first phalanx ” had arrived harbor. Head many tons of 4700 cherry takes the boat ” cherry fast boat ” , through 23 days itinerary touch Shanghai continuously, because the journey is optimized, touch Shanghai to compare before fast 8 to 13 days, reduced already ” ticket charge ” , also won time. Cherry market dimensions expands ceaselessly this year. Wait in congress of fruit of exposition of entrance of the 2nd China International, China International exhibit on the meeting, domestic importer and Chile exporter reach multinomial sale agreement with respect to cherry, whole imports an amount relatively in former years grew 3 to become the left and right sides. Meanwhile, spring Festival market still has a large number of coming from Dasimaniya’s cherry is the same as Australia stage athletics. “Cherry goes 5 years a daily fruit that becomes common people table to go up slowly from costly ceremony box, because amount of replenish onr’s stock is large,this basically is, scope effect is pulled low cost. ” every day the orchard holds urban supermarket fruit concurrently to supply chain controller topaz to tell a reporter, at present the price mixes the cherry贵族宝贝419论坛 on the market basically to kept balance last ye虹口上门spaar, and sort is richer. She is sentenced beforehand, because Spring Festival time is early this year, add big batch cherry to enter Shanghai, predict next the price can be reduced somewhat, with fast shipment. Go 7 years, the sales volume violent wind that bovine oil松江干磨水磨三通 is in China if really went up 16 thousand times. During the Spring Festival, be results of fruit of Mexican ox oil ” gold archives ” , it still welcomed inter上海指压按摩哪家好上海哪条路指压店多est good policy — rose on January 1 from this year, china adjusts partial commodity to import custom duty, facilitating line-haul and protect tax rate of qualitative fruit of refrigerant ox oil to come b上海性价比最高的kb浦东kb类推荐y 30% pelter 7% , this will drive terminal market value to go low further. Institute of Wu of duty of finance of university of central finance and economics teachs Fan Yong to express, reduce a part to import fruity上海贵族宝贝手机版 custom duty appropriately, the diversity demand that can better contented people lives to happiness. Standardize recognizant arousal, character promotes considerably, homebred fruit is hit ” 漳州桑拿会所全套体验sexual price is compared ” town of glutinous of Meng of county of   Long Ling, orange of rock candy of one plant individual plant is cultivated down orderly mesa one word is discharged, delay endlessly outstretched go — December is ” Yun Guanchen ” the season of the bumper harvest. Last year on December上海南美水疗多少钱 23 at 12 o’clock, essence of life is carried fine after choosing ” Yun Guanchen ” land spell item of great special purchases for the Spring Festival, “10 thousand people are round ” grab, tall sex price compares ” Yun Guanchen ” be favorred by large上海水磨会所全套经历 quantities of consumer. Receive the Zhu Chen of archives respond to a curtain call, new brand of fruity of a surname family name ” Yun Guanchen ” grabbed fortunately ” Spring Festival train ticket ” . What represent behind it is homebred fruit brand rise abruptly and the promotion of character. 8 years ago, zhu Chen enters capital, 20 tons of Zhu Chen inside 5 days sell one sky,


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